Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Amazing Rapid Growth of Twitter Explained

Twitter has not been in our lives for that long; however, the short five years have brought many changes to this incredible application. Originally Twitter was known as twttr, and when the first basic tweet was launched no one actually knew what to expect. However, there are now over 140 million tweets every day.

Millions of people have twitter accounts, and the mobile use of Twitter continues to grow as more people update their status through their mobile phone. The first 18 months of Twitter was considered to be a struggle as only 500,000 people signed up for an account. However, this number of new users is achieved every day. There is a concurrent growth of sites that allow you to buy twitter followers – such as that do cast doubt over these figures.
The concept behind Twitter was straightforward, and the founders wanted to unite and trigger action between people. This is considered to be revolutionary and incredibly empowering for everyone that uses Twitter. With over 200 million users, this is a lot of voices and opinions to be heard and shared, making this platform phenomenal.
The average number of Tweets in 2010 was an impressive 50 million a day, but these numbers have grown to a staggering 140 million every day.  Initially there were only eight employees needed, today there are 400 to ensure that the system is kept at its best.
The search facility has grown on Twitter and processing over 24 billion queries a month, it has surpassed Yahoo and Bing. As Twitter continues to grow and develop further, more people are beginning to see the appeal.
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