Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day Tour in Starcove Resort Hotel - Batangas

The ache to go on a road trip down south finally found a way.  MetroDeal made this real when I saw their Starcove Resort Hotel Day Tour with Free Lunch promo deal.   I grabbed 4 vouchers and booked. Then last Saturday, off to Balayan, Batangas we went with Son driving for us .

DH depended on his mobile phone’s GPS for direction.  However, it took us longer travel time coz our driver was very cautious with his driving.‘Twas already 12nn but we were yet in Tagaytay.   Having had no breakfast, these people who were hungry as a horse decided to stop over in Mahogany Market in Tagaytay for lunch.  Luckily, we still found a space to park coz the eateries were already packed with people.  We had the usual Tagaytay fare of hot Bulalo, Crispy Tawilis, Lechon Kawali (not for me) and the beef Papaitan with free eat all you can twig of sweet “Señorita” bananas.  For that satisfying lunch for four people, we paid only P780. Not bad, huh?!
All full and satiated, we proceeded on our search for "the new place to see".  We were trekking long and   narrow roads without any signage of Starcove in sight when DH’s GPS finally pointed to a closed gated property as the Starcove Resort Hotel.  But we couldn’t agree coz it doesn’t look like a resort/hotel from the outside.  It has no signage indicating it is Starcove.  Doubtful, onward we went 
only to pull over again to verify directions..   

 Meantime, while the 3 people were arguing which way to go, I caught sight of the mango tree bearing fruits on the fenced area of the road.  I know it’s not right but I always have that desire of picking hanging mango fruits from the tree whenever I see one.  Thus, the moment I saw those  mangoes within reach ,I let loose!  Happiness!! Lol!
Although doubtful, daughter asked to try follow where GPS was pointing at.  Lo and behold!,  a security guard opened the gate and confirmed it is the Starcove Resort.   Oh my!  We should have not doubted the GPS before hand. It's indeed reliable! Shame on us!

As we alight from the car, we were greeted and  warmly welcomed by a pretty girl named Jillian along with a number of courteous crews.  I looked around and saw a fairly huge resort.  This resort hotel I could tell had seen glorious days.  Though the buildings and other structures are big and beautiful,  it is showing significant signs of wear and tear. Nonetheless, with its two swimming pools, (the other one for kids), vast garden and attractive kois in a well maintained  pond, it is still worth visiting and staying.  Unfortunately I forgot to get a peek of the rooms.  Yes, we had free lunch that became our snacks.  With the word  “free”, we didn’t expect much for our lunch.  Yet we had big servings of tasty Pancit Canton and a platter of  crispy Fried Chicken, also big platter of rice plus a large pitcher of Iced tea. The food was good, however, we consumed only a small part coz we’re still full from our Tagaytay lunch.

This place is definitely worth visiting especially with group of friends or with special someone or by families like us.  Just bear with the narrow roads you’re gonna traverse without any signage to follow. :) Nonetheless, it's all worth it anyway!

Thanks for the visit everyone! Hope you are having a great week!  

Acknowledgment:  Thanks to MetroDeal for the credits to purchase this promo deal from Starcove Resort.

12 Comentários:

PinayWAHM said...

Ako pu yung 'Mango Police'....here to arrest you....hehehe....in fairness parang ang tsalap nung mangga ano? Malamang ako din sumungkit ng pinagbabawal na prutas....hahaha.

Buti naman at nahanap nyo yung lugar bago nagdilim...at least you know where to go next you want to go swimming, di ba?

Si Kuya T hindi nag bike? HANOOOO??? Apagod na siguro sa kakapadyak...hehe...

Enjoy the week Ate Beng...


Beng Gee said...

Naku, niloloko nga ako nitong tatlo dito na may CCTV daw dun sa fence. Wait ko lang daw at makikita na ako sa TV News na nagnanankaw ng mangga. Katuwa lang kasi na mamitas from the tree! Wla kasi nung ganun sa 'min eh. Hehe..
We're really glad na pinagbigyan kami ni Tom na di sya mag-bike this time. Rest naman sya. Kaya masaya kami.
Enjoying the week so far Huling! I hope ikaw rin!

Beth said...

Wow, gala na naman. Sarap diyan. Pwede ba languyan yun beach? parang blue na blue e. parang ang lalim hehe. anyway, miss ko na beaches natin. di kasi kami magbabakasyon this year e. mamimiss ko summer diyan ngayon!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Beth, no big deal naman if you're not coming home for vacation di ba? Kasi you are with your own family and its what matters most. Anyway, may mga resorts din naman yata dyan kaya pwede pa rin ma-enjoy ang summer ng mga kids.

The waters of the beach I think is only good for divers. Deep waters lang kasi eh. Kaya yung mga swimmers, nasa pool lang lahat.

Glad to see here again Beth! See you around!

J said...

hot bulalo and crispy tawilis kuntento na ako. drooling na naman ako.

lagot... nag-nenok ng mangga hahaha.

Friday na dyan Tita B. hope your weekend will be great and restful. take care.

J said...

knock, knock! mukhang missing ang comment ko yesterday, or ang maybahay hindi pa napadpad dito.

hope all is well Tita Beng. have a stress free weekend.

Beng Gee said...

Hi J! Sorry for the delay of publishing your comment. Ang totoo, I was down with high fever the last 2 days. Buti na lang, feeling better na ngayon. Inuna lng muna ung assignment. :)

Hehe.. yes, nag-nenok ng mangga! can't help myself everytime I see hanging mangoes from tree.

Thanks for checking it out here again. See you around J! Ingat!

Beth said...

Ate Beng, tama pala ako, malalim nga. naku, I like crispy tawilis. ngayon ko lang napansin. ang sarap niyan!!! sobrang love ako ang tawilis, lalo na un maganda ang pagkakaprito.

Mae Amori said...

Such a holiday this has been. Looking at the Indian Mangoes makes me drool!

Joven Maaba said...

Hello po Ma'am Beng,

We have a reservation at Starcove Resort so I want to ask po if pwede kaming mag commute papunta dun since wala po kaming sasakyan :) Dito po kami sa Buendia, Pasay manggagaling.

Thank you.
God Bless.


Beng Gee said...

Hello Mae Amori! Glad to find new visitors drop by! Or are you really new? I surmise, you are only using a new pseudo name. Am I correct? Anyway, I'm still finding out if my guess is right. See you in your own site! Thanks for being here!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Jovs! Welcome to my site! Yes, we've been to Starcove. However, I don't think I am the right person who can answer your query. Since we didn't use the public transpo going to Starcove Resort, I have no idea if you can commute going to that resort. As mentioned, we had a real hard time finding the place since there is no directional signages to follow. Plus, the roads are truly unbelievably narrow you wouldn't believe Starcove is situated there. My advice is for you to contact staff at Starcove. Accommodating as they are, they can give you the answer to your question.

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