Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deal or No Deal with MetroDeal

August of 2011, I blogged about the irksome experience I had with MetroDeal.  I was so infuriated that I vowed not to deal with this group buying site ever again.  I still do patronize promo deals offered by group buying sites though I stood to my word, “never  again with MetroDeal!”

More than a couple of months ago, I received a call from a customer support staff of MetroDeal.  It was a very friendly call and by the end of our conversation she was giving me assurance that MetroDeal has a completely   improved customer service coz the old staff I dealt with before were all replaced with a more competent ones.  And she was inviting me to try patronizing MetroDeal again to see for myself if what she’s saying is true or not.  I am happy to hear about the news though I still have qualms dealing with them again.

After few weeks, there was a call again from a different staff.  This time he bluntly requested to delete my post “Beware to deal with MetroDeal”.  I apologetically declined telling him it was a simple documentation of my experience.  Hence, I have the right to keep my blog post.  He could not refute my claim so he accepted my stand.  At the end, he invited me to come over to their office to have a coffee with the owner.  What?!! Ah.. err.. I’m dumbfounded!   He left his number so I can call him if ever I have the time.  Gosh! can't comment any further... Just had to brush it aside.

I marvel on how persevering  MetroDeal is!  Weeks back,  I received an invitation from MetroDeal to become one of the MetroDeal’s Brand Ambassador.  I’d be given credits which I can use to purchase promo deals offered by any merchant and in return, to blog about the experience with the product I bought.  Since I want to find out if dealing with MetroDeal is indeed trouble-free this time around, I accepted the offer and signed in.  And credits are now in my account available for consumption.   But then again, I still encounter unresolved complaints about them.  And every time, the nightmare I had with them always comes back to my mind.  I am having second thoughts now if I’m gonna use that credits or not.   Is Metrodeal truly worth dealing with?  Have you ever dealt with them?  I would appreciate if you could share your experience with this group buying site . You may help me find the answer to my question.  Is it a deal or no deal with MetroDeal?

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Batangala said...

so far, i haven't encountered any problems with metrodeal. i steer away from those travel packages but instead stick to food, especially by well known restaurants.

i think most of the problems arise from those travel packages. i guess, it's also metrodeal's responsibility to check the vendors they're advertising.

Farida said...

I guess they're doing their best to persuade you in removing the unpleasant experience you had with them.

I've has several transactions with them too through the years. Some were great however, just like in any other online transactions, photos can always be deceiving!

EastCoastLife said...

I don't usually buy stuff over the net. I hear my girlfriends' bad experiences with group buying sites and I am also worried about security.

J said...

ano vah yan? hindi nakakatuwa. I wish I can say deal... or no deal but wiz akong experience with them.

I hope this post will get more people to share with you their experience.

wait and see... Tita B.

take care and take it easy.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Noel! Good to hear that you haven't encountered problems with MetroDeal. I guess, I'll take note of that. Yes, I'll probably patronize their restaurants' promos rather than travels.

Thanks for sharing your experience with MD Noel!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Farida! So majority of your transactions with MetroDeal went great?! That's good to know, Ida! It's not all bad with them actually. True! They want to get back the trust of their disgruntled customers. Sadly though, there are still many unresolved complaints popping everywhere. I think that's where they need to give their attention to, settle all those complaints.

Thanks for your time and for sharing your experience, Ida. Have a nice day!

Beng Gee said...

@EastCoastLife: Shopping over the net has it's pros and cons. But I think, there's more risk in it than actually going out and shopping in person.
Your girlfriends' bad experiences are not surprising. It really happens.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you!

Beng Gee said...

Hello J! Why wiz expeience with MD? Wala bang MD in NY? Aha haha.. joke lng! But I know you also do your shopping over the net sometimes, di ba? I'm sure no bad experience for you. Shopping over the net is more secured there, I think.

Have a great weekend J!

Beth said...

When I was there, I availed of its deals esp the the spas and restos. And so far naman, wala naman akong na-encounter na di maganda. Yun nga lang, as what Ida said, photos can be deceiving. I once purchased a bag from one of its merchants, pero the actual product isn't as beautiful as the one in the pic.

Pero naeengganyo ako i-avail un travel packages nila. Para kasing good deal nga. Maybe, if ever na mag-avail ako and whatever the result of the purchase/availment was, I will blog about it.

As for the credits, I think you should use them if you did something naman (as a brand ambassador). If parang payment naman un for your effort, why not?

Have a happy weekend, Ate Beng!

Mitch said...

Hello Ate Beng! How are you.. Finally am back. hehe
but anyway, I never been to any online ad.
I heard some nega from Metrodeal, maybe that's one kaya i had never tried it before. I am too cautious and choosy siguro.

I hope they really get a chance to check their partners too noh..sayang kasi.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Mitch! Glad to see you back! Well, just trying to get some feedbacks, but I'm getting soft on them after the no hassle transaction I had on their website. Hopefully, it's really a well improved group buying website.

Thanks for the visit Mitch! Missed you much in blogosphere!

christalyn maramag said...

Hello Beng-gee! I never had any problems with MetroDeal and their deals posted on their website naman is all legit. :) Siguro before may mga glitches sila before...(merchant's fault maybe? and customer service na unaccomodating dati methinks) and the reason why I stick to them till now aside pa sa marami silang available na deals is the fact na mas ok ung service nila compared before.

Silkenhut said...

Hi, Just wanted to confirm. So are you now part of Metrodeal's Brand Ambassadors?

Beng Gee said...

Hi Silkenhut! Mind sharing why you wanted to confirm? Yes I have signed in as one if only to prove for myself that their improved customer service allegation is indeed true. I did some transaction with them and so far, I can see that it has really greatly improved. I have yet to deal with their affiliate merchants. I'll blog about the experience if the deal is done.

Thank you for your time here, buddy! Hope to see you again.

Silkenhut said...

Thank you for the reply. I sent you an email with regards to why I wanted to confirm. I sent it to the email address found in your blogger profile. :)

Beng Gee said...

Hi Beth! Sorry, I thought I have already replied to your comment eh hindi pa pala! I'm happy to hear from you that you have not encountered any problem with MetroDeal. Thanks, I considered your advice to use the credits. Para na rin to find out how reliable and organinized they are these days after the management fixed the previous problems. Looks like all is well with them now.
See you around Beth!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Christalyn! Sounds like you are a completely satistfied MetroDeal customer! Happy for you! With high hopes, problems I had before with MD is aleady a thing of the past.

Thanks for sharing your experience with MetroDeal. It may help others as well who aren't sure dealing with MD. Hope to see you again!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Silkenhut! I have read you email and replied as well. Thanks much!

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