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Must-See Attractions in Fuerteventura

The island of Fuenteventura, which translates into ‘strong fortune’, is the second largest of the Canary Islands, and one of the most popular holidaying destination in Europe.  Located off the west coast of Africa, 2009 saw the entire island become a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to its spectacular beaches and abundance of plant and animal life.  The island’s original settlers are thought of to be North African descent, and historians believed that these people lived in caves all over the land, many of which have been discovered since

In the early 1300s, explorers from Portugal and Spain arrived on Fuerteventura after discovering Lanzarote, and enslaved the inhabitants of the island while also bringing over their own African slaves to cultivate the land. Over the next few hundred years, the island was subjected to a number of conquests and pirate incursions, and finally won the right to self-govern in 1912.

Millions of people visit Fuerteventura every year, whether it’s for a day trip excursion or a holiday, and most are impressed enough to come back year after year. With a perfect climate, clean beaches and a number of historical attractions to see, there’s plenty to keep yourself entertained on the island, and there’s even activities for children too. Let’s take a look at some of the must see attractions in Fuerteventura this summer.

Baku Waterpark

There’s nothing better than cooling down in a waterpark after a long day sunbathing, and the Baku Waterpark is the best attraction on the island is you’re travelling with children. Covering over 160,000 square foot, the Baku Waterpark is huge, and you can easily spend an entire day here with your family.

Located in the north of the island, there’s so much to see and do here that you won’t know where to start. From exciting waterslides and wave machines to tasty restaurants and spa treatments, parents as well as children will have a great time at the Baku Waterpark. If you haven’t rented a car, there’s also a shuttle bus service that takes you from the main town straight to the park. Visit for the best deals on flights to Fuerteventura.

The Fuerteventura Grand Tour

No matter where you go on holiday, taking a tour of the local area is always a sure-fire way of getting to know your surroundings, and thankfully Fuerteventura has a lot to offer! Although there are a number of tour operators on the island, the Grand Tour Company is by far the best, offering lots of extras for the price of your ticket.

From the historical old towns to the Tindaya Mountains, you’ll be able to explore Fuerteventura at your own pace, and there are lots of stop off points to get a drink or some food. Furthermore, at the end of the grand tour you’ll be taken to the beach to watch the sun go down over the island. With the option of a half day tour also available, you can even get dropped off at one of many attractions long the way, like the Dolphin Safari. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shopping for Gadget at

I was scouting for a Tablet in the internet and I came across the   Then I discover that this shopping website has it all. I started clicking for merchandises that catch my fancy and I'm attracted to go back to online shopping again. I have blogged about making purchases online.  But after having encountered few glitches with some of my online deals, I became cautious and had to lay low from my online shopping spree.  Now I realize, I really have to choose the reliable shopping websites.  And as I contemplate on getting the desired Tablet from daughter is pushing me to go ahead with my plan.   According to her, some of her officemates have tried shopping at Lazada and they are happy with the items and service they got.  Hmmn.. nice to think that I need not tire myself walking and looking around the mall anymore!  Another good thing, delivers for free and I can pay COD. What’s more,  I can shop anytime I want coz they are open 24/7.  Ain't it a great kind of shopping?

As for the gadget I am planning to buy, I think I would consider just getting the inexpensive one, Cherry Mobile Pad Advance7. That's good enough for me, I am not that techie anyway.  Daughter’s previous gadget is a branded one but unfortunately, after only few months of use, it crashed down for reason unknown to her.  She brought it to technicians but it wasn’t repaired any longer.  So taking that into consideration, I’d probably settle for the inexpensive one, the Cherry Mobile.  My old lappy is still working well anyway.  I only need a portable gadget whenever I go out. Yet, my smart phone is too small to take its place! Can't wait to have one!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bacolod Chicken - Matalino: Serves Almost Anything but Pork

Every time we come around the vicinity of City Hall and NKTI in Quezon City, we usually drop by in this  simple but comfy place in Matalino St. , the Bacolod Chicken.    Like the time when we frequent NKTI for DH’s check-ups, we had the moment to enjoy our favorite fare here, the Chicken Inasal.  There are many Chicken Inasals in town but  Bacolod Chicken Inasal  has a distinct taste.  Perhaps it’s the special kind of vinegar.  I don’t know.  I just like the taste more!  And the top reason why I love Bacolod Chicken is that they serve almost any kind of delicious Filipino food cooked from  all kinds of meats and veggies except… Pork!  Yes, that’s what I like in them. Their La Paz Bachoy is made from beef meat and broth unlike other Bachoys around which use pork ingredients.   Also they serve our fave sisig and they offer it in various kind. . bangus sisg,  chicken sisig,  beef sisig..   Well, I can say I like everything they offer in Bacolod Chicken.  From  Chicken Inasal to their tasty desserts like special Turon.

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maple Syrup Used For Different Types Of Cooking

A Guide To Buying

Maple pouring syrup is great with delicious freshly made pancakes, waffles and nearly everything. The sweet syrup can literally raise the quality and texture of any dish. Most chefs buy their products directly from manufacturers but the common man buys his Vermont maple syrup from a super market. But do you know the grade and quality of the syrup you are buying?

Purchasing maple pour syrup

It takes about 20 -- 30 gallons of maple sap to make the gallon of light amber colored syrup that is commercially available. However, this syrup is graded according to strict national and international regulations in to several different categories. Most people don't really care but if you like maple cooking syrup, it's a good idea to be informed about the syrup quality and cost.

1. Grade A -- This is considered the premier quality tree syrup to be used for eating. Grade A syrups are usually light and thin and have a delicate aroma and fragrance. This grade is further divided into three sub categories according to method of use and manufacture. These sub categories are classified as Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber.

2. Grade B -- This grade is commonly used for different types of cooking. This grade is darker than grade A and it has a deeper taste and texture for consumption.

These categories are commonly used in the US but Canada, which also produces several different types of maple sap, has a different grading system. It rates the syrups as

1. Canada #1, which includes a grade known as Extra Light and also known as AA,

2. Light (A), and

 3. Medium (B)

4. #2 Amber (C) and

5. #3 Dark (D) for baking and cooking

If you are using imported Canadian syrup, we recommend you check grading and quality before purchase. 

Buy maple syrup

The internet is the best place to find and buy unique syrup varieties. You can buy directly from international manufacturers who sell their products through large websites or from small manufacturers who produce just about ten to twenty bottles per year. Organic manufacturers also retail their products online and these products are considered to be completely chemical free. Do not buy 'organic' products unless they have the FDA seal on them assuring you of 90% chemical free products. The choice is yours.  However, the only way to be assured of the best pancake syrup is by buying your syrup from a professional licensed manufacturer. We recommend you get in touch with to find the best quality breakfast syrup at the most affordable rates. The state of Vermont produces most of the maple pancake syrup used in the US and newer regulations are now in place for better quality control. By late 2013, almost all maple snack syrup will be labeled as Grade A with four identifiers like Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. When you buy from you know you are getting the best. It's a simple as that.

About the author:
 Article written by Paul Freeman.

The Best South American Honeymoon Destinations

Are you looking for a perfect setting to spend your honeymoon? Most people focus on cushy locations that cost a lot of money and have very little culture to offer; they are, ultimately, short changing themselves. There are many destinations that are considered well-kept secrets that will delight travelers and honeymooners alike, as they are not overrun with tourists, are affordable, and provide the ideal balance of natural loveliness with personality. While some people may not think about South America as their first go-to destination, there are a number of great reasons why it’s the perfect place for any pair of newlyweds. The continent is bursting with beauty and vitality, ensuring that there is something for every kind of preference. If you want to get the most out of your honeymoon and experience something truly unique and different, South America is the place for you.

One of the most popular locations where people go to unwind and relax is the by the ocean. There are countless pristine beaches that are available in South America, many of them locally-run and isolated. If you want to splurge, you can even have your own private island! For a slice of waterside paradise, the Archipelago Los Roques in Venezuela will offer you unparalleled aquatic biodiversity and extraordinarily blue waters; couples will want to spend as much time below the surface as they do above, as there are multiple barrier reefs and long stretches of whimsical coral to snorkel and dive among. The rustic Brazilian fishing village of Praia do Forte is perfect for honeymooners in search of a hidden gem; along with white sands, warm waves and luxurious accommodations, this pedestrian-friendly community offers fun boutiques, a sea turtle reserve and plenty of historic castles to explore.

For couples that long to feed off the energy of a bustling metropolitan, they will find their five senses delighted by South America’s cities, including Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Santiago. Here, honeymooners will be intoxicated by the lush blend of indigenous and Spanish history and colorful, contemporary style that is unique to each region. Each of these cities are brimming with museums, shopping opportunities, buzzing restaurants, energetic music and vibrant artwork. Though equally fascinating and dynamic, South America’s various urban centers each have their individual personalities that are complex and worth getting to intimately know. Whether the two of you want to stroll through the iconic Plaza de Armas in Santiago, dance the night away in one of Sao Paulo’s pulsating nightclubs or explore the USECO heritage site of Cuzco, romance will be in the air as you dive headfirst into a world of rich heritage and vibrant self-expression.

Are you a fan of nature? There is no better place to behold distinct and verdant landscapes like South America. To have an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon, explore Machu Picchu and hike about the ancient Incan civilization that hovers enigmatically among the clouds and skims the heights of the spectacular Andes Mountains. Want to snap an absolutely breathtaking photo? Visit the fantastical and impressive Iguassu Falls to see the powerful and silky waters fall from plant-covered cliffs; chances are you might even see a rainbow! Of course, one cannot discuss the natural beauty of this fertile and diverse continent without mentioning the Amazon rainforest and its plethora of wildlife. 

A very filling meal from Tokyo, Tokyo

I was on my own again, killing boredom in the mall the other day.  I wanted to watch movie but there was a long queue of elderly on the box office.  Oh, I may be one but still not adapted to that kind of atmosphere eh.  “Wala pang total acceptance in my mind”  Lol!.  I veered the other way and proceeded to gadget sections at the upper floor of the mall instead.  Checked out the prices of the  iPad Mini I plan to buy (or should I say.. to ask DH buy for me. hehe..)  It’s not as pricey as I have imagined it to be after all.  Perhaps, DH would have a kind heart to surprise me with one.  Wish.. wish..   Anyway, since I wasn’t really there to buy but to only choose,  stock in my memory and hope..  sigh..   I headed next to where my tummy would be happy.  Japanese food, fast food style. Tokyo, Tokyo it was.

These are my fave food in this fast food chain. I love their Ebi tempura w/ veggie in Bento box and the all time favorite California Maki.   These are not as special as those of Authentic Japanese Restos I've been to but it's good enough.  Especially if you've been longing for Jap food.  I was fully stuffed.  Just fine to make my day! Hah!

The Backpacker’s Guide to Philadelphia

The many opportunities to hike around Philadelphia PA draw backpackers of all ages and skill levels. This may be because of the convenience of backpacking in the woods, or the chance to trek through the city, or maybe try a combination of the two. The excitement of backpacking through Philadelphia is such a strong draw that there are many groups of backpackers to enjoy; if you prefer hiking solo, there are plenty of opportunities for you as well. Check out the different places to rent the gear that you need, mark your maps of the area, and prepare to discover some of the hidden treasures in and around Philly.


Backpackers Meetups in Philadelphia

If you are just starting out or if you love to backpack in company, check out one of over 70 meetup groups in the Philly area. These groups plan backpacking trips and other jaunts along with a variety of social activities to take advantage of the diverse scenery of Philadelphia and neighboring cities. Once you join a group, you’ll often have access to weekly calendars, notices of situations affecting popular hiking areas, and information about other outdoor adventures. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to meet people and hike with a group. If you prefer to backpack alone, membership in a backpacking group will still often allow you to benefit from the shared information.


Get Your Gear

If you don’t have your gear already, you’ll find that it is easy to rent or purchase everything you need. For those adventurers who are coming from out of town, the chance to rent backpacking equipment is a convenient opportunity. While shopping for gear, take the time to grill shop personnel about bear issues, the proper backcountry manners, and the fun of geocaching in Philadelphia. When it comes to the gear you need, a lot depends on what you intend to do. However, some of the most basic equipment includes:
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • GPS and tracking devices
  • Safety essentials as described below
Of course, you may also be interested in hydration supplies, food preparation and cooking equipment, lights, clothing, and other items.


Plan Your Hikes

From Pinnacle and Pulpit Rocks to the craggy backbone of the Blue Mountains, your options are wide open. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of an easy meander for seven miles of shady ridgeline or tackle a more exciting steep hike. Some trails to check out:
  • Lock 12 Loop
  • Falls Trail Loop
  • Ridley Creek State Park trails
  • Boone Trail
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Wind Gap to Smith Shelter
As you plan your backpacking adventure, make sure that you have the equipment and well-marked maps that you need to explore in safety.


Preparation and Safety

The equipment you carry could have a huge impact on the safety that you enjoy while out backpacking. There are some safety essentials which you should always carry with you, even for short trips. These include extra layers of clothing, your map and a compass, plenty of drinking water and emergency food, an emergency shelter, first aid kit, pocket knife, lighter, a whistle, and a flashlight. You might also be glad to have sunscreen on hand. It is also a very good idea to let someone else know where you are planning on going and how long you expect to be gone. Keep a copy of this information in your car as well so that  if you get lost, searchers will have an initial point to begin their search. Backpackers also do well to keep a written record of their name, any medical conditions, and any other information you think would be helpful if you weren’t able to communicate yourself. If you do become lost, it is usually best to stay in one spot and wait to be found. You can use the whistle to draw attention to yourself. The sound of a whistle travels farther than the human voice and will last much longer.


Backpack Your Way Through and Around Philadelphia

Once your preparations are complete, you will be ready to embark on certain adventure. You may intend to backpack through sections of the city or head into remote areas of breath-taking scenery. You might have plans to sleep under the stars or stop overnight in a friendly hostel. Maybe you want to enjoy the friendship of a group of regular backpackers or you prefer your own company in the peaceful stillness of the woods. However you plan to do it, backpacking in Philadelphia provides an escape from the humdrum of everyday life.

About the author
Article courtesy of Charles Withers of the Two Guys Wine Blog. Charlie is an independent food and travel blogger. Visit his blog or follow him on twitter @twoguyswine

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The Best Things to Buy in Duty Free

For lots of people, the most exciting part of being in an airport is the duty free shopping. Duty free shopping is where tax is removed from the price of certain items, making them cheaper to buy in an airport than in a normal shop where the tax would still apply. This means it’s the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite products. But if you’re going to go on a shopping spree in duty free, what are the best things to pick up?

Beauty and fragrance are always popular buys in airports. This covers everything from premium makeup brands to luxury skincare and fine fragrance. Often, airports stock special sets or have special offers you won’t be able to find anywhere else, so if you find any limited edition sets, snap them up quickly before they disappear forever. Some duty free shops even stock discontinued products and end-of-line goods, so check to see if your old favourite is lurking at the back of a shelf in the beauty department.

If you like a tipple, airports always have a fantastic selection of duty free alcohol. Spirits in particular are the things to snap up here. You can get premium brands of vodka, rum and whiskey for several pounds less than you’d find them in a supermarket or off licence back at home, and there are often buy one get one free deals if you want to try a couple of varieties. Champagne is another popular buy, especially with the truly premium brands, and if there’s something worth celebrating it might be worth grabbing a bottle.

Designer clothing is another favourite with airport bargain hunters. Obviously the prices are sky high if you buy elsewhere, and there are rarely sales on the most popular products, so the only way you’ll be able to clinch yourself some cut-price designer clobber is in a duty free shopping area. If there’s a designer purchase you’ve been lusting over for months, hold off until your next visit to an airport. You could save yourself a small fortune.

If, after your spree, you find yourself with too many goodies to carry, why not send them home? Load them up into a box and get them sent back for you so that you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing anything so that you’ll receive them a few days later when you’ve settled back into life at home after your holiday.

About the author:
Gary Oldham is a frequent flyer who regularly blogs about his top tips for travellers


Speedy turn of events

A couple of years back, we attended her debut party. After almost another two years, last March, she graduated from college.  On the following day, her mom tossed a graduation blow-out in a beach.  On that occasion, she introduced her boyfriend to us, a gentle guy who’s a little older than her. Likewise, a college graduate from a good school in Manila.  Last month, out of the blue, we popped-in again in their place and that time around, I almost did pass out upon hearing an overly surprising news…  that she’s  taking the plunge.  Yes, our little girl (figuratively and literally, no offense my dear!) was getting married in a month’s time.  Then every one was busy as a bee preparing for the upcoming exciting event.  Said wedding transpired last week.  Hah! Did I leave you gasping for breath? Actually, I felt like I ran in a marathon that didn’t end up a finisher coz I was huffing for air. That’s how speedy life’s sweet events for my niece Mae went.  But wait! …There’s more! Lol!  Count few month’s onward and  whooozzz…   a brand new member would be  added to the family. She’ll be a brand new mom and I’ll be a grand aunt once again.  Oh, how time flies.. like Boeing747 eh!

                                            Congrats and Best Wishes, Paolo and Mae!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Calling All Music Lovers…

Music can be a passion for everyone, whether you are just an enthusiast or an actual singer or musician. There are few people that don’t gain some sort of pleasure from music. Music can be a major factor in bringing people together and can be a reason to socialise.
For true music connoisseurs, there is nothing more satisfying than discovering a new band or new style of music that you know will be a huge hit once it becomes more commercial.
Music is a way of life and something that brings people together. It is often the ideal opportunity to socialize whether it’s at a club, concert, gig or even karaoke night. Music has a huge impact on life and can be heard and found everywhere with most people being completely oblivious to its presence.

Many people discover their musical passions during their youth. Friends tend to be a huge influence on the level of passion and the music tastes, which develop. The type of music people like tends to follow with the overall style and image that they favour.

Music and Fashion Hand in Hand

The gothic trend involves dark clothing, dark music and a dark attitude. They are known for being angry at the world and like to associate in close-knit groups. The music is true to their fashion sense; the musicians and bands are dressed in similar attire and also have an angry aura. Gothic music usually consists of shouting, heavy guitar and intense drum use.

The EMO sense of fashion is a toned down version of the gothic trend. Although the styles can be very similar, EMO’s do not tend to be as extreme as Goths yet the passion for music is stronger. EMO music stems from a version of the 1980’s punk music. Rock and Indie music are the rhythms of choice for those into the EMO trend.

The urban sense of style is very distinctive; the relaxed and casual nature of the dress sense reflects the tone and feeling that the music of choice creates. Hip Hop and R&B screams urban and is increasingly popular with many R&B artists also infiltrating the pop charts.

Hippies are relaxed, carefree and peaceful which is true to the music and clothing they wear. The music is folk like and calm and relies mainly on string and percussion instruments to create the relaxed tones.

Most known for the popularity in the 80’s, the distinctive haircuts, denim and Doc Martins were typical of the punk style. The music is loud, aggressive and angry yet one of the most known genres although its popularity has slipped somewhat.

No matter what your preferred music style is, there is something to cater to all. Your fashion, your style, your attitude, your passions, there will always be something to satisfy your loves and tastes. Concerts and gigs can be some of the best experiences; there are websites, such as wow247, devoted to highlighting the best gigs that appeals to all.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chartering a Yacht For a Fun Family Day Out

If the thought of six endless weeks of school summer holiday fills you with dread, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to think up new and interesting ways to fill the time to save the kids from weeks of boredom, but thankfully there are things you can do to spice up your summer. For a brilliant way to see the UK’s stunning coastline from a different perspective, why not charter a yacht?

At first, it might seem like a bit of a jump. An afternoon in the park with an ice cream is very different to a day spent out on the water in a yacht. But maybe that’s a good thing. After all, chartering a yacht means that your entire family can learn a new skill at the same time. One of the best places to learn to sail is on the Solent, which is famed for its excellent sailing conditions. Chartering a yacht on the Solent is very straightforward, and you can charter the yacht alone or include someone to show you the ropes.

Most children love boats, and will love seeing how it all works first hand. Kids will love being taught to sail, and they might even let mum and dad have a turn if they behave themselves! You will be with a fully trained expert who will know all the relevant first aid, and you will be able to ask lots of questions about yachts, sailing and the Solent itself.

If you want to go a step further and make it a proper learning experience, why not sign up for a proper training session? These courses range from training for absolute beginners to first aid and theory courses to suit your schedule, ability level and interests. This means that it’ll be pitched at exactly the right level, whether it’s the little ones who are keen to get into boating or the grown-ups who want to hone their abilities.

If you charter a yacht, one of the most enjoyable aspects is that you get to set the pace and the route. You might just want to venture around the area you start in, or you might prefer to sail down the coast to explore another area. Either way, you can see the things you want to see, and enjoy the beautiful sea views from your own yacht. Arrange for some catering or bring your own picnic-style lunch for a truly memorable experience on the seas.

About the author

Ben Newbury loves taking to the waves of the Solent and racing yachts. He spends his time on land blogging about his experiences at sea

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day

When you feel you are alone in the crowd,
When you think no one can understand you,
When your love is rejected by others
and when you hate your life,
Just close your eyes and see,
her face who loves you more than any one else,
who cares for you in loneliness,
and dies when you cry.
She is no one, but your loving mother!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Guide to Travelling From France to Germany

After enjoying a trip through France and its medieval castles, historic villages and fine wines, you may feel like making a journey over to Germany to enjoy the attractions there for a change. With the creation of the European Union, travelling between countries that are part of the EU has become very simple. These days there are many options for the traveller to choose when journeying between two countries and preparation is key to make it as smooth as possible.

Planning and Bookings

Planning your trip in advance can be very helpful in allowing you to see as much as you want in the time you have. Plan where you’ll be staying and what attractions you’ll be visiting, giving you an idea of how long you’ll be staying in one place before travelling to the next.
Once you have these details planned out, you will need to decide what kind of transportation is best for your particular trip. If you are hoping to see lots of sights in a short space of time then air travel could be the most effective form of transport for you. However, if you have time to avoid rushing then taking the bus, train or hired car may be the best idea which will allow you to enjoy the countryside while travelling in between places.
Booking tickets for your transportation in advance will offer you a wider range of possible connections, and for a much better price than if you bought your ticket at the station.

Types of Transport for You to Consider

Train travel is a relaxing and enjoyable mode of transport when getting around Europe. While you zip by the countryside, you can dine and admiring your surroundings or even catch up on some sleep. If you have decided train travel is best for your trip, consider using the Eurail France – Germany pass which gives you unlimited rail transportation within and between France and Germany.
Likewise, bus travel is an inexpensive option for traveling between France and Germany and it also allows the passenger to enjoy the scenery through the window. Buses in Europe are of a very good standard with spacious legroom, reclining seats and washroom facilities. The downside to using the bus to get from France to Germany however is that it can be quite a long journey meaning those in a rush should avoid it.

Another option available is to pick a rental car up at the airport and make your own way to Germany. This gives you complete freedom on your trip, but renting a car can be complicated in Europe with insurance issues and other fees. Sharing the cost of renting the car with two or three other people is also an option and can offer you a break from driving while another passenger takes over.
Air travel is the final option for transport and is also the quickest. Flying to and from major cities in either country is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Air Berlin has numerous flights a day from France flying into Germany and is probably your best option.

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