Friday, December 21, 2012

My love affair with birds

I don’t know why, but I have this special fondness for birds.  Years back, I remember having pushed DH to buy the pair of parrots we saw being sold along NLEX.  DH refused at first because it was too expensive (Php5,000.) but I wanted it so badly that I had to think of a way to make him give in. Thus, I requested him to make it his anniversary gift to me.  Ultimately, he gave in and I was really thrilled when I brought those parrots home.   That was many years ago and those parrots are now in Birds' Heaven . I couldn't forget how devastated I was then.  

There was also a time when  I couldn’t help but buy two pairs of parakeets from a pet shop in a mall. I was always charmed by their cheerful chirps all day and  amused as I watch then play and kiss inside their cage.  One day,  oblivious to my then little 4 year old daughter who went to unlock the cage and left it open (looked like she was experimenting what the birds would do).  I was panic-stricken when I saw the birds flying around the garage hesitant to fly away. Good thing, I easily caught each and brought them back to the cage again.  It’s one of those many unforgettable event  I had with my pet birds. There were many different others that I’ve bought and taken care of.  All of them gave me special joy just like what this Martines bird or Crested Mynah is giving me now. Martina, (that's how we call her) is with us for 7 months now. She was being peddled in our village and when I saw her, I wasn't able to control my love affair with birds again.  I have seen a Martines bird that talks so I am hoping that we would also hear her talk one day. So far, she's very cheerful and lively and talks much. Only, we couldn't understand what she's saying. Lol!

Just recently, DH brought out his mobile phone and showed me what he caught on video. I was thrilled seeing this Ring-Eyed African Lovebird hitchhiking with him on the windshield wiper of his car.  It looked comfortably enjoying the ride for a very long while until it got disturbed by a passing pedestrian which prompted the bird to abort the joy ride.  It broke my heart when I saw it flew away! Ahh.. if I were with DH that time, I definitely would have grabbed this cutie love bird! I'm sure it's not hard to catch just like the lovebirds that we had before.

(Sorry that I can only post photos.  I'm having trouble uploading videos on my lappy.) 

Have a bright sunny day everyone! Don't stress yourself too much for the coming holiday season. Be well!

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Batangala said...

My daughter used to have a mynah too. I still remember coming back from Laguna, Angel running to check her bird and how she cried out loud finding it dead. Someone accidentally left the bird under the sun and I guess it died of dehydration or something.

I told her we would just buy another one but she refused probably not wanting to experience the same tragedy again.

Chubskulit Rose said...

I love it here during summer as I have a frequent visitors at our backyard everyday! It's relaxing to watch them come and goes!

Beng Gee said...

That's certainly heartbreaking for Angel. I think I've heard same experience for a Mynah bird before. That it died when accidentally left under the sun. Sensitive pala ang Mynah sa init. Thanks for sharing. I'd keep an eye on my pet Martina.

Thanks for the visit Noel! God bless!

Beng Gee said...

@Chubskulit: Oh wow, I could be there sitting all day just watching those pretty birds come by. I'v heard too that those birds are colorful and usually nest around the house. Ang saya naman!

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