Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boracay Getaway for Our 32nd

I thought I would just forever be dreaming to experience the most trendy beach island in the Philippines.   But not anymore!  Last Wednesday, November 21, the family along with daughter’s friend flew to Boracay with plane tickets courtesy of daughter Janina as her gift to us for our 32nd wedding anniversary which was on the following day.    I’m thankful coz it’s a big cost cut down for that 4d/3n vacation.  It being an early morning flight, we had to leave our place by 3am and left the car at the overnight carpark of the NAIA Terminal 3.  Thinking we still have enough time after we checked-in for our 6am flight, we took our breakfast at one of the eateries inside the airport oblivious of the fact that we were already being called as the last passengers to board.  What a shame!  Nonetheless,  I felt special that moment coz we had a van all to ourselves given that the shuttle bus that transports all the boarding passengers had  left us behind. (Blush!)

By 7am,   we were at Caticlan Airport. As visitors in Boracay, we had to register at the Visitors' Counter. We took two tricycles to bring us to the Caticlan Port then boarded a pump boat to ferry us to Boracay Island.   'Twas like a never ending chain of rides coz right after disembarking, we had yet to take a multicab going to our hotel.  Hah!..  This time, I was already a little bit tired but pretty excited.

We checked-in at La Carmela de Boracay (which was booked in advance with the help of my friend, Susan to avail adequate discounts) located in beachfront, Station 2.  Like our previous out of town trips where we arrived too early to check-in,  we simply left our luggage at the hotel then walked around  and came back only on check-in time. 

As we explored part of Boracay, I won’t deny that I was a bit disappointed initially.  The place I thought, was no different from the other beach resorts I’ve been to. .. plain and ordinary. But not until I got into the water and discover how truly perfect the beach is.  The powdery white sand is marvelous!  Nothing  like it I had ever seen before. Definitely incomparable! There are no rocks nor sea grasses. The sea bed is flat and smooth unlike other beaches where there are unexpected deep parts. Water is crystal clear. Fish are teeming and very sociable.  Though some bite a little, I presume it's merely a friendly gesture. Lol!

 Well, I guess I have to cut short from here.  We had a lot of exciting Boracay adventures which is too lengthy to post in one sitting, You can expect more posts with regards to this Boracay Getaway of ours soon.  So hope to see you here again!

Thank you for dropping by.  Have a blessed day everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Year Travel Infografic

    new year travel v4 New Year Travel Infographic


Friday, November 9, 2012

Exploring Subic by Night

As I have mentioned in one of my posts before, I had the opportunity again to bond with my Ate Tatie, my only (remaining) sibling along with her daughter Mae.  She's from Balanga City and Bataan’s proximity to Subic made the latter appear like it is only a stone’s throw away from her house.  Understandably why it is  her favorite shopping and recreational spot anytime she wants.  It has been a long time since I last saw Subic at night time which was the reason maybe, why my big Sis brought me there again.  And yes, I almost forgot,  another reason was, she wanted me to have the pleasure of experiencing being aboard her brand new Toyota Fortuner.  Haha..  lucky I am coz I had the best of everything that night!  ... A sumptuous steak dinner, a relaxing cool evening walk,  discovering fabulous new malls,  relaxing in a fine music bar till late at night  and travel around in the luxury of a  “hot from the oven” high tech Fortuner of hers. Oh, ikaw na! Lol!

Here are some photos taken:
I had one of the best times again with them.  I hope big Sis won't get tired of sharing good times with me.

 Thank you for your precious time reading this post. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Pink October Post

It’s a shame that Pink October passed by and I hadn’t done anything to show my ardent support for it this year.  I used to join fund raising campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness like the Avon Walk but unfortunately, I missed it this year.  I am glad that I have a niece who’s ever so active and so concerned on giving support for BC Awareness (and giving assistance and aid to deployed Military Men on duty as well). This morning, I'm so glad and very touched by what is posted in her Facebook account.  

That is my niece Raquel who had joined the 5K Race for the Cure in San Diego, Ca.  It warms my heart that she remembered me on that event.  Could not help it, but my eyes got watery knowing that she too is in the same battlefield as where I am.   Nonetheless, I am very grateful that she’s now back on her best  fighting form.  She’s walking the trail I’ve been to and I know how difficult the journey is.  I’m just glad she’s one tough woman and is very positive in her outlook in life.  I’m sure, God would give her the arms/ instruments to combat all the obstacles in her life coz she’s one caring and loving lady.

I am always praying for you Raquel, for us, and for everyone else who are fighting it out and trekking the road to absolute wellness. God bless!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Saints’ Day 2012

After weeks of absence from blogland, I’m back again.  I can’t believe it’s already November!  How time flies so fast!  We are enjoying a long weekend now and although we wanted to spend the 4day holiday on an out of town journey, we never could and never would disregard our departed loved ones on All Saints’ Day.  Thus, we started off our Cemetery hopping ritual yesterday in Holy Redeemer Columbary where my brother's ash is interred, then to my FIL’s grave in Libingan ng mga Bayani in Fort Bonifacio until early evening and finish off today in Holy Cross Memorial Park where my parents are laid to rest.

My brother's niche/columbary

FIL's grave.

At Holy Cross Memorial Park with daughter and Niece-in-law
and other family members not in the photo.
'Twas a hectic two day observance of All Saints' Day for us. Glad it is still a holiday on the next two days.  

Hope you too had a good time observing the day for our departed loved ones..  Stay well and be happy!

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