Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Surprise from NYC

Yes, it was my birthday last Sunday, July 20! Blessed, I turned another year older again! So grateful to God Almighty!  I was engulfed with happiness and joy with the avalanche of greetings from loved ones and FB friends!!   And my adopted “pamangkin”  from NYC never fails to greet me.   Her customized birthday card and the note on another cute li’l card she sent would be more than enough to make my day.  Yet, the generous fab lady of NYC didn’t stop at those.   I think she wants me to look good that’s why she gifted me with a pair of comfy Coach slippers, pretty  Coach mini case and a stylish shirt blouse ... Oh so sweet of you, my ever kind-hearted  “pamangkin” ! Thank you so much!!   Didn't know you are an excellent "manghuhula"! Why?!  Perfect sizes! Oh, they fit me well.  Haha..  ang saya!!!

J, despite my absence in blogosphere and the no show in your site you,  you never forget!   I know you have your own bits of trials but regardless,  you still stay strong for others!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you send my way.   The caring thought… I won’t ever forget!  Thank you, thank you!!   Sending you my loving spirit through prayers… always!   Warm and tight hug to you!  ' Love you, my Pamangkin!!!

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J said...

Hay ang saya nga! I'm now a certified manghuhula hihi. You're welcome Tita B. You deserve these and more. You have been more than a blogger friend all these years and I really appreciate it. Thanks for adopting me.

Love you back :-)

PinayWAHM said...

Ay ang saya! I like the flip flops! Nice color...pambagets! Bagay sa bagets na Ate Beng!

Ala lang at nakikisaya lang dine...hehe...

Huling [haberdey Ate Beng]

Lainy said...

Tita Beng!!! I didn't know it was your birthday! Super belated happy birthday po! I was too busy at church last Sunday probably why I missed it in my newsfeeds.

Anyhow, lovely gifts for a lovely woman! You do deserve it from our very generous friend, hehehe! Suotin na kaagad at piktyuran Tita Beng, hehehe!

Wish you more beautiful birthdays to come! More blessings your way too! Mwah!

Beng Gee said...

Hello J of NYC!
To think that it is already exactly 1 month now from my bday, pagbigyan mo na ang lola sa late na comment response. May mga lapses na kasi. haha..
Basta ang alam ko lang, sa mga naganap e.. this is one of those that really made my day! .. and the feeling is mutual, you are not considered just a blogger friend, you're my niece! Thank you for every thing! May you be blessed forever! ♥♥♥

Beng Gee said...

Hi Huling!
Sensya na talaga sa super late reply!
Ewan ba! Di na talaga marunong mag-blog ang lola nyo!
Oo nga! Pambagets na tunay! Bagay pa rin sa tulad kong nagmumurang kamatis! hihi.. husay pumili baga!

Endless thanks for the greeting and tireless visits here, Huling! Kahit pa MIA ang site, nandyan ka pa rin!
Feeling blessed to have you here in blogland since my newbie days! Grateful I have nieces like you and J! Hope both of you won't change! ♥♥♥

Beng Gee said...

Hi Lainy!
Thank you for the greeting! It's alright, kasi late din ang responses ng lola nyo. hihi! Yeah, I know how busy you were last month in your church! Congrats to all the "Kapatids" in INC!

Thanks for the kind word, Lains! Yup, enjoyed all the gifts at nagamit na! Though forgot to take pics. huhu.. Next time maybe.
God bless and stay beautiful inside and out always! Hugs!

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