Friday, February 22, 2013

Girls on Holiday

Booking holidays online has become one of the perks of the internet. Sitting at home with your friends browsing through thousands of potential holiday destinations is almost as fun as spending the day shoe shopping with the girls.
Decide when you want to travel, pop in your travel dates and see what comes up. Do you want to travel to Europe and flop on the beach for a week or are you looking for a far flung adventure? Deciding on the destination is often dictated more by cost and time restraints than desire, so sensible thinking is required at this point. Once the country has been chosen then the fun really starts.

The search results will bring up a whole host of resorts that match your dates in the destination you want to visit, so if you narrow it down by the price you can sensibly afford, then you can whittle down the options until you find something that fits your requirements.
Do you want to go for a five star hotel with an all inclusive board basis or are you planning on more of a self catering apartment? This again will be determined by your type of holiday. For instance, if you want to go out clubbing every night and only need somewhere to lay your head for a few hours then expensive hotels will be a waste of money. However if you are planning a more glam getaway and intend to make the most of the hotel facilities then choose the best that you can afford, as paying the extra will definitely pay off once you are there.
If you want to pay for something special but still get a bit of a bargain then look at last minute holidays from Thomas Cook or other similar agents. If you leave it until a few weeks before your flight date, you will often find some really good bargains. Which means you can spend the savings on shoes...

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PinayWAHM said...

Tara let's go on bakasyon! Just us boys....

Hay kung pwede lang di ba? Sa Germany na lang para dun sa stem cell treatment....hahaha...sama ko sa inyo ni Tuks! Teka...buksan ko muna yung piggy bank ko [aka M] baka may naitatagong yaman sa loob ng kanyang buntis na yun eh....taguan ng yaman nya ata yun....hahaha...

Enjoy the weekend!


Beng Gee said...

Huling, my ultimate dream is bakasyon dyan sa lupaing inyong kinalalagyan ni J hindi sa Europe. Ang stem cell hanggang wish lang din yan sa kin. If I'll have the money, I'll spend it on travelling. Alam mo naman ako, lakwatsera numero uno.
Yung piggy bank mo, for sure naka-safety ang yaman nyan to be used in the right time. :)

Weekend na naman! Rest muna tayo. Mahirap na. See you around!

Batangala said...

how i miss traveling and eating out, the only two passions that i have which now i can't enjoy.

well, have to think of other things to do. am currently on sick leave and slowly but surely regaining my strength again.

have a great weekday

yonca said...

Just the girls-holiday idea is perfect! That's what i need right now. Unfortunately no off days lately:( BTW, Great tips! Love the pic!

Beng Gee said...

Noel, obviously, we have similar passions; traveling and eating out. It's upsetting not to do what we usually do but I think it's a small deal to consider against maintaining good health.

Get well soon!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Yonca! Holidays are usually what mothers like us need but more often than not, we have no time for such.

The pic was snatched from my niece's album. She's the one with black hair. :)

Thanks for the visit my friend!

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