Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shakey’s Unexpectedly

 Pizza, chicken and  mojos were the last things in my mind when we headed to SM North last Saturday.   We were supposed to avail the a promo deal voucher I have with me since early January.  As courteously, we were  lead to a table for four and as we were seated, I handed to the waiter the voucher.  He accepted with a smile and submitted the same to the manager (I think!).   Knowing the promo dinner wouldn’t be enough for the four of us, DH and kiddos  ordered few more fares they saw in the menu.  Then  the free 1.5L bottle of Coke was served with matching ice in glasses. After long minutes of waiting for our food, the waiter came back apologetically returning the voucher I handed him.   Printed in it (in very fine letters) is the specification of the branch it is to be redeemed, certainly not the one we went to.  Oh no!  Good thing, we haven’t opened the bottle of Coke yet.   Upset maybe, DH decided to turn our back and transferred to the nearby Shakey’s . 

Moral of the story:  Review  voucher’s content and specifications before heading on to your destination.

Good day everyone!

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Tom G. said...

I enjoyed the pizza nonetheless and despite sans beer!

Tom G. said...

I enjoyed the pizza nonetheless and despite sans beer.

Batangala said...

We won a 4-P500 voucher from Shakey's after joining a contest. Fortunately, it was redeemable at any branch.

But you are right, always check the fine prints. There are vouchers that can't be used on weekends and holidays and there are vouchers which you have to pre-order or book 2 days before availing.

Happy Easter Beng and the family.

Beng Gee said...

@Tom G: Good to know that even without beer, you enjoyed your pizza!
Praying that you'll get over that beer for life!

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Wow,how nice! That was a terrific big meal you had won!

Haha.. just learned a lesson there Noel. Feeling so self assured that I already know what the voucher is all about. Anyways, charged to experience na lang. hehe..

Thanks for dropping by. I know you are basically preoccupied by some health issues. Just hang in there my friend. Take care!

Beth said...

Ate Beng, I read about the more complete version of this from the husband's blog. hehehe. He blogs din pala. Galing naman, husband and wife tandem. Pag di kumpleto dito, check dun sa kabila or vice versa. :)

Beng Gee said...

Huh? Beth, buti ka pa you already have read his blog. Ang totoo, I haven't read that post yet. I'm really glad that he's back to blogging again.

Thanks Beth for also dropping by at his site.

Have a great weekend!

PinayWAHM said...

I'm with Beth...nabasa ko din blog ni Kuya T! His and her version...buti na lang magkatugma....hahahaha....joks la po.

San ang larga ngayong semana santa Ate Beng? Sama kami!


Beng Gee said...

Huling, nabasa ko nga eh. At mukhang panis na ang mga iba-blog ko kasi his is more updated than mine.

Nakalarga na sa Beach, Huling! Dun lng sa malapit. Tara, next week pa ulit eh. Sama kayo!

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