Saturday, February 9, 2013

Family Birthday Dinner at Don Cuisine

Janina, our most beautiful daughter, (she’s one and only, that’s why. Lol! ) celebrated her birthday last Wednesday, Feb. 6.   It was just a simple family affair of dining out together.  We chose to try the newly opened fine looking restaurant near our place so we wouldn’t need to travel far from home.  I guess, we will never get tired of having Chinese cuisine over and over again!  Don Cuisine it is, this time around, a relatively newly opened (as earlier mentioned) Chinese Restaurant along the end stretch of Commonwealth Ave, in Fairview, Quezon City.

We had ignored and passed by this resto many times before. Little did we know that it is also as excellent as the other fine Chinese Restaurants we’ve been to.  I sincerely love everything they have in their menu (except pork).  I thought nothing can compare to Peking Garden Restaurant, but here it is, Don Cuisine boasting  their Peking Duck that is truly perfect!  With just the first bite, I can’t stop uttering words of approval and awe!  And mind you, it’s not only me who loves it here.  This family of insatiable eaters couldn’t say more.  The food and the place is simply great, to say the least!  Though their price isn’t far from those first rate restaurants, it is competitive enough.  Or could it be that their slightly lower prices is only to attract new customers?  I hope not!  One thing is sure though.  We found the better place that’s so near to us. 

Btw, let it be known this is not a paid review.  Nevertheless, I’m calling the attention of the people of Don Cuisine. How about giving us discount next time we visit huh?! Lol!

With the family and the good food, simple as it maybe, another birthday was celebrated our old traditional way!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, our Bunso!!! 

Thank you for taking time to read this post.  May your day be as bright and gay!  Hope to see you here again!

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J said...

Janina pala is also a February baby. mukhang magkakasundo kami hehe. belated happy birthday Janina!

it's been ages since we ate Chinese. bigla tuloy akong nag-crave. tamang-tama just in time for the Chinese New Year, maybe Lo Mein will do haha.

can I say this resto will become a go-to ng family? ang lapit pa.

Beng Gee said...

Thank you, makakarating ang iyong greeting, Lucel! Oo nga, lapit na rin ang birthday mo, pareho nga pala kayong Feb baby ni Janina.

Valentine and birthday, 2 in 1 celeb. Tipid na si Frank. Lol!

Parang di naman kasi kayo mahilig sa Chinese food eh. I think you prefer American, Japanese and even Korean. Right Lucel?
Yes, more likely, lagi na kmi dito.

Sana wla ng snow storm dyan ngayon. Ingat lang!

PinayWAHM said...

Lagot ang peking duck...hehe. Buti naman at medyo malapit lang at least no need to fight traffic di ba?

Belated haberdey sa inyong most beautiful dawter. Aba eh di yung amin 'most beautiful dawter' din namin, di ba? Haha...

Enjoy the week Ate Beng!


J said...

hala at loves na loves mo talaga si Lucel (LOL). panay banggit eh. kaaliw! oo nga at dagdag edad na naman ako and I welcome it. I hope maraming marami pang birthdays ang dadating.

dagdag tulo laway ako sa chocolate cake.

have a great day Tita B.

Beng Gee said...

Tama, malapit na, may favorite peking duck pa! hehe. But still, I doubt kung di na nga talaga kami lalayo to dine out. Pag nag-crave na kasi, kahit malayo, go pa rin eh. hehe..

Ay naku, unica hija si E or not, most beautiful talaga yan! Future Miss USA nga eh!

Enjoying the week so far. Hope you too! Take care!

Beng Gee said...

Obvious ba na I really love that name of yours Lucel? Eh ang cute kaya! :) Birthdays are true blessings. Naman!!
Kaya bigger number in age means more blessings we had. Poitive thinking lang yan!hehe..

Happy Birthday in advance! More blessings to come!

Mharms said...

Happy Birthday to your youngest child tita Beng!


Beng Gee said...

Hi Marms! Thank you sa greeting in behalf of Janina. Happy to have you visit again!

Good day and ingat!

Farida said...

I didn't know how to eat a peking duck the first time we tried it. I don't get the idea of having it wrapped, hehehe. Happy birthday to your bunso, Tita Beng. The cake looks good too!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Ida! I think having it wrapped gives it the characteristic of being called Peking Duck. Usually it is served two way. Wrapped and the other is minced served with lettuce. When it is just sliced and served, I think that's when they brand it as simply Roast Duck. Not so sure though, yun lang ang perception ko. Hehe..

Thanks for the greeting in behalf of daughter. Always glad to see you here Ida! Take care!

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