Saturday, June 15, 2013

Australian Wineries Worth a Glass

There are more than 60 different wine regions in Australia and each one has its own distinct flavours. The wines are as diverse and interesting as the scenery and cultures of each area. Taking a wine tour in Australia is a great way to explore the history and vintages of the country. This post by looks at some of the most interesting wine making regions and wineries in Australia:

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Barossa Valley in South Australia is home to two different wine regions. The Eden Valley is best-known for its Riesling, while the core of Barossa Valley is home to an exceptional Shiraz. The nearby heritage towns of McLaren Vale and the Clare Valley also have strong wine heritages. Take some time to explore this area to get an idea of the diversity of Australian wine. The local wine festivals and celebrations provide visitors with an opportunity to taste locally produced wines.

Margaret Rivers, Perth

Margaret River is just a few hours drive from Perth and is a must-visit for any wine lover. There are more than 60 wineries in the area and there are some great fine dining opportunities too. If you want to sample local cuisine and good wine, then this is one of the best areas to visit.

YarraBalley, Melborne

Yarra Valley is located less than one hour away from Melbourne. The valley was the birthplace of Victoria's wine industry and there are still more than 50 wineries operating in the area. From large-scale operations to family-owned-and-run vineyards, Yarra Valley has it all. The cool-climate wines produced in the valley include a great Shiraz and a lovely Pinot Noir.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria has a gentle Mediterranean climate which differs dramatically from some of the neighbouring regions and gives the wines produced in the area a unique flavour. The grapes may be the same, but the way they are grown means that they have their own unique taste. Mornington Peninsula is home to some unique wines and the best way to enjoy them is to visit the region during one of the many food and wine festivals.

Australian Capital Territory

There are 33 wineries and 140 vineyards in the capital territory, ranging from family-run ventures to more industrial operations. Located just outside of Canberra, the region is a great place for anyone who enjoys local produce, fine wine and great Australian cuisine. Canberra wines are unique in their richness and diversity.

The range of wines available in the southern hemisphere is staggering. If you are interested in taking a wine tour, be sure to visit several different regions to get a full idea of how rich and interesting Australian wines can be. From microclimate wines in Canberra, to the cool-climate wines near Perth, there is something to suit all palates and all kinds of cuisine. Next time you pay a visit to this amazing country, be sure to explore what the vineyards to offer.

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