Ways to Make Your Chicago Wedding Absolutely Amazing

Ways to Make Your Chicago Wedding Absolutely Amazing

Whether you live in Chicago or just love the city, you might decide that the Windy City is the perfect spot for your wedding. Its home to dozens of traditional venues as well as more unique locations like Lake Michigan and Millennium Park. No matter which venue you choose, you'll have the perfect place to celebrate with all your loved ones. If you want to make your Chicago wedding even more amazing, you can opt for some fun things to add to your special day.

Hire Transportation

The best way to make your big day more special is with the right transportation. When you rent a limo for you and your wedding party, you have someone to drive you to the ceremony and the reception. You can even arrange for a Chicago wedding limo rental to pick up guests staying in a nearby hotel. Limos can take guests back at the end of the night to help them avoid the hassles of city parking. If you aren't a traditional guy or gal, you can rent a party bus or look for a limo rental that comes in a fun or unique color.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Treat your guests to cocktails named after you and your new spouse or after some of the fun things you did or places you visited together. Anyone can put out bottles of champagne or have wine served at the table, but it takes a special couple to come up with their own unique cocktail. While you can request that guests come to the bar and order one of the drinks, you can also hire servers to circulate the room with pitchers that they use to fill and refill the glasses of your guests.

Surprise Guests

To make your Chicago wedding day one that guests will never forget, consider surprising them with your wedding. Send out invitations to one venue, but have limos and other cars waiting there to transport guests to a completely different venue before the ceremony begins. You don't need to rent two venues because you can request that guests wait outside a hotel or meet you in a local park. Traditional weddings are gorgeous and perfect for some couples, but you may want to have an amazing Chicago wedding that incorporates fun ideas like limo rentals, venues you surprise guests with and customized cocktails.