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Setting Up an Outdoor Evening Event

Event managers know that as summer approaches, outdoor events become an increasingly popular choice. Whether it’s for an art installation, a wedding fair or a music concert, people want to start taking advantage of the light, mild evenings and the pretty sunsets. Don’t keep your guests cooped up inside, and get them out into the fresh air for a memorable event.

Firstly, even if the event is going to be held primarily in the open air, you may want to provide a marquee or some sort of sheltered area in case the weather takes a turn for the worse or there will be a speech that won’t carry well in the open air. Make sure this is big enough for all of your guests, and if you are serving canapés or food, do this inside to keep it away from insects and animals.

Set up a fencing system using plastic barriers, especially if your event is ticketed. This prevents people from getting in who shouldn’t be there, and makes sure everyone knows which area has been allocated for the event. These barriers could also be used to create a queuing system if you anticipate a lot of attendees.

If it is likely that the ground will be unstable, if it is being held on grass for instance, it might be an idea to provide some waterproof flooring so that it doesn’t get too slippery and muddy and nobody’s heels will sink into the mud. It might also be a good idea to provide umbrellas just in case there is a spot of drizzle to keep everyone comfortable and dry.

You will also need to think about things such as lighting and music. Obviously these won’t be automatically provided as they would be in an indoor venue, so think about the type of lighting you require. It might be floodlights or something a little more ambient. Also think about setting up a speaker system, though bear in mind that sound doesn’t carry as well outside, so you might need more speakers or an increase volume.

It’s essential that even though the venue is outside, there is still space for people to park. If you don’t have dedicated on-site parking, put up signs and provide information to let people know the nearest public car park, or provide comprehensive details about the local public transport so that everyone can make their way there easily and enjoy their night without a hitch.

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Nathan Jacobs is a busy outdoor events co-ordinator who regularly blogs about his experiences in the industry


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PinayWAHM said...

Dito uso ang outdoor events talaga. At dito ko lang talaga naranasan na mag attend ng bdays or other occasions sa park...dami kasi dito parks.

Oo Ate Beng at ang 8 PM dito ay parang late afternoon lang dyan. Kaya nga mas hirap matulog ang bata dito kasi 9 ang bedtime nya. May konting liwanag pa at that time so nakikita nya sa cracks ng blinds. Nagulat din ako when I first came here in '99 [sa CA pa yun to visit a friend]. Lumabas ako ng LAX past 8 na so I was expecting dark....abay maliwanag. That's also the reason kaya merong Spring forward dito.

O haba comment ko...pwede na gawing post...hahaha...

I hope you had a great weekend.


Beng Gee said...

Huling, pareho pala kayo sa Singapore. 8pm na pero parang late afternoon lng ng oras dito. I guess, sanayan lang yan talaga. Mahirap lang ang pag-adjust, hane?!

I wish maraming parks dito, lalo't ganito kaliit ang spaces namin, we need that.

Same with you, sana you had a wonderful weekend.

J said...

Hola! Makikisawsaw ako. Ang liwanag din dito sa bandang amin past 8 p.m. Grabe nga kasi my kitchen gets the afternoon sun and while we're in there eating or whipping up dinner (during one of those late nights) we have the sun shining bright on us. Oh di ba nakaka-confuse?

Hope your weekend was dry and had good rest.

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