Monday, July 29, 2013

The Other Birthday Surprises

This is a long overdue post.  Old as it may be, I am posting it nonetheless for documentation purposes.  I think this is one birthday celebration I'll never forget.  Simply because it is one of those few that DH made an effort to gift me with something I've long been wanting to have. Here to share with you now the other treasured birthday presents that truly made my day!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from DH
IPad Sleeve from Daughter

Coffee Press from Sis
Cotton Shirts from Niece
Few pieces of this Aus$ bill from MIL.
Leather Wallet from daughter's special friend.
To all the loved ones, relatives, close friends, adopted nieces, blogger friends, FB friends who remembered, greeted and wished me well and those who went out of their way to surprise me on my special day,  a heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Please know that you all brighten up my special day! May God bless you all with good health and everlasting happiness!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 'Rules of the Road' When Boating at Sea

Learning to pilot a boat can be similar to learning to drive. On top of learning how to manoeuvre the boat yourself, you also need to learn about the other people who will be using the same sea space to avoid collisions. While there are several rules you need to remember, these should become second nature once you’ve spent long enough on the water around other boats.

Your boat skipper, whether that’s you or someone else, is ultimately responsible for the safety of everyone on your boat, which means also taking into account the movements of other boats on the same stretch of water as you to avoid a collision.

Boats have a ‘right of way’, and are referred to as the ‘Stand On’ and the ‘Give Way’. Here, the ‘Stand On’ boat must maintain its speed and course, while the ‘Give Way’ boat should take action to avoid a collision. The general rule is that ‘Power gives way to sail’, meaning that generally speaking, sailboats must be given clear passage by powerboats, which should act to move out of the way, and should ideally keep out of the way of the yacht completely.

However, different rules apply to determine who should give way in situations where two powerboats are sharing the same space. When two powerboats are approaching one another head on, they should pass port to port. Keep to the starboard side of the channel you are passing through, Other boat traffic in canals and rivers will do the same to avoid any confusion.

Author byline:
Colin Bell is an amateur boating enthusiast who regularly blogs about staying safe on the seas.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Birthday Package from NYC

My birthday is long way over, yet, I still receive surprises.  I’ll post the other surprises I had on my next post, but first, let me share with you the latest one I picked-up from the courier service at MegaMall yesterday.  It is a package that came from New York City.  Although I wanted to open up the box right there and then, I managed not to till I reached home.  I really don’t know the feeling I had when I opened the box. I am happy, of course! Knowing that a friend remembers me on my birthday. Nonetheless, I was kinda uncomfortable too when I saw the signature item.  The truth is, I’m afraid I may not be able to reciprocate the posh generosity of this chic “Niece” of mine from New York City.

But hey! the stylish signature tote bag is truly charming! I love to sniff the genuine sweet smell of its leather handle and the fresh smell of canvass cloth. So light and comfy to carry! .. thank you, dear! So blessed to have met such kind and thoughtful friend/'niece" like you in blogland.  

This is the other version. (Just discovered it's a 2 in 1 bag.)
Oh wait… there’s more!  There’s a little box taped on the filling paper of the tote bag. It’s a Mac lipstick! Oh no!  I almost ignored and threw away that wrapper.  The red colored lipstick is fabulous. It’s the exact color I want!  Geez, how did you know it's my fave color?  

 And just as I was getting puzzled that I wasn't seeing any note from the sender herself, I found the custom made birthday card inside the tote bag...

Touched  talaga ako!  Just the card na pinagbuhusan ng effort and the beautiful message printed in it would be more than enough for my birthday   I’m overwhelmed!

For all these stuff and kind thoughtfulness, I say THANK YOU, my dear "Niece"!  May God continually bless you with good health and comfortable life!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Thankful for the added year

The past Saturday was kind of special day for me. I was reminded I'm another year older. The many years that has been added to my life is obviously showing. Sometimes, I'm bothered by the lines that keep on showing upon my face.  Well.. not too bothered anyway!  I've accepted the fact that that’s how life goes.. grow old or you take the alternative, die young.  Who won't be very grateful reaching this far?!

Hence, the celebration!  We trouped to Subic at almost noontime on the day of my birthday with my own family, my sis', my MIL and SIL.  As usual, I was armed again with another freebie from Metrodeal. Lol!  This time I used Metrodeal's free credits to purchase the Overnight Stay for 8 promo deal offered by Forest View Leisure Residences, located in El Kabayo Rd., Subic Free Port Zone.  I think the place, (like a small community) are remnants of the old US Navy housing but has been renovated and well maintained.  I am impressed with the place.  The unit we stayed has 3 big rooms and 2 TB. Every room has its own aircon unit including the living room and dining room. It is complete with furniture and appliances, even with cooking and imported dining utensils. The cool place is comfy and relaxing as it is surrounded by forests.  We were even entertained watching sneaky little friends (known as monkeys) from the forest at the back yard.  They keep climbing up our terrace awaiting for some food and other stuff they can grab from our terrace. 

We were supposed to have coffee on that table but these forest creatures drove us back inside the house.

Come dinner time, it was Aristocrat Subic for the Birthday dinner.  Just happy to have visited Aristocrat again.  Oh wait, forgot to mention that sis' crabs and prawns are the usual hit.  It was almost consumed to the last bit way before dinner time.   And for our Sunday breakfast, I fried some marinated pork belly (for their consumption) and chicken. Then for lunch, we headed to Subic's Meat Shop but unfortunately, we arrived late coz the place was already jam packed with people.  Sis led us to Marquee in Clark instead, and had lunch in Army Navy.  Then that's where we split up from my sis' and her family and we turned back home.

picture..picture.. before leaving the place.
It was such a great birthday celebration.  I'm very grateful that I was blessed with all these wonderful loving people around me and the chance to celebrate another birthday again in an exciting way!  Truly privileged to have reached this far! Thank you, dear Lord!

Acknowledgement:   Thanks to Metrodeal for the free credits to purchase the promo deal offered by Forest View Residences in Subic Freeport Zone.  And many thanks too to Forest View Leisure Residences for the wonderful accommodation we had.  We  love the place!  Looking forward to going back to that relaxing place amidst lush forest.! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Master the Art of Outdoors Entertaining

With the right planning and accessories, it is possible to entertain outdoors all year round. The weather can be difficult to manage, but you should never let a bit of rain or snow prevent you from holding a party on your patio. Instead of organizing a party in your front room, move the party outdoors and stop worrying about the ruined carpets.


Shelter from the Elements

In an ideal world, on the day of your garden party the weather would dawn bright and sunny with not a cloud on the horizon. Sadly life is not always that accommodating and more often than not, rain can end up ruining a lovely barbecue. But with a bit of careful planning, there is no reason why the party can’t continue even if it’s raining. A retractable patio awning or cover is the perfect solution for homes in variable weather zones. If the weather turns nasty or it starts to rain, you can open up the cover. The same applies if it is very hot—a patio awning will protect your guests from sunburn.


Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are perfect for cool summer evenings and chilly winter nights. Patio heaters won't turn your terrace into a Caribbean beach, but they will take the edge of things and help to prevent guests from developing hypothermia.


Food and Drink

Unless you are teetotal, it is always a good idea to provide a good assortment of food and drink. A party won't be much of a party without lots of delicious food and alcohol. You could provide some snacks, or even a BBQ if there is plenty of room. Even if it's freezing, as long as you have a good supply of alcohol, your guests won't even notice the sub-zero temperatures after a while.


Musical Entertainment

Conversation should not be overrated, but some background music is a nice touch. Pop, rock, classical or jazz, are all appropriate choices, although it may depend on the age of your guests. For larger outdoor extravaganzas, you could even hire a band or a string quartet. Or if you are musically inclined, get your guitar out and play some tunes. Karaoke is another fun idea for a party outdoors. Just remember to invite your closest neighbors so they can't complain at being kept awake all night thanks to some out of tune renditions of “It's Raining Men”.


Lighting Effects

Since most parties tend to carry on into the small hours, lighting is very important. Without some kind of lighting, guests could fall into the pond or end up in all kinds of bother in the dark corners of your garden—possibly with the wrong person. To avoid such calamities, think about the lighting before daylight fades. Solar powered fairy lights are a nice touch, as are post lights at various points around the garden. Alternatively, light some citronella candles and place them on tables and the floor to keep the biting insects at bay.
Impromptu summer parties can be enormous fun, but for maximum enjoyment, plan your party in advance. You don't have to spend a fortune. With the right selection of food, drinks and guests, your party will be the talk of the street.

About the author
Nancy Baker loves entertaining, particularly during the long hot summers. Her parties are always legendary, but since she discovered the joys of retractable patio enclosures, her parties have reached a whole new level of fun!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When it rains, it pours

Just as I thought I’m slowly recovering my strength and energy from my lung illness, here comes nonstop LBM and throwing up all night and whole morning yesterday. I drank a lot of water, yet I knew I was somehow dehydrated.  Fortunately it came to a halt by noontime. Nevertheless, it left me like a rotten veggie in that very short while.  Not surprising since there was no food intake during that ordeal and not having enough up to this very moment. I have no idea though how I got infected by LBM toxins.  Anyway, I’m still weak but I’m LBM free now and hoping my very best that I’ll be in the pink of   health come weekend.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Your Last Hurrah for Summer


In just a few weeks, summer will be officially over. You will bid adieu to sleepless nights of watching movie and TV marathons and waking up late at noon. Prepping yourself with make-up, fragrance and a new bodycon dress to flaunt during endless summer parties will be numbered.

While you still have time to do the fun stuff before going back to school, make sure you live your summer days to the fullest by checking out these last-minute summer adventures.

1. Get a tan. Whether you go to the beach or have yourself submitted to the tanning salon craze, getting a tan is like getting a summer tattoo. Add some tone and color to your skin like you’ve been in and about the whole summer break.

2. Visit a new place. While you still have time to explore, make the most out of your free time to visit a place you’ve never been to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plane ride away or just a few blocks away from your home. Paying a visit to an unknown territory expands your horizon.

3. Learn a new language. Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, Swahili – whatever’s new to you and whatever interests you, learn a few words or common phrases. Learning a new language is fun because you learn new culture as well, much like when you physically travel. Plus you won’t feel pressured about getting a high grade as you can take lessons online – some even for free.

4. Get some beauty treats for summer. Since summer calls for outdoor activities, you will mostly be seen and heard at famous go-to places with your friends or your boyfriend. While it’s still the sunny season, grab some new beauty treats that are perfect for the weather. Hydrate your lips with a new lip balm, color your hair with that rich auburn touch, or buy that daring red lipstick you’ve been eyeing for so long. You can even get a new fragrance like L'eau d'Issey Summer Fragrance by Issey Miyake for Women while it’s still on sale for this season.

5. Prepare a meal for the family. Only a few times can you prepare a good meal for the family. It’s always mom (or dad) who gets everything ready on a daily basis so it’s a great idea for your parents to skip the food preps and let them watch the TV for a change. Nothing makes your parents happy (other than you finishing school) when you pay attention to their needs.

6. Cross out something on your bucket list. What other perfect season to try a daring pursuit for you than summer (unless you want to ski or touch a snow for the first time). It won’t be hard to find a schedule as you have around 8 weeks to spare. Call up your friends for a surfing lesson, a bungee jump, or even a sky jump!

Summer is always a fantastic season to do something outrageously fun. Slip on those flip flops, carry your tote, and head out to the warm, sunny skies while you still can.

Tony James really loves tinkering inside the garage on his cars because he wants to become a professional race car driver someday. He also works as the local grease monkey around the neighborhood. His parents support him all the way and that is why he always gives his best. 


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