Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer's European Holiday Hotspots

If you still haven’t booked your summer holiday yet, what are you waiting for? Fortunately for you, there are some great destinations throughout Europe which are perfect for a late summer getaway for you to consider, and luckily we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. So, throw away that dust-gathering pile of holiday brochures and check out our pick of the holiday hotspots for this year.


The capital of the Czech Republic is finally losing its ‘stag night city’ title, and is being reclaimed by the culture vultures interested in seeing the city’s amazing architecture, museums, art galleries and cultural monuments. It’s a perfect stop off for a European inter-railing trip, or makes a fantastic location for a long weekend away from everything back at home.


Venice is having a real comeback this year, but not just as a romantic destination for couples. It’s also increasing in popularity with families and groups of friends seeking a bit of history and some spectacular views of the canals and bridges. It’s not an especially big city, so it can be thoroughly explored during your stay, but the must-do activity is, of course, a ride on the world famous gondolas.

Cote d’Azur

France’s beautiful ‘Azure Coast’, so called because of its sparkling blue stretch of sea, has seen a tourism boom in recent years. It’s an incredibly glamorous destination which attracts the French elite, and if you want to rub shoulders with the continent’s finest this is the place to be. It lies on the edge of provincial France with its sprawling countryside, so hire a luxury villa to complete the lifestyle you will be living during your stay.


The spotlight is on this Scottish city this summer. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be over by the time you arrive, but if you’re lucky you might get to meet some of the interesting performers who may still be lurking around. Failing that, heading to Edinburgh castle is a must, and head into some of the picturesque winding streets if you fancy exploring.


The Danish capital provides a brilliant gateway to Malmo in Sweden and is close to northern Germany, but it is, in itself, a wonderful holiday destination. If you’ve been saving your pennies at work, see if you’re lucky enough to get a slot at the world’s best restaurant, Noma. If not, you’ll be able to spot it on the boat tour, starting at the multicoloured Nyhavn and taking you around all of the city’s best sights, including the well-known Little Mermaid statue.

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Rosa Bristol is a keen traveler who spends every Summer exploring pockets of Europe she's not yet experienced

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J said...

Ang saya dito, at puro travel posts. Of the places mentioned in this post, I haven't been to Copenhagen. Hanggang dream muna ako this time. When will I get back my interest (sa travel) kaya? Only time will tell. Ang drama ko these days, pwede akong dalhin kahit saan huwag lang ako mag plan at mag empake. Ma-drama ba Tita B?

Hope your weekend is dry and relaxing. Hugs.

Beng Gee said...

Gets ko ang drama mo J! Eh afford mo naman kasi ang mag-drama kay F! Spoilled gurl! haha..

Go and fly na again to Europe! Weeeh, Copenhagen naman!

Sensya na at na-caught in the act mo yung magulo ko published posts. Had trouble with blogger kasi.

It's raining cats and dogs here. Sa'n ang lamyerda? Enjoy your weekend! Ingatz!

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