Thursday, July 25, 2013

Birthday Package from NYC

My birthday is long way over, yet, I still receive surprises.  I’ll post the other surprises I had on my next post, but first, let me share with you the latest one I picked-up from the courier service at MegaMall yesterday.  It is a package that came from New York City.  Although I wanted to open up the box right there and then, I managed not to till I reached home.  I really don’t know the feeling I had when I opened the box. I am happy, of course! Knowing that a friend remembers me on my birthday. Nonetheless, I was kinda uncomfortable too when I saw the signature item.  The truth is, I’m afraid I may not be able to reciprocate the posh generosity of this chic “Niece” of mine from New York City.

But hey! the stylish signature tote bag is truly charming! I love to sniff the genuine sweet smell of its leather handle and the fresh smell of canvass cloth. So light and comfy to carry! .. thank you, dear! So blessed to have met such kind and thoughtful friend/'niece" like you in blogland.  

This is the other version. (Just discovered it's a 2 in 1 bag.)
Oh wait… there’s more!  There’s a little box taped on the filling paper of the tote bag. It’s a Mac lipstick! Oh no!  I almost ignored and threw away that wrapper.  The red colored lipstick is fabulous. It’s the exact color I want!  Geez, how did you know it's my fave color?  

 And just as I was getting puzzled that I wasn't seeing any note from the sender herself, I found the custom made birthday card inside the tote bag...

Touched  talaga ako!  Just the card na pinagbuhusan ng effort and the beautiful message printed in it would be more than enough for my birthday   I’m overwhelmed!

For all these stuff and kind thoughtfulness, I say THANK YOU, my dear "Niece"!  May God continually bless you with good health and comfortable life!

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PinayWAHM said...

Feeling ko loves ka nung nagbigay nyan....feeling ko lang naman....hehe. Naku I also like the shade of the lipistik! I don't use lipistik anymore nga lang but when I was still teaching...mga ganyang kulay ang ginagamit....

I'm sure the thoughtfulness of the giver made your day a lot brighter at alam naman naming lahat na ampon mong pamangkins na you deserve all the loving-loving that come your way.

Oh...nag migrate na kami ng playing field sa badminton ni E....we moved sa driveway na sementado. Wawa naman kasi yung damo at yung hardinero namin eh....

Enjoy the weekend Ate Beng!


Beng Gee said...

I'm sure Huling, di lang ako ang loves niya! ..hehe. I am so lucky to have found loving 'pamangkins' in blogland. They truly make my days brighter! Pansin ko lang, gusto nila akong gumanda! Lol! Kasi yung isa, she gave me lotion, at ngayon naman, lipstik! hehe.. time to move out of my "losyang" mode. Lol! Sobrang spoiled na ang lola nyo!

Good to know na you moved away from the grass lawn. E di masaya na yung mga grass nyan! Of course much more pa si M! hehe..

Likewise Huling! Enjoy it with the two loves of your life!

J said...

Hello! Tita B

Halika rampa tayo Tita B. Nasa losyang mode ka ba? Hindi oobra yan sa akin hahaha.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Take care always.

Beng Gee said...

Okay J, let's go! San tayo rarampa? I'll just pretend I'm feeling well and still young like you. .. Lol! Basta dadaanin ko na lang sa maganda kong tote bag!..hehe.

Enjoy another weekend jaunt!

J said...

hello! Tita Beng

hope you had a relaxing weekend and wishing you a great week ahead.

busy-bisihan ako kuno nung weekend kaya I missed dropping by here.

anong bagong adventure natin? hope you're feeling well na. sending you my warmest hugs.

Beng Gee said...

Hello J! Happy to always have you here! Loaded pa rin sa chores ang weekend pero dedma lang! Rest to the max naman ang all around maid kaya pati ang blogging and blog hopping, set aside muna.

Have yet to roam around the blogland. Again, thank you for your precious time. Love yah much!

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