Monday, June 24, 2013

ABC Meme

I remember various memes used to proliferate the Blogosphere years back.  Tagging blogger friends here and there. For this meme, I appreciate being tagged by Farida.   I consider it as one good way to know more about a blogger. Join me here in this meme and uncover some hidden facts about me as you may want to reveal some of yours.  

  • A. Attached or single:             - Attached
  • B. Best friend:                        - Got three
  • C. Cake or pie:                       - Pie
  • D. Day of choice:                   - Friday
  •  E. Essential Item/s:                - Smartphone, lipstick
  • F. Favorite color:                   - red, yellow
  • G. Gummy bears or worms:   - worms
  •  H. Hometown:                      - Quezon City
  • I. Favorite Indulgence:           - Eat all you can buffet
  •  J. January or July:                 - July
  •  K. Kids:                               - 2
  •  L. Life isn't complete without?:  My family
  •  M. Marriage date:                  - November 22
  • N. Number of brothers/sisters: - 1/1
  • O. Orange or apple?:              - orange
  •  P. Phobias:                           - snakes
  • Q. Quotes:                             - Life is short, enjoy every minute of it.
  • R. Reason to smile:                - Red roses
  • S. Season of choice:              - Summer
  • T. Tag 5 people:                    - J, Huling, Lainy, Dhemz, Chubskulit
  • U. Unknown fact about me:    -Nothing I can think of
  •  V. Vegetable:                        - Polonchay
  • W. Worst habit:                     - Procastination,
  • X. Xray or ultrasound:            - Ultrasound
  • Y. Your favorite food:            - Chinese cuisine, Japanese food, Steak
  •  Z. Zodiac sign:                      - Cancer
 In case you find your name being tagged here, there is no coercion involve. Lol! Just wanna know more about you.  I hope you'd choose to share.  :D

16 Comentários:

Farida said...

Wow, ang bilis! :) What is polonchay? I googled it and it looks like kangkong. Kaya pala I always see foodie posts here kasi eating is your fave indulgence. I think everybody enjoys that!

Enjoy your week :D

Beng Gee said...

Haha..Ang bilis ba, Ida? Kasi na-miss ko yata ang meme! Thanks for tagging me!

Polonchay is similar to kangkong only it's a lot tastier, more so if cooked the Chinese way.

Yes Ida, like you, fave indulgence ko din ang eating. Yun yata ang fave ng magaganda! Aha haha!!

Lainy said...

I so love tags, Tita Beng. Thanks for thinking of tagging me. For sure, I shall be doing coz it came from a special blogger like you :-) Naalala ko to. This is how friendships evolved over the blogosphere. We get to learn a lot of things from our fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing a part of you to us, Tita Beng. Love and hugs!

PinayWAHM said...

Dahil sabik sa tag...tapos na! O di ba???

Pakisalo yung tread climber Ate Beng...hehe. Actually ginagamit pa din naming kahit may sugat na....aba'y saying. Also ang hirap mag umpisa ulit once you stop...kakatamad so hanggat di sya bumibigay [or hindi ako bumibigay...toink] tuloy tuloy lang.

Hoping and praying na yung U/S mo eh ayos lang ang resulta.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


J said...

sige, pick-upin ko 'to later Tita Beng.

the polonchay is mostly used in Chinese dishes di ba? basta anything green, loves ko.

Ayu Maselli said...

Hallo Beng Gee..!
how are you, thanks so much for recent visit, apologize for being a while get back to you.
wishing you a wonderful week

Beng Gee said...

hi lainy! good to know you are accepting this tag. just take your time.. i know you're busy..

stay lovely and lovable, coz that's what you are!!

Beng Gee said...

hi huling! weeehh.. speedy posting of tag din! haha.. thanks so much! see, dami ko pa din pala di alam?! thanks for sharing!

tiny crack lang yan. go on using that tread climber, kahit sexy na, go for the fitness pa din! so you won't be like me, sickly! :(

stay well and sexy as always!

Beng Gee said...

halu J!

take it at your free time. (yung di makakaabala pagpunta sa fro-yo! hehe..) i know it's now summertime there. sakto ang red mango!

enjoy the hot summer!

Beng Gee said...

hi Ayu! so glad to see you here, despite being busy with your crafts. hope to see you around again!

take care and God bless!

J said...

hola Tita Beng

howdy? nakakaantok sa sobrang katahimikan dito (lol). hope all is well with you and the fam-bam.

happy weekend and sending you warm hugs from sizzling hot NY.

Beng Gee said...

Bakit nakakaantok, J? Have you gone out last night to celebrate? hehe..

Hot summer na pala kayo dyan! Kaya pala kwelang-kwela ang fro-yos sa inyo. :) Dito typhoon signal#1. Sana lang di na lumakas pa.

Enjoy your bright sunny day!

Beth said...

Ate Beng,
Buti di mo ko tinag! hahaha, anyway, tinag na ako ni Ida. But I think I will be using my other blog when I do this meme. Di ko alam, PR2 pala un old blog ko, sayang naman so I might use it for paid posting na din. :)

Beng Gee said...

Welcome back, Beth! Lol! wala lang, Na-miss lang kita! Haha.. Didn't tag you na lang kasi nga I already saw your name in Ida's list. Wow, PR2 pero ini-snob mo lang sya! Naku, it's about time, i-revive mo na ang old blog. Malay mo, maging PR4 pa yun! C'mon paid posting..!

How's Saudi life? Have you heard of the consulates controversies? Katakot pala magpatulong sa Embassy natin sa Saudi 'no?

Hope you always have a lovely day! God bless!

J said...

done!!! no coercion needed haha.

seriously, I had fun.

hope you're having a great day.

J said...

salamat sa dalaw Tita beng. kakalampagin na sana kita kasi I've been wondering where you were na.

sige lang, get your check-ups done. see you in blogland soon after.

take care.

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