Friday, June 7, 2013

Death snatched our friend Evelyn from us

Who would ever imagine that a vibrant mom and a very young granny to a 5 year old grandson would be leaving   this wonderful world ever so quickly?  We never have an inkling that time was running out on her.  She was active and full of energy on the last get-together we had.  Having fun and was always amused on jokes we throw on one another.   Death for Evelyn, was the farthest from our head as this woman, only  in her mid-forty’s energetically  and dutifully carry out her responsibilities and obligations for her family

She was but slowed down lately, when she was constantly brought to the hospital for kidney problem.   Life’s episode  pass by so swiftly.    I’ve blogged about the time when we visited her in the hospital last month.  I had no idea that she was in a worse situation.  She could still give a  good laugh and joke a little.  We were pleased to hear then that she was feeling much better as her pain was gone.

Until the shocking news came while I was in the hospital, myself.   Evelyn is gone!  She has joined our Creator. I was numbed and zoned out...  the happy times we all had with her flashed back like a roll of movie film.   Then I snapped out and realized life indeed is full of surprises.  No one truly knows what lies ahead.  .. like we could be here today and gone tomorrow.  No one escapes this stage of existence.  It is the inevitable phase of life.  Thankful though,  that I had the chance to know and share good times together with a good friend named Evelyn.

May she rest in peace!

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PinayWAHM said...

We just never know when our time will come. We can only hope that when it comes eh handa tayo kahit papano....:( Now we can rest assured she's in peace and with the creator already...

Kakalungkot din na of all places eh nasa ospital ka when you got the news....but you're a warrior so no worries....kaw pa!

Here I am today Ate Beng...nakiki usyoso dito. May bago bang [magandang] balita bukod sa kagandahan mo? Hehe...


J said...

hello Tita Beng

ako ay stalker mo hahaha.

you know why initially I didn't comment on this post? I don't know what it is, but is this another coincidence? Remember my friend Celia? This time, my Ninang Evelyn (pareho sila ng name). She died about the same time when your friend died. My family shielded me from the truth for a few days but when my bro called, he blurted it out to me and that was it. She was one of the closest among my Ninangs. I was really saddened. Kahit pala alam mo na pwedeng mangyari, iba pa din pag nawala na talaga.

But I'm consoled by the fact that she is no longer in pain. I'm sure ganun ka din sa friend mo.

enjoy your weekend Tita Beng. this weekend dhail malapit na ang golden years maghahanapako ng gold para may madukot ako hahaha. Isasama ko si Huling if she's not busy. Sama ka? ahahaha

Beng Gee said...

Huling, sensya na, kala ko na-reply-an ko na 'to. di pala.

True! Di natin talaga hawak ang buhay natin. Sobrang sad talaga nung nawala sya kasi di ko na sya nadalaw hanggang sa interment nya. Yung huling dalaw namin sa hospital pala ang last nming pag-uusap. :(

Bago? Eto, high pa rin sa surprise!Lol! :)

Beng Gee said...

Omigosh, J! Daming coincidences ang mga nangyayari ah! Wala ako masabi.. strong yata talaga ng konek! hehe..

Yes, yun ang ating consolation sa pagkawala nila. They are no longer in pain and already at peace with the Lord!

Naku, bring out the hidden gold na lang at wag na maghanap. Tutulong na lang ako sa inyo ni Huling sa paghakot! hehe..

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