Monday, July 22, 2013

Thankful for the added year

The past Saturday was kind of special day for me. I was reminded I'm another year older. The many years that has been added to my life is obviously showing. Sometimes, I'm bothered by the lines that keep on showing upon my face.  Well.. not too bothered anyway!  I've accepted the fact that that’s how life goes.. grow old or you take the alternative, die young.  Who won't be very grateful reaching this far?!

Hence, the celebration!  We trouped to Subic at almost noontime on the day of my birthday with my own family, my sis', my MIL and SIL.  As usual, I was armed again with another freebie from Metrodeal. Lol!  This time I used Metrodeal's free credits to purchase the Overnight Stay for 8 promo deal offered by Forest View Leisure Residences, located in El Kabayo Rd., Subic Free Port Zone.  I think the place, (like a small community) are remnants of the old US Navy housing but has been renovated and well maintained.  I am impressed with the place.  The unit we stayed has 3 big rooms and 2 TB. Every room has its own aircon unit including the living room and dining room. It is complete with furniture and appliances, even with cooking and imported dining utensils. The cool place is comfy and relaxing as it is surrounded by forests.  We were even entertained watching sneaky little friends (known as monkeys) from the forest at the back yard.  They keep climbing up our terrace awaiting for some food and other stuff they can grab from our terrace. 

We were supposed to have coffee on that table but these forest creatures drove us back inside the house.

Come dinner time, it was Aristocrat Subic for the Birthday dinner.  Just happy to have visited Aristocrat again.  Oh wait, forgot to mention that sis' crabs and prawns are the usual hit.  It was almost consumed to the last bit way before dinner time.   And for our Sunday breakfast, I fried some marinated pork belly (for their consumption) and chicken. Then for lunch, we headed to Subic's Meat Shop but unfortunately, we arrived late coz the place was already jam packed with people.  Sis led us to Marquee in Clark instead, and had lunch in Army Navy.  Then that's where we split up from my sis' and her family and we turned back home.

picture..picture.. before leaving the place.
It was such a great birthday celebration.  I'm very grateful that I was blessed with all these wonderful loving people around me and the chance to celebrate another birthday again in an exciting way!  Truly privileged to have reached this far! Thank you, dear Lord!

Acknowledgement:   Thanks to Metrodeal for the free credits to purchase the promo deal offered by Forest View Residences in Subic Freeport Zone.  And many thanks too to Forest View Leisure Residences for the wonderful accommodation we had.  We  love the place!  Looking forward to going back to that relaxing place amidst lush forest.! 

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Buzz Lightyear said...

Hi Beng,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday (sorry that it's belated)! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your loved ones, and even some unexpected guests. I've never been Subic Freeport but went to Clark Duty Free zone back in 1998. Sounds like it's a really nice place. Metrodeal sounds great, we don't have that here in States.

I've also never seen wild monkeys like this; saw one in Cebu a long time ago but it was one kept as a pet rather than a free-roaming monkey. I looked this up on "Philippine mammals" on Wikipedia and I guess this is either a Philippine long-tailed macaque or a crab-eating macaque. My daughter would love to see these guys!

All the best to you and your family!

PinayWAHM said...

Syempre late...fashionably late, maybe? Hehehe....ganun pa man....happy belated birthday Ate Beng! Wishing you many more healthy years to enjoy with loved ones!

Medyo inactive ako sa blogging kasi may 'tamaritis' na naman ako eh. I heard they haven't found a cure for it for I just have to let it pass like gas...hahaha....

Have a good week Ate Beng. Hopefully you'll start to feel a 100% na ulit.


Beth said...

Belated Happy Birthday Ate Beng! As usual huli na naman ako. Pano ba ako makakapag subscribe dito sa blog mo?

Anyway, based on your stories, I think the place is good. Is it near the beach? Kakatuwa naman un Metrodeal na yan. Naka-sign up din ako diyan so I receive promo updates. Un nga lang, can't avail pa kasi andito pa kami. Bka pag nagbakasyon kami dyan. Gusto ko sana Bohol e. Di pa kasi ako nakakapunta doon.

O siya, napahaba comment ko, pano naman puro exclamation points ang nakita ko sa post mo na to. Na-excite tuloy ako sa mga pwede namin puntahan diyan next year. Happy birthday uli, Ate Beng! Pareho tayong July!!!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Buzz L! Thank you for the greeting. You should try going to Subic next time you visit back here. Clark is such a nice place but you'd find Subic more enchanting coz it's complete in Beach adventures and more. Those kind of monkeys abound in that Freeport Zone. I'm sure, your young lady would love it there especially when she sees those those monkeys!

Beng Gee said...

Thank you Huling for the greeting and well wishes! I do need that talaga! Haha.. parang sounds familiar ang tamaritis ah! LOL, ..but truth of the matter is... I easily get tired! (due to aging? maybe!) Oh well..

Thanks so much for the untiring visits. God bless and take care!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Beth! Thanks much for the greeting. Naks, flattered naman ako that you would want to subscribe to my blog. Salamat!

The place is good although it is not within a walking distance to the beach. Although we know naman that inside the Freeport Zone are several beach resorts, ocean parks and many other fun activities. Sige, come home na and enjoy some vacation time in Subic and Bohol!

Btw, nakabawi na yung Metrodeal sa 'kin. Good service na sila, so far! Didn't know pareho tayong born in July. What day is yours?

Alam ko you're always busy. Thanks for the time here, Beth!

Pearl Josue said...

ang saya ng birthday mo, tita beng!:-)
sana pag uwi namin, makapunta din sa subic ulit.

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