Saturday, February 2, 2013

MyLife – Refund

Few months ago, I have mentioned the powerful people search tool, My in my previous blog as I heard it is a reliable tool to find missing friends or loved ones as well as for finding out the one who’s looking up for you.  If you are interested in people search, you only have to register and become a member.  For its members, it uses an auto-renewal feature to ensure all subscribers have steady access to the services that they want.

Have you subscribed membership to MyLife?  You probably have found the loved one you have been long searching for thru this site or maybe already lost interest in pursuing your search or is no longer interested in finding out who’s looking up for you.  For these and other reasons you have, you may choose to discontinue your membership with  If ever, all you have to do is disable the auto-renewal feature and wait for your paid term to expire

Disabling the auto renewal feature is made easy by  As an alternative to having to search their website to disable your account, just call their Customer Care representatives on weekdays between 6am and 9pm PST or on weekends between 6qm and 6pm PST.  Just contact their toll-free number at 888. 704-1900. Perhaps, MyLife Refund can be brought to Customer Service representative’s attention.  If Paypal’s service is used, it is best advised that you make arrangement with Paypal to discontinue the MyLife auto-renewal payment to avoid inconveneiences.

I hope this helps.

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