Quality Hunting Camps in South Carolina

Quality Hunting Camps in South Carolina

The calendar date of Tuesday, August 15, 2017 may not seem very significant to most people. But to a passionate, dedicated faction of outdoor enthusiasts, specifically hunters in South Carolina and all up and down the east coast, this date is very significant.  As I have no doubt, my hunter niece, Raquel has saved the date.  Circled in red on her calendar and of many hunters out this way, August 15 marks the opening day of deer hunting season in South Carolina.

Hunting in South Carolina can be a truly extraordinary experience, with a variety of game in abundance bringing hunters out into the beautiful countryside all throughout the year looking to make their bag limits.

Whitetail deer hunting opportunities in South Carolina are considered among the best in the nation. Hog hunting, though not as common as the deer hunt, has a passionate following here; it can be a truly unique hunt to try for the deer hunting traditionalists, and with hog hunting season coinciding with deer season, many hunters may 'dare to be different' and give it a try.

For outsiders interested in hunting South Carolina for the first time, it may be difficult to determine where the best hunts take place. Novice hunters, likewise, will more than likely not be too keenly aware of where the greater areas of hunting in the state lie. People that enjoy hunting in a group with their buddies, interested in 7locating a camp in the state to bring the group, may find it difficult to pinpoint just the right area to look into. And once that area is determined, it may even be more difficult in securing a hunting camp location there.

One terrific option that all these hunters can look into, as well as for hunters who may be looking for a more structured hunting environment in an area that virtually guarantees them a successful hunt, is to look into a hunting trip to a leading, extremely popular South Carolina hunting lodge. A fine example of one such lodge, Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, just south of Fairfax, is an intensely managed hunting property, offering hunts in three- and four-day packages.

Quality hunting camps provide terrific opportunities all throughout the year to successfully hunt a number of different game. Whether hunting for one specific species, or a combination package of two or even three species in one trip, hunters at these lodges will have the flexibility to get out, bag their limits, and be able to leave having made their hunting trip a most enjoyable, successful one.