Friday, May 10, 2013

A Guide to Travelling From France to Germany

After enjoying a trip through France and its medieval castles, historic villages and fine wines, you may feel like making a journey over to Germany to enjoy the attractions there for a change. With the creation of the European Union, travelling between countries that are part of the EU has become very simple. These days there are many options for the traveller to choose when journeying between two countries and preparation is key to make it as smooth as possible.

Planning and Bookings

Planning your trip in advance can be very helpful in allowing you to see as much as you want in the time you have. Plan where you’ll be staying and what attractions you’ll be visiting, giving you an idea of how long you’ll be staying in one place before travelling to the next.
Once you have these details planned out, you will need to decide what kind of transportation is best for your particular trip. If you are hoping to see lots of sights in a short space of time then air travel could be the most effective form of transport for you. However, if you have time to avoid rushing then taking the bus, train or hired car may be the best idea which will allow you to enjoy the countryside while travelling in between places.
Booking tickets for your transportation in advance will offer you a wider range of possible connections, and for a much better price than if you bought your ticket at the station.

Types of Transport for You to Consider

Train travel is a relaxing and enjoyable mode of transport when getting around Europe. While you zip by the countryside, you can dine and admiring your surroundings or even catch up on some sleep. If you have decided train travel is best for your trip, consider using the Eurail France – Germany pass which gives you unlimited rail transportation within and between France and Germany.
Likewise, bus travel is an inexpensive option for traveling between France and Germany and it also allows the passenger to enjoy the scenery through the window. Buses in Europe are of a very good standard with spacious legroom, reclining seats and washroom facilities. The downside to using the bus to get from France to Germany however is that it can be quite a long journey meaning those in a rush should avoid it.

Another option available is to pick a rental car up at the airport and make your own way to Germany. This gives you complete freedom on your trip, but renting a car can be complicated in Europe with insurance issues and other fees. Sharing the cost of renting the car with two or three other people is also an option and can offer you a break from driving while another passenger takes over.
Air travel is the final option for transport and is also the quickest. Flying to and from major cities in either country is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Air Berlin has numerous flights a day from France flying into Germany and is probably your best option.

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Danica Stark said...

great guide
will prolly be in Germany sometime this year- i hope

Please follow and visit me :D

Danica Stark

Cecille Tuazon said...

Hope you shared some photos--not been to Germany yet...but love to visit there. I enjoyed Paris, though its mega expensive.

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