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Tasmania's Top Fishing Spots

Tasmania is known for its spectacular scenery and unique forms of wildlife. This renowned island state just off the southern coast of mainland Australia is also an ideal place to go fishing. Visitors arranging a car hire in Tasmania can drive to some of the island’s best fishing spots. Here are a few of the most popular places to catch fish in Tasmania:

Tyenna River

This notable river has one of the largest fish populations in Tasmania. Fly fishers, in particular, find this spot to be especially attractive. This river is also a great place to find a large number of rainbow trout. The dry days of summer when the river waters are lower is generally the best time of year to go fishing at this spot.

Great Oyster Bay

Several ideal fishing spots can be found around this bay. Many sections of clear water around the bay make it easier to see the fish. Freycinet National Park, which features a section of Great Oyster Bay known as Coles Bay, is the perfect place to find fish species such as Australian salmon, barracuda and cod. Plenty of flathead and flounder fish species can be found at the section known as Nine Mile Beach.

Saint Helens

Located on the shores of Georges Bay, this small town is a great place to fish for bluefish tuna as well as other types of fish species commonly found in estuaries. The frequently mild climate conditions make just about any time during the year a great time to go fishing at this location.

Derwent Estuary

This estuary located near the major city of Hobart is known for its clear water. Many recreational fishermen come to this spot to catch warehou, bream, mackerel and other types of fish species. People who come to this location often use the numerous jetties and wharves around the estuary as fishing bases.

Great Lake

Some of the best freshwater fish species swim in this peaceful lake situated near the picturesque mountain range known as the Great Western Tiers. This lake is the perfect place to enjoy a boat ride while fishing for brown and rainbow trout.

Tamar River

Known for its rushing waters and remarkable tidal flows, this river is particularly suitable for more adventurous fishermen. Several flathead and salmon species commonly swim in the river. Large numbers of yellowtail kingfish can be found during the summer months.

Mersey River

The section of this river located in the city of Davenport is one of the best spots in Tasmania to catch Australian salmon and silver trevally. Blue warehou are also known to swim in this river on occasion.

Four Springs Lake

A short drive just outside of the town of Launcenton can take visitors to this popular lake. Several large types of fish can be caught at this location. The lake is also known for its large brown and rainbow trout population.

Arranging a car hire while in Tasmania is the best way to travel to these notable fishing spots. The numerous waterways and variety of fish species make Tasmania the perfect destination to go fishing. 

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