Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Husband's Frightening Diagnosis

Hello to all! I'm back from many months of hiding!  Hopefully I'd stay here in blogland again for good. Anyways, I just thought of sharing our recent experience for the benefit of those who are concerned with DH’s current health and medical status. Here goes:

Weeks ago, after DH’s biking accident, he has bouts of headaches. Worried that it is the result of that previous bike crash, I went with him to see a neurologist in St Lukes.  The neuro doctor took his medical history and the circumstances prior to the headaches.  After which he gave his presumption that he has brain blood clot.  Nothing much to worry he said, it’s easy as it would only take a size of 25 cents hole be bored on his head.  But to see where the clot is, he has to be admitted and undergo CT Scan. I was very scared then, but tried not to show.  His advice was followed, then CT Scan showed no blood clot.  He asked for a repeat CT Scan but with dye this time. Just to see everything clearly. Again, praise God, it showed negative for brain blood clot. However, they saw something abnormal in the nasopharynx.  Since it is no longer a neuro case, he referred DH to an ENT specialist. The ENT doctor advised another CT Scan, (it's the third!) this time to specifically focus on the lump/inflammation of the nasopharynx area . The latter sees it as sinus inflammation but asked for biopsy to rule out malignancy.  Nevertheless, the Neuro doctor has already a different conclusion on his hand.  He called me outside DH’s hospital room while DH was anxiously looking at us.  At the corridor, he forthrightly  informed me of his findings.  “I have to let you know, … your husband’s CT Scan showed a nasopharyngeal malignancy.”  Instantly, I was numbed!  I was tongue tied. The words made me dizzy… my chest tightened, ..  and I slumped on the floor.  He opted next to call son who was also inside the room.  The son might be stronger than me, he said. But I opposed.  It would only make DH realize something is really wrong.  And he asked me for my opinion if DH is strong enough to hear the bad news. I nod…

On his bedside, the neuro doctor, smashed the bomb on DH. Bluntly, he blurted out “Your case is nasopharyngeal malignancy.”  DH looked at him, decipher what he heard, then his reply was.. “you mean cancer, doc?”  and without any reservation. doctor replied, ...”yes!” I have to refer you next to an Oncologist.  DH was stunned for a minute.   Showing no emotion, (well, that's his usual self), and his next question was, can I still go biking?  … and drink?  He sounded calm and easy.  But the big question is, could he really be?!  The next scene was …the hard rock patient almost always was under his hospital blanket. ..  the wife on the side, .. was very distraught!  It was like going through it all over again!  … Reliving her own shocking, unbearable moment 21 years ago when she herself was diagnosed with the dreaded big C.   Oh my!  Hah! (taking deep breath and exhaling!)  ... But allow me to continue.

So where was I?  Okay, a biopsy of the pharyngeal lump was performed as per request of ENT doctor. After lengthy agonizing waiting days, the result of biopsy was out.  According to him, it showed a cell that can probably be seen on Tuberculosis. Good news is, "No evidence of malignancy.”  Weeeh.. it's only TB!  I cheered! We all cheered!  However, it was only momentarily as the ENT doctor wanted another biopsy.  He might have missed scooping the right specimen. It does happen sometimes, the ENT doctor explained.  He’d  need deeper and bigger specimen this time.  What can DH do but do as he was told.  A tinged of doubt for malignancy still exists. Long sleepless nights and troubled days were all for me.  Am just  grateful  the big kiddos  and the hard rock patient were holding on positively.  Don't lose hope! The result isn't out yet! They claimed. Glad, I eventually did think the same and matched it with tons of prayers!  Until the excruciating wait was over! Result is out.  It’s confirmed!  No evidence of malignancy.  Yay! The ENT doctor nevertheless is not sure yet  if it’s really TB or not because the other TB test findings has yet to be seen .  It would take another 6 weeks to get the result, according to him.  In the meantime, ENT doctor referred DH to infectious disease specialist.  As the new doctor flipped on all his medical records, she questioned why DH was referred to her.  For what?  We repeated what the ENT doctor’s findings were, that he is attributing the found cell to TB.  No, no, no! Not necessarily,  was her reaction.  It can be Pneumonia.  Yes! I remembered his chest ray. It says there Pneumonia and not TB! (It was even witnessed by our friend, Susan while she was in the room, visiting!)  Let’s wait for the other tests to be sure.  You can get it now. No need to wait for 6 weeks! Whoa!  And we dashed off to medical records.  Lo and behold!  It’s clear as the water in spring!  “NEGATIVE FOR TUBERCULOSIS!” 

OMG! We would have been very happy with such TB diagnosis of the ENT doctor! As it sure isn't as alarming and as dreadful as the diagnosis of malignancy from the neurologist!  But here now, it’s nothing of both!  Woo hoo!  Saying it over and over..  All praise and glory to God almighty!

BTW,  the complained headache has greatly diminished, according to the DH.  The Hard Rock is back on the trail with his beloved bike!

PS: I pray that doctors be extra careful on giving out their diagnosis. I hope that they don't give out diagnosis without a substantial basis or the reliable medical results.  It's just  fortunate, our patient is strong willed! Although I had almost passed out!

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J said...

Woohoo!!! Praise be to God! He is indeed good all the time! We just need to steadfastly ask for His blessing.

I'm glad to see an update here Tita B. This time, I'm hoping that you will be seen here on a regular basis hihi (akala mo naman kung sino akong makapag demand noh? Guilty din kasi ako hahaha)

Going back to the Docs, I can't believe that they can be that 'wild' in giving out unsubstantiated diagnosis. And those multiple CT scan was not warranted. Di ba dapat w dye na kaagad? Grabe ang pagiging careless nila. That's unheard of.

I can definitely empathize with how numb the family must have been. To hear the diagnosis is something, but to hear one that's not even concrete is really nakakaloka. Making people go for additional tests to rule out diagnosis is not far fetch, but to say you have this and that without definite basis is so out of this world.

I'm glad and thankful that the Biker is back in harness. Take care you all. Mwah!

Beng Gee said...

Hello J! Look at me, obviously not quite ready for regular blogging yet. Na-over looked ko na itong comment mo.

See all those medical insanities we've been through? Super kaloka di ba?! Still can't believe that there are still doctors that lack medical etiquette. We're just glad that it's all a mistake! And yes, he's back in harness! :)

Thank you J, for your ever warm presence! You too, take care! Mwah!

Lainy said...

OMG! I can imagine the ordeal, Tita Beng! Nakakagalit naman ang sinapit nyo sa kamay ng mga specialists na eto. I've heard St. Lukes is one of the most prestigious haven of specialists. Pero baket ganon? That's incompetence at its best!

I am happy all tests turned out negative. Glory to God!


Lainy said...

OMG! I can imagine the ordeal, Tita Beng! Nakakagalit naman ang sinapit nyo sa kamay ng mga specialists na eto. I've heard St. Lukes is one of the most prestigious haven of specialists. Pero baket ganon? That's incompetence at its best!

I am happy all tests turned out negative. Glory to God!


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