Monday, May 20, 2013

Calling All Music Lovers…

Music can be a passion for everyone, whether you are just an enthusiast or an actual singer or musician. There are few people that don’t gain some sort of pleasure from music. Music can be a major factor in bringing people together and can be a reason to socialise.
For true music connoisseurs, there is nothing more satisfying than discovering a new band or new style of music that you know will be a huge hit once it becomes more commercial.
Music is a way of life and something that brings people together. It is often the ideal opportunity to socialize whether it’s at a club, concert, gig or even karaoke night. Music has a huge impact on life and can be heard and found everywhere with most people being completely oblivious to its presence.

Many people discover their musical passions during their youth. Friends tend to be a huge influence on the level of passion and the music tastes, which develop. The type of music people like tends to follow with the overall style and image that they favour.

Music and Fashion Hand in Hand

The gothic trend involves dark clothing, dark music and a dark attitude. They are known for being angry at the world and like to associate in close-knit groups. The music is true to their fashion sense; the musicians and bands are dressed in similar attire and also have an angry aura. Gothic music usually consists of shouting, heavy guitar and intense drum use.

The EMO sense of fashion is a toned down version of the gothic trend. Although the styles can be very similar, EMO’s do not tend to be as extreme as Goths yet the passion for music is stronger. EMO music stems from a version of the 1980’s punk music. Rock and Indie music are the rhythms of choice for those into the EMO trend.

The urban sense of style is very distinctive; the relaxed and casual nature of the dress sense reflects the tone and feeling that the music of choice creates. Hip Hop and R&B screams urban and is increasingly popular with many R&B artists also infiltrating the pop charts.

Hippies are relaxed, carefree and peaceful which is true to the music and clothing they wear. The music is folk like and calm and relies mainly on string and percussion instruments to create the relaxed tones.

Most known for the popularity in the 80’s, the distinctive haircuts, denim and Doc Martins were typical of the punk style. The music is loud, aggressive and angry yet one of the most known genres although its popularity has slipped somewhat.

No matter what your preferred music style is, there is something to cater to all. Your fashion, your style, your attitude, your passions, there will always be something to satisfy your loves and tastes. Concerts and gigs can be some of the best experiences; there are websites, such as wow247, devoted to highlighting the best gigs that appeals to all.

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