Sunday, March 31, 2013

Graduation Blow-out in White Corals Beach Resort

Our niece, Trisha Mae De jesus  graduated with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology last March 27 and gave a blow-out the next day at the White Coral Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan.  It was a two day celebration of eating and swimming.  As usual, my sis pampered us again with delicious seafoods and a lot more. 

Incidentally,  this is also a thanksgiving  celebration for the new graduate coz she has easily landed a job even before her graduation day.  Like her mom, I’m proud of her as well.

I’m thankful that my sis chose White Coral Beach Resort again.  This is also where she once celebrated her birthday.  The place is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. (Sis footed all the bills naman eh. haha! ikaw na!) The rooms are nice (forgot to take pix) as well as the beach and the staff are courteous  and accommodating. More likely than not, this won't be our last visit here, 



Thanks for coming by and yes, Happy Easter everyone!  Hope your day would be great!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

For Quality Locksmith Needs

House security -  the first and foremost consideration  when leaving the home. But have you ever had experienced holding your key to securely lock your main entrance but it won’t work?  Usually, this happens when the original key has been duplicated many times, as to the 7th or  8th  time and eventually holding only the nth copy as the original has been lost.   More often than not, this renders  the duplicate key useless.  Such  annoying  incident could also go off when the lock is forced open by some other hard objects which eventually, could break lock resulting to some repair needs.   Surely, you wouldn’t want to leave the lock restoration to just anybody else 'cause your primary priority is the security of your home and family.  

Worry no more!  Re-keying is often the solution and Calgary locksmith is very skilled in this aspect. They are service professionals who knows the urgency of the situation and would provide only the most efficient and reliable job with regards to locks and keys restoration in no time at all.  Apart from having the precise tools and  great experience,  promptness  is  considerably the vital rationale why locksmith Calgary are the ones often sought when such problem arises.

So for quality locksmith needs,  turn to the top quality locksmith in Calgary! Call 403-202-7656.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reyman Doruelo is laid to rest

My Sis-in-law Elvie's husband passed away last Friday, March 23.  He lost his fight against cancer, the type of which is quite hard to remember but it was a tumor that grew in his upper left arm.  Boy, as we fondly call him, is survived by his wife  and his own two grown up kids.

Early today, he is laid to rest in Bagbag Cemetery.  Family, relatives and friends bade him their last respect.

Rest in peace, Boy! Goodbye!

What to pack for your holiday at the Costa del Sol

Hooray! You've booked a last minute holiday to the Costa del Sol. Boo! You have to pack. Surely the worst part of any holiday (apart from coming home, of course) is the packing. No need to do a frantic  panic-pack ten minutes before the taxi arrives or pick up lots of overpriced toiletries when you land at the airport - just make sure you've packed everything in our handy guide and it'll be a breeze!
Obviously the majority of your suitcase will be clothing. If you’re going on a summer holiday, you’ll need lots of light layers and beachwear for lounging on the Costa del Sol’s swathes of white beaches. Several light layers, such as kaftans and loose t-shirts, will be much more effective at keeping you cool than one thicker layer, which will stick to your skin and make you uncomfortably sticky. Flip flops and sandals are ideal for beach strolls, and remember to pack some comfortable trainers for driving your hire car and long walks around tourist sites.

In terms of toiletries, you’ll need all the usual essentials: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste. Although the hotel may provide these, it’s often in such small amounts that you may need to supplement it with your own. Also think about taking a heat protective spray for your hair and a deep conditioner to repair sun-ravaged and sea salt blitzed hair. Of course, suncream is a must – at least factor 15, or higher if you’re pale.

Remember to take some more of the practical items, such as a beach towel, travel adaptors and various medicines. The ones you’re most likely to need include painkillers, mosquito repellent and rehydration sachets in case you’ve overdone it a bit in the sun, along with antihistamines if you suffer with hay fever or from insect bites. A pouch for your travel currency which you wear on your body is the best way to keep your cash safe on the move. Don’t forget to take your phone charger!

In the way of entertainment, an mp3 player and a book should be all you need. If you want something a little more stimulating, a puzzle book and a pen will keep you occupied on the plane. If you’re travelling with children, some toys or activity books can keep them busy while you’re on the move. A couple of snacks and drinks would also be a good idea in case there are delays so you don’t go hungry.

Of course, the most important thing to take, after your passport, tickets and money, is a willingness to explore, relax and have fun. Bon voyage!
About the author:

Emma Lawson is a travel blogger writing about her experiences in Europe

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shakey’s Unexpectedly

 Pizza, chicken and  mojos were the last things in my mind when we headed to SM North last Saturday.   We were supposed to avail the a promo deal voucher I have with me since early January.  As courteously, we were  lead to a table for four and as we were seated, I handed to the waiter the voucher.  He accepted with a smile and submitted the same to the manager (I think!).   Knowing the promo dinner wouldn’t be enough for the four of us, DH and kiddos  ordered few more fares they saw in the menu.  Then  the free 1.5L bottle of Coke was served with matching ice in glasses. After long minutes of waiting for our food, the waiter came back apologetically returning the voucher I handed him.   Printed in it (in very fine letters) is the specification of the branch it is to be redeemed, certainly not the one we went to.  Oh no!  Good thing, we haven’t opened the bottle of Coke yet.   Upset maybe, DH decided to turn our back and transferred to the nearby Shakey’s . 

Moral of the story:  Review  voucher’s content and specifications before heading on to your destination.

Good day everyone!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Visiting Tokyo: the Metropolitan City of Modern Japan

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and certainly the most metropolitan city of Japan. Tokyo has many different attractions to offer and it is sure to satisfy any tourist needs and requirements as it is so versatile. When you arrive at Narita Airport, you will be able to rent a car that will enable you to just go anywhere you want. Even if it is very easy to take trains, metros and buses in the capital of Japan, it is much easier and convenient for you to simply rent a car at the airport and drive in the complete comfort of your car. Moreover, by renting a car you will have the opportunity of going wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to wait on a bus or dealing with the extremely busy Japanese subway.


Tokyo has so many different attractions to offer to tourists. If you wish to visit the most famous and wonderful temples that Japan hosts, then you can take long and relaxing walks in the beautiful gardens and surrounds of Buddhist temples. The atmosphere will simply soak you in a state of meditation and surrealism that you will never want to get rid of. The temples are very ancient as well and if you want, you can also participate in the religious ceremonies that take place on a daily basis.

If, on the other hand, you are more into the metropolitan side of Japan, then Tokyo offers you a wide variety of many different activities that you will be able to fully enjoy. For example, if you are into clubbing and having a good time you can go to the many different discos and club this city has to offer. Moreover, if you enjoy technology and video games, you cannot miss the fantastic skyscrapers full of technological items and the latest innovations in mobile phones, cameras, computers and much more.

There is also a part of Tokyo, called Harajuku, which is dedicated to people who are really into Japanese anime and cartoons. There you will be able to find comic books, anime magazines, and even clothes that you can wear around Harajuku so that you will look like the idols of your favorite anime and cartoons.

More Attractions and Restaurants

If you go to Tokyo, you have to go to a real Japanese restaurant that is very different from what they look like in the Western world. In fact, you will have to sit on the floor, without using any silverware, just chopsticks and each table is kept in complete privacy by artfully hand-painted room separators that remind of an ancient Japan, filled with its legends, myths and traditions of samurai and geisha.

Tokyo is also the perfect place for you to visit with your children as there is Disneyland just outside the town and it is easily reachable by car.

About the author

This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Tokyo is the ideal city to visit for people who are looking to have a real Japanese experience, with temples, traditions as well as great food. You can easily reach all the most famous attractions in Tokyo with your rental car from Elephant Car Rental. For more information regarding Narita Airport please visit

Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Doubt, Summertime is Fun Time

It’s summertime and the scorching heat has started to unfold discomfort in this part of the world.   It sure makes one beg to stay in showers or snooze in bath tub for hours.  It is usually the best immediate relief against high temperature. But what if during this maddening heat discomfort, refreshing shower is unavailable coz your drainage got clogged up or your plumbing connections got broken and just as when you needed a knowledgeable handy man to do the job, there is no one like it around.  Sounds insane but such things happen.  Surely, it wouldn’t be a problem if only you are in Canada and near a calgary plumber.   Calgary plumbers from ClearView are guaranteed reliable and they do their work responsibly.   Nothing seems to be more convenient than knowing service technicians who responds rapidly to your call anytime of the day be it at the regular time of the day or on the ungodly hour of 2:00am   Whatever maintenance service is needed, whether professional, courteous plumbing service, drain unclogging, hi-tech efficient sewer cleaning, aircon installation and maintenance or furnace cleaning calgary,  ClearView  could well provide.  Lucky are those who could avail of their valuable service. .

Anyways, let us just hope nothing spoils our summer.  Make sure you get yourself always hydrated and wear only the most comfortable attires.  It’s a great time to grab our hats, change attires to swim wears and frolic in beach with family, friends and loved ones.  It's no doubt, summertime is fun time.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Delectable Gift from a Special Friend

The first quarter of the year is almost at its end and Valentines Day has long been over.  I have actually overlooked that Day of Hearts and I wasn't at all expecting any gift to come my way since I could feel it's no longer a priority for the DH here. :(   But a surprise came when a messenger handed me a bundle/8pcs of  Gift Certificates inside a secured envelop.  It was sent by a special blogger friend living on the other side of the earth. Gosh! I was speechless by her gesture.  Although it definitely warms my heart to be thought of on that occasion, I felt a little ashamed too for she should have not bothered sending me those "delicious gift".  It was meant to treat me and Tom to a sumptuous dinner in a fine restaurant named Italianni's on Valentine's Day.  However, that supposed Valentine dinner date didn't take place on the exact date of occasion due to an unavoidable circumstance.

One Saturday before DH got hospitalized, we used up the gift and was enjoyed not only by Tom and me but by the big kiddos as well.  It's been eons since we last visited Italianni's.  We missed their delectable italian cuisines, hence, every food ordered gave pleasure to our palates. 

Thank you * for the wonderful Valentines treat!  This  food tripping family was extremely satisfied by your thoughtfulness!   May your blessings never end!  xo!

Likewise, thanks to all who always find time to drop by and those who accidentally stumbled upon this blog. I hope you can come back and leave a line or two to let me know you were here.   God bless you all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reality Check for a Stubborn Heavy Beer Drinker

It's been a long while since I last updated this blog.  Now, I'm having a difficult time how and where to start. But before anything else, I want to thank those who dropped by and left comments while I was away.

Now, perhaps you're wondering what makes me  "MIA" for the past weeks. The reason was that DH was hospitalized and I had only little access to the internet.  Well, I went facebooking via my mobile phone but couldn't blog.  Anyway, I'm glad that DH is home now, doing quite well although still recuperating from liver infection.  It has been a very long hospital stay-cation for us since his experience of endless on and off fever and going to the wrong hospital first.   He was confined for 5 days and spent 30k (thanks to health insurance) before realizing that he isn't getting any better.  He had to transfer to another hospital, (NKTI) went thru various lab tests and diagnostic procedures until they found the culprit:  Abscess in his liver. He was bombarded with lots of oral and IV anti biotics for a week until he finally recovered.  Although not yet completely, as he has to continue his medication here at home.  He is sked for ultra sound tomorrow to see if the infection has totally disappeared.

Hoping and praying that his liver has fully recovered.  DH is a stubborn big beer drinker.  I hope he knows,  this is a reality check for him.

See you around again everyone! Have a lovely day!

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