Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cabalen Buffet Dinner

We love to eat out. It’s our way of  family bonding.  Likewise, it gives me the chance to break out from the monotonous daily chores of cooking.   Buffet dining is almost always the top choice when my family eats out coz we get to savour a variety of dishes.

Thus, when I saw Cabalen’s attractive promo in MetroDeal, I grabbed one without delay. I must say, MetroDeal has really improved its system somehow. Pretty convinced with the hassle free transaction this time around.  ..Well, back to Cabalen...  we have tried the Cabalen in Glorietta and their West Avenue branch years back when we brought out to dinner a Balikbayan relative who was yearning for Traditional Filipino Cuisine and next when we attended a baptismal occasion.  Now, MetroDeal gave us the opportunity to experience Cabalen’s Buffet Dining in Trinoma for our family Fridate.

My family were in Cabalen at exactly 7pm last Friday. The Restaurant was then almost full except for few vacant tables.  Glad that with this promo deal they require earlier reservations. Therefore,  no hassle of  queueing for us to be seated.  An array of various dishes was on display at the buffet counter.  You’d be confused which to get first.   Three hot pots of soup lined up the counter;  Bulalo, Tinolang Manok and was it Guinisang Mongo?. Not sure.  I only sampled Bulalo. I liked it because it’s really hot.  Then I came back for the main meal.  Although there were Dinuguan, Adobo, grilled liempo and Lechon or Roast Pig as among the many dishes offered at the buffet counter, my choices were limited coz I don’t eat pork.  I just indulged on the grilled seafood like squid, boneless bangus, catfish and  grilled chicken as well.  Thankful  that there’s seafood Kare-kare, Guinataan and Bringhe.  For dessert, they have Maja blanca, leche flan, marshmallow,  fruits,  chocolate fondue and other sweets which  I didn’t had the chance to taste coz they quickly disappeared from serving trays and I didn’t bother to wait for the serving plates to be refilled.  Anyway, I was so full to toss down a bit more of dessert.  There’s no doubt, DH and the big kiddos feasted much on  roast pig.  Ahh..  who cares about cholesterol! Lol

Twas another satisfying dinner out for the family. One real good family Fridate!  Haven’t reached home yet but already heard “where’s next?”

Acknowledgment:  Thanks to MetroDeal for the credits to purchase this promo deal from Cabalen Restaurant. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Need for Reliable Electrical Contractor

Summer is fast approaching.  I remember, in summer last year, there seemed to be no end to those howling sirens of fire trucks passing by our village.  Almost every day of the week, fires were braking-out everywhere.  Unfortunately, fire statistics usually rise at this time of the year. 

For always, the Bureau of Fire Protection  has lots of Fire Safety Tips for everyone.  Amongst those most important I think is:  Regularly check your electrical installations, and have all frayed wirings and electrical fixtures changed or repaired by a licensed electrician.

How many times have you heard of destructive fires resulting from faulty electrical wirings?  I bet,  countless  times.  It is indeed very important that electrical installations are carried out by someone who’s knowledgeable.  However, not everyone who claims to be knowledgeable is truly responsible or reliable.   Perhaps, if we could have the kind of residential electrical contractor mississauga have, statistics of fire accidents resulting from faulty electrical wiring would be drastically  lessened.  Why not?  They are composed of well trained experts experienced to trouble shoot major or   minor electrical problems. Mississauga electrical contractor are best on their line concerning residential and commercial lighting.  Hence, the risk of faulty electrical wiring caused fires is definitely out of the question. 

So, if there’s a need for licensed electricians, make sure it is from a team of experts  like that of mississauga electrical contractor.   Then you can be assured of a fire hazard free electrical wiring installations.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dunsulan Falls, Clark and Subic in a Day - Part 1

The family road trip to Subic couldn’t push through coz DH is too busy with his biking activity.  It’s a good  thing, I have a big Sis who’s willing to bring me there and wherever I wanted to go.  I didn’t think twice when she asked me to come over to her place so we could go to Subic and other places.  I eagerly appeared at her place early morning the following day.

After enjoying big Sis' prepared breakfast, we headed to Dunsulan Falls in Pilar, Bataan.  Although Bataan is like a second home to me (coz I am always there since I was young), I haven’t heard or seen this lovely nature park, not until lately.  This place is made to be the drop zone of the province's latest attraction, the  new Zipline Adventure in Pilar, Bataan which is considered as the longest in Luzon.  It’s just the perfect site for the Zipline dropzone since the falls is pretty much an awesome sight after a thrilling fall from the Mt. Samat cliff.  Countless trees thrive in the area.  Construction of a reception hall is on-going, hence made me think that the natural beauty of the ecosystem is in jeopardy.  More so, I’ve noticed the water from the falls is not crystal clear anymore.  I’m afraid the supposed clear water isn’t protected from the harmful domestic users in the nearby areas.  Now that it is getting to be a popular tourist’s spot, I only hope the municipal government of Pilar will do something to bring forth a crystal clear water in Dunsulan Falls. Nonetheless, whether the water is clear or not, it is an awesome place for me and I want to go back to experience the exhilarating Zipline Adventure from Mt. Samat!
Welcome arch:  Enty point to Dunsulan Falls
Me and Dunsulan Falls
Picnic tables
Zipline's drop station.
Huge tree roots.
my tourist guide cum driver,my big Sis.
Next destination: Clark and Subic

Will post about our Clark and Subic road trip hopefully soon.

Blessings to all andI hope to see you all again!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Family Dinner at King Bee Commonwealth

It’s been a while since our family went on an out of town road trip. I wanted to go to Subic again with them so I kept nudging DH to take a break from his hobby so we could go to Subic.  But seems like there’s no way to break him away from his insurmountable crazy passion,  ... his mountain biking.  Clearly, we are left with no choice but to settle for a family dinner out instead.

So we dined out last Saturday.  The kiddos chose King Bee.  The last time we went there was on son’s birthday last September but I realized I had not blogged about the event or the food we had.  (I remember I wasn't feeling well for a long time around that time). Obviously, these people loved all the birthday food son had or they won’t come back.  King Bee is a relatively new elegant restaurant located in Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City which specializes in considerably authentic Chinese cuisine. It serves real good Chinese dishes and their Peking duck is great (but I love Peking Garden’s more). It was included in the birthday food and daughter wanted it again but I discouraged her because of its steep price.  Anyway, they also have a roast duck which I learnt was the same as their Peking duck yet cheaper. The difference lies only on the way it is served.  Thus we just ordered the cheaper one.  Their dimsums are all scrumptious as with all the other food we ordered.. Needless to say, we love almost everything we saw in the menu. If only it's not as pricey, we would be visitng the place more often.  

Those food, no matter how delicious, could not compensate for the ignored out of  town trip. . Still on stand-by mode for the right time to snatch DH from his love affair with his bike.  With all my positive thoughts, that would be anytime soon!

Thanks again for dropping by! God bless everyone!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easy Ways to Plan Your Vacation to Washington

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Reserve Your Hotel Online

One of the first things you can do when you are planning your vacation to Washington online is to reserve your hotel on Expedia. When you search for hotels on the website, you will find all the hotels in the area, how much they are, and how they are rated. If you want a highly rated hotel to stay at with your family, then you can view hotels by how many stars they received. Also if you are on a budget, you can search by price.

Book Your Transportation

Depending on where you live, you can either fly to Washington or rent a car and take a road trip with your family. You can check out both prices when you go to the travel deal website online. They will have updated flight ticket availabilities so you can purchase your plane tickets online. Also, if you are planning on renting a car, you can also reserve it from this website. You can also take a cruise with your family while on your vacation. All you need to do is look on the website and find which types of cruises are available. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deal or No Deal with MetroDeal

August of 2011, I blogged about the irksome experience I had with MetroDeal.  I was so infuriated that I vowed not to deal with this group buying site ever again.  I still do patronize promo deals offered by group buying sites though I stood to my word, “never  again with MetroDeal!”

More than a couple of months ago, I received a call from a customer support staff of MetroDeal.  It was a very friendly call and by the end of our conversation she was giving me assurance that MetroDeal has a completely   improved customer service coz the old staff I dealt with before were all replaced with a more competent ones.  And she was inviting me to try patronizing MetroDeal again to see for myself if what she’s saying is true or not.  I am happy to hear about the news though I still have qualms dealing with them again.

After few weeks, there was a call again from a different staff.  This time he bluntly requested to delete my post “Beware to deal with MetroDeal”.  I apologetically declined telling him it was a simple documentation of my experience.  Hence, I have the right to keep my blog post.  He could not refute my claim so he accepted my stand.  At the end, he invited me to come over to their office to have a coffee with the owner.  What?!! Ah.. err.. I’m dumbfounded!   He left his number so I can call him if ever I have the time.  Gosh! can't comment any further... Just had to brush it aside.

I marvel on how persevering  MetroDeal is!  Weeks back,  I received an invitation from MetroDeal to become one of the MetroDeal’s Brand Ambassador.  I’d be given credits which I can use to purchase promo deals offered by any merchant and in return, to blog about the experience with the product I bought.  Since I want to find out if dealing with MetroDeal is indeed trouble-free this time around, I accepted the offer and signed in.  And credits are now in my account available for consumption.   But then again, I still encounter unresolved complaints about them.  And every time, the nightmare I had with them always comes back to my mind.  I am having second thoughts now if I’m gonna use that credits or not.   Is Metrodeal truly worth dealing with?  Have you ever dealt with them?  I would appreciate if you could share your experience with this group buying site . You may help me find the answer to my question.  Is it a deal or no deal with MetroDeal?

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year Is No Longer New

I am sure everyone is back on the track of their own normal activities.  Holiday is far way over and the New Year is no longer new.  With the days that passed by, I should have had accomplished a lot of chores around   the house but regrettably, not!  I planned to take all the Christmas decors down since right after New Year, but the tree is still up until today.  There’s an “angel” here about to do the tidying but I’d rather do it myself coz I want to make sure that it is properly kept.  Nonetheless, I’m confident that all will be over and done with before the sun sets.  

Hmmn.. allow me to vent a little!  I feel many things aren’t going right  .. here and there.  Am figuring them out but can’t pin point exactly where the flaw lies.  Assessing things and actions occurring around and it only bolster my assumption. Trouble is, I want to fix things up but they’re just not within my control.  Hence, I often find myself depressed.  Nevertheless, I am fighting it off my system.  Life isn’t perfect after all.  It has its ups and downs but whatever the circumstance be, I am holding on to a hopeful tomorrow.

The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions, and not our circumstances.
-Martha Washington-
 May you all have wonderful days ahead!  Happy as always to see you drop by! Thank you!

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