How to Change Signal Theme on Android and iOS

How to Change Signal Theme on Android and iOS

 How to Change Signal Theme on Android and iOS

How to Change Signal Theme

Signal not only offers only privacy features, but also other features that will make you feel at home to use it.

One of the features carried by the signal is the feature to change the theme or display.

So, there are two theme options you can choose from: a bright theme and a dark theme.

This is a very useful feature, you can use the signal more conveniently when using the right theme.

For example, when using signals at night, the most appropriate theme option is a dark theme.

So the light that will enter your eyes is much less than using a bright theme.

Likewise, if you use signals in Haari afternoon, the best theme that can be used is a bright theme.

So you can still read what chat signals more clearly.

How to Change Signal Theme on Android and iOS

For those of you who only use signals and do not know this feature but want to give it a try, then you read the right article.

Because in this article, I will give you step by step how to change the signal app theme.

This tutorial can be done on either Android or iOS. Soon, here are the steps:

  1. Open the signal app. On the front page of the app, click the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  2. There will be several signal menu options, select the bottom of the Settings menu
  3. After entering the Settings menu, click display sub menu appearance.
  4. You can see the theme options, click options.

5. By default, the signal uses basic system settings. Which means the theme will change according to the theme of the Android system. You can choose a bright or dark theme, whatever. But the bright theme is suitable for the daytime, while the dark theme is suitable for the night so that the eyes do not hurt when the buddy uses the signal.

The above tutorial is perfect if you don't have automatic Android basic theme settings enabled.

Which is an Android theme and all apps will change according to their time.

For example, from morning to night, Android and all the apps that support this feature will turn the theme into a bright theme.

And when it has entered the night, Android and the whole app will turn into a dark theme.

The same goes for iPhone and iPad.