Friday, January 25, 2013

Dunsulan Falls, Clark and Subic in a Day - Part 1

The family road trip to Subic couldn’t push through coz DH is too busy with his biking activity.  It’s a good  thing, I have a big Sis who’s willing to bring me there and wherever I wanted to go.  I didn’t think twice when she asked me to come over to her place so we could go to Subic and other places.  I eagerly appeared at her place early morning the following day.

After enjoying big Sis' prepared breakfast, we headed to Dunsulan Falls in Pilar, Bataan.  Although Bataan is like a second home to me (coz I am always there since I was young), I haven’t heard or seen this lovely nature park, not until lately.  This place is made to be the drop zone of the province's latest attraction, the  new Zipline Adventure in Pilar, Bataan which is considered as the longest in Luzon.  It’s just the perfect site for the Zipline dropzone since the falls is pretty much an awesome sight after a thrilling fall from the Mt. Samat cliff.  Countless trees thrive in the area.  Construction of a reception hall is on-going, hence made me think that the natural beauty of the ecosystem is in jeopardy.  More so, I’ve noticed the water from the falls is not crystal clear anymore.  I’m afraid the supposed clear water isn’t protected from the harmful domestic users in the nearby areas.  Now that it is getting to be a popular tourist’s spot, I only hope the municipal government of Pilar will do something to bring forth a crystal clear water in Dunsulan Falls. Nonetheless, whether the water is clear or not, it is an awesome place for me and I want to go back to experience the exhilarating Zipline Adventure from Mt. Samat!
Welcome arch:  Enty point to Dunsulan Falls
Me and Dunsulan Falls
Picnic tables
Zipline's drop station.
Huge tree roots.
my tourist guide cum driver,my big Sis.
Next destination: Clark and Subic

Will post about our Clark and Subic road trip hopefully soon.

Blessings to all andI hope to see you all again!

4 Comentários:

A Mom said...

nice falls!

PinayWAHM said...

Ay ayus! Napagbigyan din pala kahit papano yung 'lakwatsa' na ina asam asam mo Ate Beng! Great sisterly bonding, I'm sure. I wish my ganyan din akong ka bonding kaso ang layo nila eh. :(

Next time baka si Kuya t naman ang maka bonding mo...hehe...baka naman kasi ang balak nyang bonding nyo eh hindi local [hint: US of Hey!...ay kapampangan...]

Have a wonderful week Ate Beng! Stay pweety syempre...


Beng Gee said...

E alam mo naman ako Huling, lakwatsera numero uno. Pag gusto lumarga, will always find ways. hehe.. At least

Nakoh! I don't expect Tom to come with us anymore. He prefers to bike than anything else. :(

At least I had another great time to bond with my Ate.

Stay well and ingat!

Mharms said...

Haven't done ziplining. sabi nila ay thrilling daw :) medyo takot naman ako...


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