Sunday, June 9, 2013

DH's Birthday Dinner at Flavours of China

Early morning yesterday, he’s gone on his bike.  He calls it birthday ride.  He was out the whole day to I don’t know where.   Antipolo maybe? ..or Montalban..  hmmp.. wherever!  It’s his day.  Let him spend it the way he wants it!   He was kinda thoughtful at least, coming home early for the family dinner out.  My Aussie MIL is in town for her annual Philippine holiday and I’m sure she was expecting this traditional birthday dinner celebration of his unico hijo.

So off to Trinoma we went!   I had a hunch we would be going to a Chinese Resto again.  So, as I was anticipating this occasion,  I used up the credits MetroDeal gave out for free and bought the promo deal offered by Flavours of China way ahead.   The promo cost Php399.00 for food worth Php500.   I bought 3 vouchers for Php1,197.00  the real value of which is Php1,500.00.  Great deal, indeed!

The food was really good.  You would say I’m biased because it’s Chinese cuisine, my kind of food.  But hey, Flavours of China’s food is really delish.  My only issue is the limited choices of food.  Not a lot of choices like other Chinese Restos we've been to. Nonetheless, food is worth the travel.  Competetively,  Flavours of China is equally satisfying.  Not to discount the place that is pleasant and cozy.   I love their Mixed seafood fried rice the most as it was loaded with lots of shrimps and scallops.  Undeniably  superb!

At any rate, the celebrator appeared pleased coz he only needed few more bucks to settle the bill.  Spell  practicality on celebrating birthday! 

Thanks to Flavours of China. We went home fully stuffed and satisfiedGrateful to Metrodeal as well! You have thoroughly proven that this group buying site has truly made a big transformation!   No more glitches with voucher issuance.  Transaction is always a breeze.  Way to go, Metrodeal!

Note:  Photos to follow as soon as my camera's USB cable is found.

6 Comentários:

PinayWAHM said...

Aba'y happy belated birthday kay Kuya T! Huli man daw at magaling...birthday greeting pa din! O bago yan...hehe...many more happy birthdays to come Kuya T!

Hanong bago Ate Beng? Magaling ka na ba talaga? Basta hinay hinay lang hane....mahirap na at baka magbakasyon ka na naman....wak naman....


J said...

Ang tagal ng pics!!!! I hope mahanap mo na ang USB. :-)

Beng Gee said...

@Huling: In behalf of T, thank you!

Thanks for reminding. Ay naku, ayaw ko na bumalik sa ospital. Hinay na lng talaga!

Beng Gee said...

Problemang malaki, J! Di ko talaga mahanap yung USB. Yung pics by daughter di ko naman ma-download. hayyzz.. yaan mo will post it as soon as i found it.

PinayWAHM said...

Ay nainip si J....hahahaha....ala lang natawa lang ako sa comment nya kasi parang feel na feel ko yung pagka inip nya.....


Beng Gee said...

sorry na lang si J, kasi di na talaga nahagilap ung usb cable nung cam na ginamit ko dun. :(

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