Tuesday, April 5, 2016

HongKong- Macau Holiday Part 2

Here to continue the long derailed HongKong post.

A night and a day spent in Macau is  definitely not enough.  Nevertheless, we had a great adventure exploring this historic territory of China.  Sad as it is,  we had to move on to our next destination.

Hello, HongKong!
Upon sunset,  we were at the Macau ferry terminal queuing up for a ferry ride to HongKong.   'Twas not a long wait til we embarked, disembarked, passed the immigration area then exited through  a shopping mall named Shun Tak Centre.  And oh, by the way, I was disappointed when the immigration officer just issued a grocery receipt type of visa approval and not a stamp mark in my passport.  I doubt if the print is lasting or if that small receipt won't be lost.  Anyway..

We had dinner right at the mall before flagging down a cab to Mongkok.  'Twas a long ride before we reached our hotel late that night  A simple hotel this time, but situated in a very nice location, just right next to the Ladies Market   Our hotel room wasn't as big like the Sheraton but gives its purpose.  Thus, our appreciation for the good accomodation.

Our first day adventure:  HongKong Central Park, its vicinity and the Victoria Peak.

We were supposed to take the tram ride to the most sought after HongKong peak but a long queue prevented us from doing so.  We took a cab instead which was greatly cheaper and faster (as we had skipped the extensive queue) than the tram ride.  So amazed when we reached the top.  The Victoria Peak is the place where you can catch the most spectacular  sight of HongKong especially at night.  I just wished no big crowd hampered our desire for a striking photo op.

Second Hongkong day destination:  Ocean Park

This park hasn't changed much since a decade ago.  The massive aquarium with sting rays, sharks and many other marine creatures is still the main attraction.

Outside the huge aquarium are displays of various animals and  lots of souvenir shops.  What we love most are the fun rides, apart from the cable rides.  Who said fun rides are only for the young?  Could never have enough of them even to this late age! Okay, smirk at my ways, but allow me to enjoy! Btw,  our lunch in Ocean Park cost us so much!  About Php1.5k/head if converted to peso.   We were comparing it to a decent buffet lunch we had in a decent hotel here in the Phils.

Third day exploration:  HongKong Disneyland

This is any child's dream place.   We are no kids but we absolutely enjoyed every minute of our stroll.  Couldn't help but admire all the welcoming live disney characters. The thrilling rides make me young again!   We watched the  Disney characters' fantastic stage play/ performances and it was truly marvelous!  Then the spectacular fireworks on closing time  Nothing but overflowing joy and happiness after the day ended in that fantastic park named HongKong Disneyland!

Fourth and last day of HongKong escapade:  Relaxing walk around MongKok

We always had a nice walk around here every night of our stay, before retiring to our hotel.  This is where we enjoyed best our food trips.  From all kinds of noodles, Chinese specialties,  Japanese, or steaks, all are delectable and not that pricey.  Our tummies were overly spoiled! For the last few hours we had in MongKok,  we whiled away the time in Ladies Market.  Then I made a wrong move ('cause I had no plan of buying) when  I casually asked for the price of a bag I saw hanging in a stall. The next thing I knew, the extremely pushy sales lady won't allow me to leave until I gave in.   So from then on, I was scared to ask for prices unless I really want to buy. Lol!

By the afternoon, we were on board the MTR to the airport.  Can't help but envy the smooth ride we had in a comfortable public transpo going to the airport.  Had our late afternoon meal while waiting for our departure.

It was a tiring 5nights 6days vacation but   truly exhilirating!  Certainly 'twas another wonderful and a memorable fambam vacation for all of us!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Simple Strategies To Get Your Life Going And Growing

If you're interested in taking your life to a new level this year, don't wait until December. Instead, get started right now so you can take your life from mediocre to marvelous. Here are just three life optimization strategies that can help you realize the goal: 

1. Update Your Home.

One great way to improve the quality of your life is by updating your home. Occupying living space that is highly functional and visually engaging can elevate your mood, and you'll love the private property you come home to. With all of this in mind, make sure that you find a top notch renovation expert who can implement the positive changes necessary to enhance your living space. You can locate contractors in your area and find free quotes today by visiting www.renovationexperts.com.

2. Start Travelling.

Another life optimization technique you can employ to take your world to a new level is travelling. Travelling is a wonderful way to expand your consciousness, enjoy time away from your traditional world of work, and bond with your family or comrades in a powerful new way. Moreover, the Internet makes it easier than ever to travel now that there are online agencies that will coordinate your trip. 

3. Get Your Body Moving.

One final life optimization strategy you can deploy to start living fully and freely is to get your body moving. Unfortunately, many people don't get in the recommended daily activity necessary to facilitate optimal mental and physical function. To avoid the pitfalls that result from leading a sedentary life, make sure you get in the habit of exercising regularly. There are a wide range of activities you can engage in, and some of them include:

-jumping rope

Note that you'll attain a wide range of life-giving benefits from exercise, including increased metabolism, better digestion, mood regulation, weight management, and boosted immunity. 


If you're ready to lead the most productive, positive life possible, be sure to embrace behavioral change. To get something different in life, you have to do something different. Luckily, the strategies outlined above provide you with the information you need to start seeing the results you want. By updating your home, travelling, and getting your body moving, you'll likely find that your life becomes as amazing as you dreamed it would!

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