On Keeping Fit and Healthy

On Keeping Fit and Healthy

After those frequent "Eat all you can" adventures I had for weeks with a friend, and most of the time with family, I thought I already generated good amount of needed fats for my body. You see, I sometimes do it on purpose to gain weight.  However, when I stepped on the weighing scale to see how much I improved I was  surprised to see that nothing significant registered on the scale.  “That’s unfair!”  My friend and my partner in most of those dine-outs exclaimed.  “Why didn’t you increase your weight while I gained a great deal in mine?”   The answer to that, I actually have no idea.  I guess it’s in my gene or maybe it is due to fast metabolism. I have been slim (or thin for the more appropriate term) all my life. I used to hope that I would one day be a lot heavier than I actually am. However, all the opportunities had passed me by but the expected weight never was realized.  Others say I should be thankful because I don’t need to go on diet and undergo rigid exercises just to stay slim. Nonetheless, I realized it is still important to watch my food intake for health and fitness purpose.

Anyway, in case you are the opposite of me and wearing a triple XL wardrobe somehow bothers you, there are some weight loss tips that you can consider.

Here are some motivational tips:
·            *    The key to successful weight loss is consistency. Forget the all-or-nothing approach – it always backfires. So choose another route….
·             *    Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon, everyone does every now and then, but there is no choice other than to get back on track again. Forget starving yourself to compensate, or deciding to have a tub of ice cream for dessert because you couldn't resist the pasta for dinner.
·             *    Make sure you don't let one mistake bring you down. Look at yourself and instead of saying “I can't” say “I will” or “I can”

More tips for a slimmer you:
·         * Never skip a meal or snack. Eating 6 small meals per day will help keep your metabolism ticking over. Leaving it too long between meals can slow down your metabolic rate, so always remember the 3 hour rule.
·      *Enjoy a variety of vegetables. Think of the colors of the rainbow when you are choosing your vegetables, they all have different nutrients so having a colorful dinner plate will ensure that you get all the nutrients you need to keep you energy levels high. Go veggies! 
·         *  Sip on water. It might sound boring, but it is a proven fact that even slight dehydration will slow your metabolism, so make sure that you sip on water throughout the day.
·            *  Plan your walk. Put it in your diary and make time for your walk. Everyone can find half an hour in their day. Make it a priority, and don’t forget to use your pedometer.
·           *  Set yourself a small weekly goal. Have your goal written down on a little card, place it next to your bed, and read it every morning. And most importantly - reward yourself!

The road to success is paved by consciously making the choice to succeed. Remember, what the mind perceive, the body can achieve!

Wishing one and all a fit and healthy body.  Have a great day everyone!