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Discovering the Secrets of Ibiza

It’s true – the nightlife in Ibiza is just ridiculously pumped-up and it’d be unforgivable for one to miss out on this during a trip there. It’s that one place where the party never stops and where the vast, gorgeous Mediterranean is immaculately within sight and reach. Many famous pop artists have even featured this notorious party island’s name in their songs – an indication that it is in fact one of the world’s perfect epitomes of hard core partying.
But in reality, there’s more to this beautiful, energetic island than just seamless rounds of night-long shindigs. Here are some things that you can enjoy doing on the island aside from the typical carefree summer nights by the beach:
  1. Immerse in the island’s rich art and culture through museum tours.
Its historical, ethnological, artistic, and archaeological heritage root back from prehistoric age, to the Punic world, and further into the Islamic age and the traditional rural world – which is proved to be rich and evident through the many museums nestled on the island. Visit Museo Puget, Museo Diocesano, or any of its museums to catch a glimpse of how Ibiza gracefully evolved through the years.
  1. Know its historical value by visiting numerous monuments.
A number of monuments are found in Ibiza, but the Dalt Vila Renaissance found in Eivissa is the most famous among all of them. In 1999, it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  1. Be mesmerized by its naturally beautiful natural parks.
Ses Salinas National Park is located between the Southern part of the island of Ibiza and the Northern region of Formentera. Salt lakes, beaches, and lunar cords that feature ancient ghost trees, cliffs, and coastlines richly dotted with rocks. Expect to see a majestic falcon or a fishing eagle sometime during your excursion here.
  1. Go on a day trip and enjoy its gorgeous coastal scenery
The options are just limitless: you can go boating, kayaking, and even ride on a hot air balloon to get a breathtaking aerial view of the island. Another option is to hop aboard a small train to appreciate inland beauty as well.
Where to stay in Ibiza
There are a handful of accommodations in Ibiza, and one option is to rent an apartment. This is cheaper compared to booking a hotel and also offers more flexibility. You can opt to rent an apartment if you love cooking your own meals, or if you are going in a large group. Apartment rentals are also a better option if you prefer the laid-back, homey ambiance over ostentatious hotel fixtures, fancy dinners via room service, and all that jazz. If it’s your first time to book an apartment in Ibiza, your best bet in picking out a unit is to check out comparison websites like Apartment District Ibiza, so that you can weed out your choices efficiently. The island gets insanely packed during the summer, so make sure that your booking completed ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this great island experience due to full bookings!

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PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

Howdy? I have picture for you in my blog....hehehe...

Hope you're having a good week...and is fully recovered na talaga.


Beng Gee said...

Doin' fine so far, Huling! Still busy with my check-ups. Still praying for full recovery na talaga!

Have visited your site. Sobrang thank you at tunay na nag-effort ka pa just to give me the picture of FL's night brightness.

Enjoy FL's long bright day! ingat!

Farida said...

I wonder if Ibiza in Antipolo got its name from here. Anyway, I admire people who have a huge appetite but never really grow big. Ang swerte mo naman Ate Beng. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

J said...

Hay... I want to be there... Someday. Nasa bucket list along with Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella. Ang daming pwedeng puntahan yet so little time ( in this world) and money hahaha.

Hope all is turning out great for you Tita B. Take care.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, how you doin'? Long time no see. You clocking up air milage galavanting around the world, I see.
This one place I've never been to, have heard about it.
The pic reminds of that movie, 'Pretty woman' last scene where hro climbs up that stairs with a bouquet of roses.
See that movie?
Ingat ka palagi.

Beng Gee said...

@Farida: Maybe! You've been to Casa Ibiza in Antipolo too? Nice tiny place 'no?
Yes, I have huge appetite but nothing seems to register. It's really not good to be skinny. Right, Ida?!

Be well!

Beng Gee said...

@J: Well, I know naman that all those places are that easy to reach for you. Just say it, and fly anytime! Si F pa?!

Improving inch by inch.. hopefully maka-recover na fully.

Stay happy as always!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Lee! Glad to see you again! Not on my best here but doin' fine.

Yes, saw that movie long time ago. Very nice one!

I understand you're always busy but thanks much for your precious time here. Hope to see you around soon.

Ingat din!

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