Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pamper Your Pooch With A Visit To The Dog Groomer

There is nothing like a little pampering after a long week of errands and work, and your dog feels the same way after a week of running around and playing. You can pamper your dog by visiting the pet spa in Plymouth, PA.  Pamper Your Pooch With A Visit To The Dog Groomerpet spa in Plymouth PA. The following services may give you an idea of what kind of pampering awaits your pooch at the dog groomer.

Spa Bath: A spa bath is a great way to get your dog clean and help him to relax. Your dog is given a gentle bath in warm water as the staff member massages and cleans him with pet-friendly shampoo. The shampoo is used to clean his fur and wash away the odors that come with being a dog. His neck and back are massaged to release tension. The spa bath is finished with a fluff dry and brush out.

Bubble Bath Pawdicure: Your dog is given a bubble bath with pet-friendly bath oils, vanilla and milk thistle lulls. The bubbles create a relaxing environment to make your dog happy, and the bath oils contain vitamins to keep your dog healthy. A professional pawdicure is the final step of this relaxing bubble bath.

Sparkle and Shine Treatment: This treatment is ideal for cleaning a dog with a lighter coat. A certified staff member uses yogurt and honey to condition his skin and brighten his fur. Once your dog is dry, a spritz of mist is used to clean, moisturize and add a glow to his coat.

Hypoallergenic Treatment: A hypoallergenic treatment is used to make your dog feel comfortable and relaxed. He is given a bath in hydrolyzed oatmeal to cleanse the skin and release tension, and a lavender scent is used to create a calming atmosphere for your dog.

Spa Groom: The grooming session starts with a bath and conditioner, and it is followed by a breed specific cut or style. The excess hair and nails between the pads are trimmed, and the ears are thoroughly cleaned by a professional staff member. The session ends with a fluff dry and spritz of pet-friendly aromatherapy cologne.

A trip to the pet spa is just what your dog needs to feel happy and healthy. He is bathed from head to toe to remove odors and debris from his coat, and the relaxing massage and scents melt away his stress.

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