Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Baby's First Birthday Party

The many firsts in baby’s progress as he grows up is usually never missed. Every move is captured by the camera and details are in no way ignored and captured by videography gadgets.   And for baby’s 1st birthday, you definitely would want a celebration full of fun and excitement that will be remembered by guests, family and friends.

Although first birthday parties are not actually remembered by little celebrants, it is hardly ever taken for granted by parents as it is their way of showing gratitude for the little one's milestone celebration.   Nonetheless, all the joys and merriment of the 1st birthday party would undoubtedly be appreciated, later in years as the baby grows and as he reviews the photos and videos of his wonderful first birthday celebration .

Hence,  for those of you  who have tots turning one and planning to have a party, plan ahead. Make the milestone celebration a treasure to behold.

Sharing here some tips for an exciting kiddie party.
  • Prepare party games.
  • Get the kids wear costume or simple birthday caps to enhance their presence in photo shoots.
  • Consider baby’s favorite character in choosing the theme.  It could be a movie character or a cartoon character.   Or better yet, visit for baby’s first birthday theme.  Most likely, you’ll find what you need to make your little one’s milestone celebration a total hit!  
So there! May your little darling's milestone birthday be a real success!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Accidental Dinner Date

The last time that I headed to Trinoma, I was all by myself coz I am more comfortable being alone picking and scrutinizing stuff that I plan to buy.  Thus, most of the day was spent rounding up shops, choosing  and fitting until I was drained and can no longer afford to queue for the public transport  (FX) ride going home.

I called up DH, to pick me up from where I was.   When he showed up, we were already both very hungry.  Thus, we decided to have dinner first before we merge with the heavy flow of traffic on the road.

He was very satisfied with his burger from ArmyNavy

just as I was very satisfied with my Porterhouse steak from Steak Sizzlers.

I wanted to regulate my meat intake but I can only do it at home.   When out of the house, I can’t turn my back on it, especially steak!  And it was one of those “today lang naman.. bukas hindi na” moments.  And  I indulged again! 

Smile, it brightens up the day!  Be well and stay happy!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Holy Mass at Baclaran Church for a Friend

"Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action."  -  Mahatma Gandhi

Like Mahatma Gandhi and all others who have a strong faith in God, I pray.   I believe God listens, so I pray like I have a best friend beside me listening to all my grumbles and praises.   I say a prayer wherever and whenever I feel like it.   Often times, when I pray for something or for someone with certain seriousness, I offer and hear mass.    Just like what I did yesterday.  Since it’s Wednesday, I opted to hear mass in National Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, or what is known as the Baclaran Church. This time, I offered and lifted to HIM, thru the intercession of the Mother of Perpetual Help a FRIEND who’s about to undergo a major medical procedure.   As I forever believe that God always listens, my faith tells me that everything will turn out well for this GOOD FRIEND of mine.   For dear friend, just keep the faith coz God is eternally good!

Inside the church after the Holy Mass

The Baclaran Church's Facade

Have a bright and blessed day everyone!

How to Vacation in Las Vegas Without Spending A Lot of Money3

For many, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is an excellent backdrop for a spy film and a playground reserved for the rich and famous. While Vegas are both of those things, it doesn't mean it's off limits for everyone else. With the right attitude and a little creativity, Las Vegas can be your playground as well, minus the glamorous price tag. Simply check out and book a hotel online at Then you can either then drive, fly or walk yourself to Vegas!

The Buffets

All that traveling has worked up quite an appetite, hasn't it? Well, you are in luck! You can't throw a $10,000 poker chip without hitting a fabulous buffet here in the City of Sin. For the budget minded traveler, ‘all you can eat’ means feeling full all day without worrying about hunger pangs which prompts expensive snacks between meals. Fill up before you head out on your adventures. Your taste buds and wallet will thank you for it.

Old Vegas

While the fantasy of casually betting a small fortune at a modern swanky casino while waiting for your limo to arrive is a nice one, you can end up having a lot of fun in the classic comforts of a bygone era. Dust off your best polyester lounge wear, shine your shoes, ditch the Strip and head for Old Vegas. If you are the extroverted type, dress up as you favorite classic movie character and see how long it takes before someone quotes you your trademark line. While you can still only afford to play the penny slots, you are reminded of a time when,  a penny could buy you whatever you wanted with change to spare.

Tour the World

Las Vegas has the added benefit of bringing the wonders of the world to you with the glut of theme resorts. Draw up a list of exotic locals and make your way from The Eiffel Tower to The Great Pyramid in record time. Savor a ride in a Venetian gondola before heading to the Statue of Liberty for a slice of Big Apple Pie. For the more competitive, compile a photo scavenger hunt to keep the stakes high and the price low. These are just a few ideas to get you started, but don't forget to let Las Vegas show you what the city’s got. Las Vegas is full of surprises and will always keep you and your loved ones entertained. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Updating with Busy Friends in UP-Ayala Techno Hub

My friends and I used to frequently go out  or have simple get together in one’s house or the other.   But  those times seldom happen  now. Thus when we had the chance last night, we took advantage of the free time each one has and hung-out in Techno Hub for hours till early morning.  That was only after we visited another friend of ours who is confined in the hospital.    Having seen our sick friend looking better gave us the light feeling of relief.  She was into serious pain before, we were told.  We left the hospital at around 10pm and that was when decided to give in to Ely and her  hubby’s invitation for a pizza in one of the latest hang-out places near UP Diliman, the UP-Ayala Techno Hub.

The hub comprises of many Call Center companies and a huge space for restaurants and the likes.  There is a substantial open space with plants and trees as well, made more attractive with huge ball lamps that change colors every after few minutes.  It was my first time to visit the place.  We had passed-by at this said Hub perhaps a thousand times, (exagged?) but we never had the opportunity to drop by on one of the many eating joints housed in it.  The place is calm and serene despite the many yuppies around.  Well, probably because it was already a bit late at the time.  I can say it is such a pleasant and relatively peaceful spot to chill and relax after an exhausting day.   More so if you are with your very good friends whose company you missed for quite a long while!

Just a part of the Hub.


Another blurry shot.

Last piece of pizza on the pan. Forgot to take photo when still whole.:D

Thanks for your time.  Have a pleasant day everyone! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Staying Safe in Athens

Like all major European cities, Athens isn’t without it problems. It’s inevitable that capitals will attract the sneakiest, most experienced criminals wanting to make money off poor, hapless tourists, so we’ve put together a list of the things you can do to prevent yourself from running into problems in Athens.

Firstly, if you’re thinking of hiring a car, be aware that drivers in Greece, and specifically Athens, can be reckless. Drivers cut people up, park where they like and don’t think twice about pedestrians, so be very careful. You can’t control the way other people behave on the road, but be extra cautious and keep your distance from other drivers if possible.

 Pickpocketing is a big problem in Athens, particularly on the Metro. Reports suggest that this is a major issue on the line between Athens Airport and the town centre. Be on your guard and split your money between different locations in your bag and on your person. Do as the locals do and walk around with a hand on your bag, and never leave your bag open or unattended. On public transport, keep it on your lap with your hands covering the opening.

Thieves tend to target tourists as they know they will be disorientated and vulnerable. Beware of excessively ‘helpful’ strangers offering to help you carry bags or who seem to be drawing out a conversation than necessary. In particular, be alert when passing through busy areas. Many pickpockets take advantage of busy, cramped queues for public transport and hotel coaches, and will deliberately cause hold-ups when getting on to create a ‘bottle neck’ effect where tourists find themselves squeezing past crowds of people, allowing them to reach into a bag or pocket to take purses, cameras and phones.

There is also a relatively common scam where a ‘friendly stranger’ will ask for directions in an area popular with tourists such as Plaka or Syntagma, before two men claiming to be policemen arrive and ask if you were buying drugs. They ask to see your passport and wallet to verify your identity, and while you are trying to persuade the ‘policemen’ that you haven’t done anything wrong, money will be removed from your wallet.

 It is also worth noting that there are certain areas targeted by beggars and gypsies who will use children to get sympathy from tourists. Vathis Square and the roads to the right of the National Archaeological Museum have a particularly high concentration of beggars. Sofokleous Street is also considered unsafe as a result of its reputation for drug deals and crime.

About the author:

Emma Lawson is a travel enthusiast who blogs about her adventures in her spare time to help other tourists

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A day in Trinoma

Alone, I headed to Trinoma to look for something to wear for an occasion which is about to take place soon.  Since I have no idea what to get for myself, I tried to window shop first.   It was really hard to choose this particular outfit because designs of those that fit my age are mostly made with bigger ladies in mind.   For all are of XL size if not XXL .   I found a few small sized one, fits me well but I wouldn’t dare consider wearing simply because designs are pretty unbecoming for woman my age.  (Haha.. the trouble of being elder!). This is the dilemma I ought to resolve in due time.  Hopefully, I can find the right outfit for me before the date arrives.

 Great to find you here.  Thank you, as always! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Fun Family Weekend in Sussex

With summer just around the corner, thoughts might be turning to how to fill the endless school summer holidays. Once you’ve been to the park and taken the kids swimming and caught the latest film at the cinema, what can you do? If you can’t afford a week in the sun, six weeks can seem like an impossibly daunting length of time, especially if you need to work and sort out childcare. If this is the case, why not take your family off for a weekend in Sussex on the sunny south coast?

You don’t need to spend a fortune either. A great day out could be a long country walk on the South Downs, exploring Devil’s Dyke and rummaging through the little bookshops in the tiny villages on your way. Stop off for lunch somewhere relaxed and child-friendly, before continuing on to Coombes Farm where you can head off on a tour of its thousand acres of farmland dotted with sheep and cows.

Children will love the Bluebell Railway, a steam railway line which chugs its way through the beautiful Sussex countryside throughout the summer. On certain dates, you can enjoy afternoon tea in your carriage while you travel, which everyone from grandma from an excitable toddler will enjoy.

If you’re planning on staying in busy Brighton, hop on an open top bus to the Downs to check out some of the great sporting activities on offer – and even better, children travel free! If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at zorbing or paragliding, now is your chance, and teens will relish the chance to get their hearts racing in a range of thrilling extreme sports.

Children can get into the South Downs Planetarium for just £4, where they can watch some fascinating shows about a number of space-related topics from the Northern Lights to what the stars are doing this month. Little astronauts will love learning about all the astronomical equipment and the science behind our solar system and beyond.

Budding marine biologists and animal fans will have a splashing time at the Sealife Centre on Brighton seafront. With new temporary exhibitions popping up all the time, interactive rockpools and the highlight, the shark tunnel, no child will fail to be impressed by the extensive range of curious underwater creatures lurking in the tanks. With child-specific activities throughout, everyone will be kept amused.

Sussex is extremely child-friendly, with lots of museums, castles and farms to explore. Less than an hour away from London, it’s a great place to visit for grandparents, parents and children alike.

About the author:

Emma Lawson is a freelance travel writer who has been recently exploring her beloved home county of Sussex

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My HongKong Holiday is Busted Again

I have blogged many times before how I miss HongKong as it was over a decade since I visited the place. I remember it was few days before its turn over to China from being a colony of British Empire. See, how loooong ago it was? 

There was a time, that I, along with a friend had booked for a Package tour but the travel  agent sent back friend’s passport as its validity was only good for few more months.  Until her husband had a stroke and the arranged HongKong Tour was totally dismissed.  I had also asked daughter once, to come with me and tour HK but she refused learning later that she already was set to  go with her friend and his family. She brought home some “pasalubongs” but my desire didn’t wane.

While roaming Clark with Sis last February, we saw this attractive HongKong Package offered in one of the duty free stores.  Sis and I looked at each other and the next thing I knew, we had booked for an early March group tour.  Coming with us would be her daughter and mine    I was ecstatic coz finally, my long desired holiday tour to HongKong would soon be realized.  

A week before our scheduled departure,  DH got sick and needed to be hospitalized.  I wasn’t at all alarmed coz I was thinking that he will be well soon.  However, came departure date but DH was still suffering from high fever, his illness not detected yet.  The excitement to see HK  suddenly dwindled.   Only then did it come to my conscious mind that HongKong escapes again, next to my money that’s been blown away.

Although daughter  was prodding me to go, "if there is someone who should go, it should be you, Ma!" heard her say.  Offered to stay behind to look after his father,  I refused.  How the hell would I enjoy if I worry for DH unstable in the hospital?  

I had forgotten about it all till I saw this photo from Sis’ FB account.  I was green with envy!   I just imagine I am on that photo with them.  

Daughter, niece and sis enjoying HongKong

Oh, HongKong! Why are you eluding me?  :(

Thanks for being here, buddies!  Have a blessed day everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Party Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is a top party destination, featuring expansive white sand beaches and many cities to party in. The drinking age here is 18, so expect lots of American college students who party here. Here are the top five Mexican cities to visit and enjoy a party every night of the week.


Rosarito Beach 

Located on the Baja Peninsula, Rosarito Beach is only a 20 minute ride from San Diego, California. Rosarito is home to a large American expatriate community with miles of beaches and spas that cater to every whim. Golf courses are featured here with plenty of shopping and fine, gourmet restaurants.

Nightlife starts at Papas & Beer that features one of the largest beach clubs on the west coast. Visitors on holiday can choose to drink on the beach or dance the night away inside. Activities include volleyball, swimming, biking and weekend parties.


Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is a big holiday spot located on the Pacific Ocean. This area features fun shopping, a golf course and outstanding restaurants. Most people on holiday travel here to enjoy the golden beaches. Parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing and wind surfing are popular activities during the day. The average temperature at this tropical location is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and it cools down to 70 degrees at night.

After the sun sets, people head to Bebo Tero for rock & roll music and romantic vistas of Banderas Bay. Christine is a disco bar that can pack in 1,200 people for a great party that lasts until dawn. This is a playground for the rich and famous, so expect to pay more than usual.


Cabo San Lucas


This is one of the newer spots that is starting to attract people on holiday. Located on the northern tip of Baja, Cabo San Lucas offers ideal weather throughout the year. Travelers can find luxury resorts on many of the white sand beaches here. Whale watching, surfing and taking cruises are fun things to do in the day.

At night, Cabo Wabo Cantina is packed with party-goers and live bands. The club has been featured on MTV as one of the best party nightclubs in the world. Body Shot Nightclub is the spot to check out celebrities. It’s loud and buzzy, and everyone has a great time clubbing here.




Acapulco is three hours from Mexico City. Beaches and fine hotels attract party people from around the world. Good food is served at really great restaurants for reasonable prices. Cruises, cliff dives and relaxing in the sun occupy the days here.

The better nightclubs charge $25 to enter, but you’ll enjoy an open bar for the price. Disco Beach is an open-air disco that attracts the dancing crowd. Younger people head to El Alerije to enjoy Latin music on the giant dance floor.




Senor Frogs is known around the globe as one of the best party bars in Mexico. It gets a tad crazy here between the amusement park and the bar at Frogs. Coco Bongo has the best mix of live music and DJs in Cancun. It has a capacity of 30,000, so carry a map.

Always be sure to drink responsibly and ensure that you have travel cover when taking in the nightlife in Mexico. Travelers Insurance Direct offers a wide range of travel cover options. 

About the author:

Written by Adam Mathews

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Miracles Do Happen

I found this quote from someone else's FB account.   Very aptly, it speaks my mind!

Keep praying as you keep on hoping.  With great faith, miracles happen!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tasmania's Top Fishing Spots

Tasmania is known for its spectacular scenery and unique forms of wildlife. This renowned island state just off the southern coast of mainland Australia is also an ideal place to go fishing. Visitors arranging a car hire in Tasmania can drive to some of the island’s best fishing spots. Here are a few of the most popular places to catch fish in Tasmania:

Tyenna River

This notable river has one of the largest fish populations in Tasmania. Fly fishers, in particular, find this spot to be especially attractive. This river is also a great place to find a large number of rainbow trout. The dry days of summer when the river waters are lower is generally the best time of year to go fishing at this spot.

Great Oyster Bay

Several ideal fishing spots can be found around this bay. Many sections of clear water around the bay make it easier to see the fish. Freycinet National Park, which features a section of Great Oyster Bay known as Coles Bay, is the perfect place to find fish species such as Australian salmon, barracuda and cod. Plenty of flathead and flounder fish species can be found at the section known as Nine Mile Beach.

Saint Helens

Located on the shores of Georges Bay, this small town is a great place to fish for bluefish tuna as well as other types of fish species commonly found in estuaries. The frequently mild climate conditions make just about any time during the year a great time to go fishing at this location.

Derwent Estuary

This estuary located near the major city of Hobart is known for its clear water. Many recreational fishermen come to this spot to catch warehou, bream, mackerel and other types of fish species. People who come to this location often use the numerous jetties and wharves around the estuary as fishing bases.

Great Lake

Some of the best freshwater fish species swim in this peaceful lake situated near the picturesque mountain range known as the Great Western Tiers. This lake is the perfect place to enjoy a boat ride while fishing for brown and rainbow trout.

Tamar River

Known for its rushing waters and remarkable tidal flows, this river is particularly suitable for more adventurous fishermen. Several flathead and salmon species commonly swim in the river. Large numbers of yellowtail kingfish can be found during the summer months.

Mersey River

The section of this river located in the city of Davenport is one of the best spots in Tasmania to catch Australian salmon and silver trevally. Blue warehou are also known to swim in this river on occasion.

Four Springs Lake

A short drive just outside of the town of Launcenton can take visitors to this popular lake. Several large types of fish can be caught at this location. The lake is also known for its large brown and rainbow trout population.

Arranging a car hire while in Tasmania is the best way to travel to these notable fishing spots. The numerous waterways and variety of fish species make Tasmania the perfect destination to go fishing. 

About the author:
This was a guest post from Skedaddle Car Hire, who can assist with cheap car hires when in Tasmania. They have a great destination guide on their site for Tassie, as well as many other Australian destinations.

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