Monday, June 24, 2013

ABC Meme

I remember various memes used to proliferate the Blogosphere years back.  Tagging blogger friends here and there. For this meme, I appreciate being tagged by Farida.   I consider it as one good way to know more about a blogger. Join me here in this meme and uncover some hidden facts about me as you may want to reveal some of yours.  

  • A. Attached or single:             - Attached
  • B. Best friend:                        - Got three
  • C. Cake or pie:                       - Pie
  • D. Day of choice:                   - Friday
  •  E. Essential Item/s:                - Smartphone, lipstick
  • F. Favorite color:                   - red, yellow
  • G. Gummy bears or worms:   - worms
  •  H. Hometown:                      - Quezon City
  • I. Favorite Indulgence:           - Eat all you can buffet
  •  J. January or July:                 - July
  •  K. Kids:                               - 2
  •  L. Life isn't complete without?:  My family
  •  M. Marriage date:                  - November 22
  • N. Number of brothers/sisters: - 1/1
  • O. Orange or apple?:              - orange
  •  P. Phobias:                           - snakes
  • Q. Quotes:                             - Life is short, enjoy every minute of it.
  • R. Reason to smile:                - Red roses
  • S. Season of choice:              - Summer
  • T. Tag 5 people:                    - J, Huling, Lainy, Dhemz, Chubskulit
  • U. Unknown fact about me:    -Nothing I can think of
  •  V. Vegetable:                        - Polonchay
  • W. Worst habit:                     - Procastination,
  • X. Xray or ultrasound:            - Ultrasound
  • Y. Your favorite food:            - Chinese cuisine, Japanese food, Steak
  •  Z. Zodiac sign:                      - Cancer
 In case you find your name being tagged here, there is no coercion involve. Lol! Just wanna know more about you.  I hope you'd choose to share.  :D

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sweet Surprise

Big question mark!  That’s what entered my head when my son handed me the package that was delivered by a courier yesterday.   The package came from Pampanga with an unfamiliar lady’s name as the indicated Consignor.   I couldn’t understand why the heck a total stranger  would send me a package.   It was a brief guessing game for me and my son as we think of people and incidents that could give link to it.  Initially, I was hesitant to open the sealed plastic envelop for it might just have been erroneously sent.   But then, seeing my name as the Consignee gave me the guts to open the sealed package.  ( It doesn’t feel like it’s a bomb anyway! Lol!)   Then the sweet surprise and the real sender were revealed as another sealed bubble wrap was uncovered.


Wonderful goodies!  It’s all from the sweet, long time blogger friend (also considered an adopted niece of mine) from the Sunshine State of Florida.   My goodness!   You surprised me a lot!  Thank you so much for the special dark chocolates, (everybody here loves it!)  lotion, (love the scent) and best of all, the very cutie "I love Florida" ref magnet.  It’s another valuable addition to my pretty ref magnets collection.  Ahh, really, really love all these that you sent!

Hayyyzz..  what can I say?  For the thoughtfulness and all, I can only say  .. Thank you sooooo much!  You are as sweet as those dark chocolates!  Big hug!

Likewise, many thanks to the one you bothered and commissioned, the one who exerted much effort for these wonderful goodies to reach me here in this far flung corner of MetroManila.  Blessings to you!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chinese Advice To 50-Year Olds & Older: Where Your Life Stand Here On Earth

Sharing this worthy advice to all who are in this age bracket and to all who are soon reaching the golden years.  No one escapes getting old except when he dies young.

(Translated from the Chinese).

Because none of us have many years to live, and we can't take along anything when we go, so we don't have to be too thrifty... Spend the money that should be spent, enjoy what should be enjoyed, donate what you are able to donate, but don't leave all to your children or grandchildren, for you don't want them to become parasites who are waiting for the day you will die!!

Don't worry about what will happen after we are gone, because when we return to dust, we will feel nothing about praises or criticisms. The time to enjoy the worldly life and your hard earned wealth will be over!

Don't worry too much about your children, for children will have their own destiny and should find their own way. Don't be your children's slave. Care for them, love them, give them gifts but also enjoy your money while you can. Life should have more to it than working from the cradle to the grave!!

Don't expect too much from your children. Caring children, though caring, would be too busy with their jobs and commitments to render much help. Uncaring children may fight over your assets even when you are still alive, and wish for your early demise so they can inherit your properties and wealth. Your children take for granted that they are rightful heirs to your wealth; but that you have no claims to their money.

50-year old like you, don't trade in your health for wealth by working yourself to an early grave anymore... Because your money may not be able to buy your health...

When to stop making money, and how much is enough ( hundred thousands, million, ten million )?

Out of thousand hectares of good farm land, you can consume only three quarts (of rice) daily; out of a thousand mansions, you only need eight square meters of space to rest at night.

So, as long as you have enough food and enough money to spend, that is good enough. You should live happily. Every family has its own problems. Just do not compare with others for fame and social status and see whose children are doing better, etc., but challenge others for happiness, health, enjoyment, quality of life and longevity...

Don't worry about things that you can't change because it doesn't help and it may spoil your health. You have to create your own well-being and find your own place of happiness. As long as you are in good mood and good health, think about happy things, do happy things daily and have fun in doing, then you will pass your time happily every day.

One day passes without happiness, you will lose one day.

One day passes with happiness, and then you gain one day.

In good spirit, sickness will cure; in a happy spirit, sickness will cure faster; in high and happy spirits; sickness will never come.

With good mood, suitable amount of exercise, always in the sun, variety of foods, reasonable amount of vitamin and mineral intake, hopefully you will live another 20 or 30 years of healthy life of pleasure.

Above all, learn to cherish the goodness around... and FRIENDS... They all make you feel young and "wanted"... without them you are surely to feel lost!!

Wishing you all the best.

Please share this with all your friends who are 50 plus and those who will be 50 soon.

Acknowledgement:  This post is grabbed from Cristina Veloso's FB acct.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Australian Wineries Worth a Glass

There are more than 60 different wine regions in Australia and each one has its own distinct flavours. The wines are as diverse and interesting as the scenery and cultures of each area. Taking a wine tour in Australia is a great way to explore the history and vintages of the country. This post by looks at some of the most interesting wine making regions and wineries in Australia:

Barossa Valley, South Australia

Barossa Valley in South Australia is home to two different wine regions. The Eden Valley is best-known for its Riesling, while the core of Barossa Valley is home to an exceptional Shiraz. The nearby heritage towns of McLaren Vale and the Clare Valley also have strong wine heritages. Take some time to explore this area to get an idea of the diversity of Australian wine. The local wine festivals and celebrations provide visitors with an opportunity to taste locally produced wines.

Margaret Rivers, Perth

Margaret River is just a few hours drive from Perth and is a must-visit for any wine lover. There are more than 60 wineries in the area and there are some great fine dining opportunities too. If you want to sample local cuisine and good wine, then this is one of the best areas to visit.

YarraBalley, Melborne

Yarra Valley is located less than one hour away from Melbourne. The valley was the birthplace of Victoria's wine industry and there are still more than 50 wineries operating in the area. From large-scale operations to family-owned-and-run vineyards, Yarra Valley has it all. The cool-climate wines produced in the valley include a great Shiraz and a lovely Pinot Noir.

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria has a gentle Mediterranean climate which differs dramatically from some of the neighbouring regions and gives the wines produced in the area a unique flavour. The grapes may be the same, but the way they are grown means that they have their own unique taste. Mornington Peninsula is home to some unique wines and the best way to enjoy them is to visit the region during one of the many food and wine festivals.

Australian Capital Territory

There are 33 wineries and 140 vineyards in the capital territory, ranging from family-run ventures to more industrial operations. Located just outside of Canberra, the region is a great place for anyone who enjoys local produce, fine wine and great Australian cuisine. Canberra wines are unique in their richness and diversity.

The range of wines available in the southern hemisphere is staggering. If you are interested in taking a wine tour, be sure to visit several different regions to get a full idea of how rich and interesting Australian wines can be. From microclimate wines in Canberra, to the cool-climate wines near Perth, there is something to suit all palates and all kinds of cuisine. Next time you pay a visit to this amazing country, be sure to explore what the vineyards to offer.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Safety Gear You Need If You Love Riding Your Bike

Many people love to ride their bikes both during the day and at night, whether it is to get to wherever it is that they need to be in an inexpensive and eco-friendly fashion, they do it for fun, or they do it to get in shape. But no matter what the reason is for your bike riding hobby, you need to keep in mind that biking can certainly be dangerous and that serious accidents do occur that leave people with severe injuries.

In order to reduce the risk of being injured while riding your bike, you need to take the proper safety precautions at all times. This means riding responsibly, always being aware of your surroundings, knowing how to navigate busy streets safely, and purchasing safety gear that will keep your body protected in the event that you fall off your bike or are thrown off of it during a crash.

Purchase the Right Helmet and Wear It Every Time You Ride

The right helmet will protect your fragile skull during any crash. Therefore, it’s important to purchase the right helmet for your head with the assistance of a professional at a bike supply store. You want to try on a few helmets to make sure they provide you with ample amounts of coverage and also fit well, without being too loose or too tight. You also want to be sure that the straps fit snugly underneath your chin and that you feel comfortable while wearing the helmet because you will be wearing it for hours at a time whenever you ride.

A good helmet meets specific safety standards, so spend more money on a helmet that you know is built well by a reputable company you can trust. Whenever you try on your helmet or wear it while riding, never wear a hat underneath it because you need to be sure it fits snugly on your head itself. Be sure that you always take the proper care of your helmet to prevent it from being damaged and losing its effectiveness.

Purchase a Reflective Vest

A great accessory for bike riding is a bright, reflective vest that you can put over any of your clothes so that others will see you more easily while you are on the road. They are particularly well suited for days that are overcast or for night rides.

Wear Protective Goggles

Eyewear is important while bike riding in order to keep rocks, sand, dirt, and debris from entering your eyes. Choose a pair of clear glasses that snugly fit your face to prevent this from occurring and to prevent your vision from being compromised while riding.

Purchase a Good Insurance Plan

You can follow all of the safety procedures listed here to keep your body from harm while biking, but it’s important to also have a good insurance policy in place just in case something terrible does happen. Pedal bike insurance will cover the costs you incur if you are involved in an accident or your bike is damaged or stolen. 

About the Author

Laura Ginn is a freelance writer and avid bike rider who makes sure all of the important safety gear that will keep her secure during every ride is in good condition. Whenever she needs to replace her gear, she purchases high quality pieces that will be durable and last a long time.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

DH's Birthday Dinner at Flavours of China

Early morning yesterday, he’s gone on his bike.  He calls it birthday ride.  He was out the whole day to I don’t know where.   Antipolo maybe? ..or Montalban..  hmmp.. wherever!  It’s his day.  Let him spend it the way he wants it!   He was kinda thoughtful at least, coming home early for the family dinner out.  My Aussie MIL is in town for her annual Philippine holiday and I’m sure she was expecting this traditional birthday dinner celebration of his unico hijo.

So off to Trinoma we went!   I had a hunch we would be going to a Chinese Resto again.  So, as I was anticipating this occasion,  I used up the credits MetroDeal gave out for free and bought the promo deal offered by Flavours of China way ahead.   The promo cost Php399.00 for food worth Php500.   I bought 3 vouchers for Php1,197.00  the real value of which is Php1,500.00.  Great deal, indeed!

The food was really good.  You would say I’m biased because it’s Chinese cuisine, my kind of food.  But hey, Flavours of China’s food is really delish.  My only issue is the limited choices of food.  Not a lot of choices like other Chinese Restos we've been to. Nonetheless, food is worth the travel.  Competetively,  Flavours of China is equally satisfying.  Not to discount the place that is pleasant and cozy.   I love their Mixed seafood fried rice the most as it was loaded with lots of shrimps and scallops.  Undeniably  superb!

At any rate, the celebrator appeared pleased coz he only needed few more bucks to settle the bill.  Spell  practicality on celebrating birthday! 

Thanks to Flavours of China. We went home fully stuffed and satisfiedGrateful to Metrodeal as well! You have thoroughly proven that this group buying site has truly made a big transformation!   No more glitches with voucher issuance.  Transaction is always a breeze.  Way to go, Metrodeal!

Note:  Photos to follow as soon as my camera's USB cable is found.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Death snatched our friend Evelyn from us

Who would ever imagine that a vibrant mom and a very young granny to a 5 year old grandson would be leaving   this wonderful world ever so quickly?  We never have an inkling that time was running out on her.  She was active and full of energy on the last get-together we had.  Having fun and was always amused on jokes we throw on one another.   Death for Evelyn, was the farthest from our head as this woman, only  in her mid-forty’s energetically  and dutifully carry out her responsibilities and obligations for her family

She was but slowed down lately, when she was constantly brought to the hospital for kidney problem.   Life’s episode  pass by so swiftly.    I’ve blogged about the time when we visited her in the hospital last month.  I had no idea that she was in a worse situation.  She could still give a  good laugh and joke a little.  We were pleased to hear then that she was feeling much better as her pain was gone.

Until the shocking news came while I was in the hospital, myself.   Evelyn is gone!  She has joined our Creator. I was numbed and zoned out...  the happy times we all had with her flashed back like a roll of movie film.   Then I snapped out and realized life indeed is full of surprises.  No one truly knows what lies ahead.  .. like we could be here today and gone tomorrow.  No one escapes this stage of existence.  It is the inevitable phase of life.  Thankful though,  that I had the chance to know and share good times together with a good friend named Evelyn.

May she rest in peace!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Summer Protect Yourself from Insect-Borne Illnesses

As the seasons change, so does outdoor insect activity. Insects are more active in the warmer months, which puts you and your family at greater risk of exposure to insect-borne illnesses like the West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Outdoorsy folk, take heed:

West Nile Virus (WNV)

The WNV is a type of encephalitis, or brain swelling, which is spread by mosquitos. The disease is most prevalent in the summer and early fall months when mosquitos are most active.

The most common symptoms of WNV are fever, headache and body aches. Patients could also experience swollen lymph glands, nausea and vomiting, and a skin rash. Severe symptoms include tremors, convulsions and muscle weakness, and can also lead to blindness and even paralysis. Symptoms typically last several days to several weeks, but it is also possible for someone to be infected and have no symptoms at all.

There is no specific treatment for WNV, although over-the-counter medications could relieve some symptoms. Those with severe symptoms could require hospitalization.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a type of bacterial infection spread by immature ticks, called nymphs. The specific tick species include the deer tick and the western black-legged tick. The disease is most prevalent during the spring and summer months, when immature ticks feed. It is possible to catch Lyme disease from adult ticks, but they need to be attached for 36-48 hours to transmit the disease. Adult ticks are usually detected and removed before they can transmit, while nymphs are much smaller, and can go undetected for longer periods of time. 

The most recognizable symptom of Lyme disease is the red “bulls eye” rash that radiates out from the site of the tick bite. Other symptoms include fatigue, fever, chills, body aches and swollen lymph nodes. Left untreated, the patient can also experience facial paralysis, neck stiffness and meningitis.

The disease is treated with antibiotics and early detection and treatment are key. The longer the patient is exposed to the bacteria, the more likely she will develop long-term joint and neurological problems, including arthritis and short-term memory loss.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

Like Lyme disease, RMSFis a bacterial infection caused by ticks. The specific tick species include the American dog tick, the Rocky Mountain wood tick, and the brown dog tick. The disease is prevalent throughout the US and infections can occur year-round.

Symptoms of RMSF include a fever within 14 days of a tick bite, a rash within 5 days of a tick bite, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

RMSF is potentially fatal and, as with Lyme disease, early detection and treatment are crucial. The disease is treated with antibiotics, more serious infections could require hospitalization and more aggressive treatments. 


Wear long pants and long sleeves when working outside, or hiking in the woods. You should also wear insect repellent as an extra measure of protection. You can find online deals on insect repellent, as well as balms, lotions, and medications for bites using DrugStore coupons. You could probably even find some 2013 Black Friday specials online to buy these items in bulk.

Remove any containers of standing water around your property, these can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Make sure all of your windows have screens, and repair any holes that you might encounter.

Always check your outdoor pets for fleas and ticks, and apply medication if necessary. If you have several pets, consider purchasing bulk repellent; this can be cheaper than buying individual doses.

Check your body for ticks after spending long periods outside. Include difficult-to-see areas like your scalp, groin, and armpits. If you find a tick, remove it immediately and contact your doctor about possible testing.

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience  symptoms of any of these diseases.

What Do You Do When Those Wrinkles Around Your Eyes and Mouth Need A Little TLC?

Sure it would be amazing if you could just swallow a pill and instantly be taken back in time to when your face was unlined and glowing, but we all know that little piece of magic doesn’t exist and probably never will. There are however, numerous anti-wrinkle skin products that can erase years off your visage over just several weeks.

It’s a given that by the time we reach our fourth decade, those dreaded crow’s feet begin to appear around the eyes and lines surface around the mouth. The eyes are definitely the first place most of each experience the first touches of age, but think of all the expressions you make over and over again throughout the years. You frown, you smile, you squint, and engage in a variety of other facial expressions. You can’t really expect to go through life without expressing yourself, yet many wrinkles are formed in just this way. The skin’s elastin and collagen deteriorate as we age and your skin cannot continue making these faces without showing the strain.

Genetics, sun damage, smoking, pollution and numerous other environmental factors also affect how soon you accrue wrinkles, bags and dark circles around your eyes and just how deep they will be. Anti-wrinkle skin creams can add a dose of youth to your entire face, but it must have two essential components: natural ingredients that work and scientific research to back up those claims.

With the eyes being the main target, as the skin is much more delicate and thin around them than any other area of the body, you need an anti-wrinkle cream developed specifically for that area in order to see any real results.

Two very effective ingredients to look for in an anti-wrinkle eye cream are Vitamin K and Retinol. Both are natural substances, with Retinol being a form of Vitamin A that have been proven to work very well on decreasing those stubborn lines and wrinkles. They also brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness around the eyes restoring the skin to a more youthful state.

One of the top anti-wrinkle eye creams on the market is Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream. This amazing dose of youth in a jar packs a powerful punch in your fight against aging by also containing anti-aging peptides, to promote collagen production, and various other vitamins to aid in healing the skin while warding off sun damage. Try it today and you will be impressed with the results.

About the author:

As founder of Focus Medical Spa in Orange County, California, Dr. Mostamand is accustomed to hearing glowing feedback from thousands of grateful clients. Since 2004, his medical spa has offered non-invasive aesthetic procedures and physician grade skincare solutions to women seeking to rejuvenate and restore their damaged or aging skin.

In an effort to expand his ability to assist clients seeking to restore and maintain their youthful appearances, Dr Mostamand founded a skin care website. Since 2006, has been dedicated to providing complimentary skincare consultations as well as easy access to more than 4,000 of the most effective, physician grade anti-aging skincare products available.

Dr. Mostamand is a prolific writer who enjoys introducing his clients to the science and documented research that supports Ageless Derma’s effectiveness.  His well-received book, Ageless Skin Obsession, provides valuable insight into the latest skincare research and the assists readers in making educated decisions in their quest to capture the essence of ageless skin.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thoracentesis and 8 Long Days of Hospital-cation for Me

Difficulty in breathing seemed to be just natural thing for me.   It was always that way every time I feel tired, or even when I just had a good laugh.  I would only puff on my anti- asthma inhaler, then voila!  I would and could easily breathe again.  However, I couldn’t get that kind of relief lately.  No matter how much I puffed, not enough air could reach my lungs. I felt like drowning.  Yet, I had to continue doing my regular household chores.  Just have no choice.  Until I woke up the morning of May 27, urgently needing help for support such as oxygen, to ease my difficulty in breathing.   I asked to be brought to the ER again. Was led to go through various diagnostic procedures like x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan that eventually explains my predicament.  It  revealed  my lungs were filled with 2 liters of fluid.  I underwent Thoracentesis the following day and aspirated 1.5 liters. It was a great relief. How wonderful to take in air deep into my lungs again! But the fluid in my right lung easily came back after a couple of days and doctors had to aspirate again.  Fortunately, the Iv anti-biotics worked well after  a week of 6hour interval infusion.   After numerous ultrasound and x-ray  monitoring, I was declared  free from Pneumonia infection.  Thank God!

The view from my hospital room.
I am home since Monday night, June 3. Still on the rest mode. Lol!  I apologise for not replying to comments at once.  Didn’t have enough energy to keep my hands on my lappy.   Thank you everyone for the visit!  Will blog hop soon! See you all!

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