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Maple Syrup Used For Different Types Of Cooking

A Guide To Buying

Maple pouring syrup is great with delicious freshly made pancakes, waffles and nearly everything. The sweet syrup can literally raise the quality and texture of any dish. Most chefs buy their products directly from manufacturers but the common man buys his Vermont maple syrup from a super market. But do you know the grade and quality of the syrup you are buying?

Purchasing maple pour syrup

It takes about 20 -- 30 gallons of maple sap to make the gallon of light amber colored syrup that is commercially available. However, this syrup is graded according to strict national and international regulations in to several different categories. Most people don't really care but if you like maple cooking syrup, it's a good idea to be informed about the syrup quality and cost.

1. Grade A -- This is considered the premier quality tree syrup to be used for eating. Grade A syrups are usually light and thin and have a delicate aroma and fragrance. This grade is further divided into three sub categories according to method of use and manufacture. These sub categories are classified as Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber.

2. Grade B -- This grade is commonly used for different types of cooking. This grade is darker than grade A and it has a deeper taste and texture for consumption.

These categories are commonly used in the US but Canada, which also produces several different types of maple sap, has a different grading system. It rates the syrups as

1. Canada #1, which includes a grade known as Extra Light and also known as AA,

2. Light (A), and

 3. Medium (B)

4. #2 Amber (C) and

5. #3 Dark (D) for baking and cooking

If you are using imported Canadian syrup, we recommend you check grading and quality before purchase. 

Buy maple syrup

The internet is the best place to find and buy unique syrup varieties. You can buy directly from international manufacturers who sell their products through large websites or from small manufacturers who produce just about ten to twenty bottles per year. Organic manufacturers also retail their products online and these products are considered to be completely chemical free. Do not buy 'organic' products unless they have the FDA seal on them assuring you of 90% chemical free products. The choice is yours.  However, the only way to be assured of the best pancake syrup is by buying your syrup from a professional licensed manufacturer. We recommend you get in touch with to find the best quality breakfast syrup at the most affordable rates. The state of Vermont produces most of the maple pancake syrup used in the US and newer regulations are now in place for better quality control. By late 2013, almost all maple snack syrup will be labeled as Grade A with four identifiers like Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. When you buy from you know you are getting the best. It's a simple as that.

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 Article written by Paul Freeman.

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