Thursday, May 23, 2013

A very filling meal from Tokyo, Tokyo

I was on my own again, killing boredom in the mall the other day.  I wanted to watch movie but there was a long queue of elderly on the box office.  Oh, I may be one but still not adapted to that kind of atmosphere eh.  “Wala pang total acceptance in my mind”  Lol!.  I veered the other way and proceeded to gadget sections at the upper floor of the mall instead.  Checked out the prices of the  iPad Mini I plan to buy (or should I say.. to ask DH buy for me. hehe..)  It’s not as pricey as I have imagined it to be after all.  Perhaps, DH would have a kind heart to surprise me with one.  Wish.. wish..   Anyway, since I wasn’t really there to buy but to only choose,  stock in my memory and hope..  sigh..   I headed next to where my tummy would be happy.  Japanese food, fast food style. Tokyo, Tokyo it was.

These are my fave food in this fast food chain. I love their Ebi tempura w/ veggie in Bento box and the all time favorite California Maki.   These are not as special as those of Authentic Japanese Restos I've been to but it's good enough.  Especially if you've been longing for Jap food.  I was fully stuffed.  Just fine to make my day! Hah!

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