Friday, October 5, 2012

Why choose Destination Weddings in Florida?

There are a number of destinations that one can choose for a wedding. Destinationwedding in Florida are really becoming quite popular, thanks to a variety of factors. Florida is well endowed with natural beauty and the right climatic conditions. The other features of any of the destination weddings in Florida are the superb natural settings, romantic sunsets and of course the incredible weather.

Getting married in Florida is going to be truly special for the couple. Check out for wedding planners in Florida who would be able to help you with all the arrangements. Just imagine exchanging your wedding vows in front of the ocean surrounded by the blue waters. This is simply exciting and you can make it truly special by having a destination wedding like a resort wedding or a beach wedding.
The wedding package would be totally dependent on whether you are going to hire a private or a public beach, the number of people or guests who would be attending this wedding. The more sophisticated your destination wedding in Florida, the more expensive would be the package. It goes without saying that a wedding is the most important and memorable event in the life of every couple, so if you have the money to spare, don’t think too much. Simply go ahead and have a lavish and memorable destination wedding in Florida and you can be rest assured that your guests would also have a really great time.
Depending on how the couple wants to spend their honeymoon, they may want to go in for a wedding as well as honeymoon package and generally many wedding planning companies give this combo offer.
The scenic beauty, the lush greenery, white sandy beaches and the tropical climate lends a romantic feel and you will be happy on your decision to get married at Florida.
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W-a-H-M said...

Howdy Ate Beng? Okay lang you?

Passing by here to wish you a great weekend ahead!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, how you doin'? Interesting post.
For some reason or other I have never believed in going faraway places for a wedding. In fact prefer a quiet one with just close family members and friends...
then a getaway to an Island.

Ya, I have friends getting married in Cuba, Hawaii, and other exotic places. Regret to say out of the 6 friends, 3 of the marriages went on the rocks after 3, 5 years....
Oh well, that's life.

You have a nice weekend, keep a song in your heart.

Beng Gee said...

Hi Huling! Oh, okay lang me although I'm always out of the house these past days.:) Di tuloy maka blog hop man lang.

How was your past weekend. Salamat sa pag bisita ulit! Dami ko na utang ah! Yaan mo, magbabayad ako oras na makaluwag na sa panahon.

Enjoy the weekend! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

Hello Lee!
Well maybe, if I'm a billionaire, I'd love to have an extravagant wedding in a fabulous far away place. But on the second thought, I agree with you that a grand wedding doesn't necessarily mean a lasting marriage as what had happened to some of your friends. Quiet wedding with family and close friends is much better indeed.

Thanks lots for visitng Lee! It's very much appreciated! See you around. Ingat ka palagi!

J said...

ako'y nabibingi sa katahimikan dito hahaha.

glad to know you're alright and just busy pagala-gala.

have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday Tita B.

Beth said...

As for me naman, I would love to have our wedding vows renewed sa church pa din. But if there is a church near the beach, mas maganda! :) Para sa beach un reception. hehehe. I'm dreaming again, Ate Beng...

Have a nice week ahead, Ate Beng! :)

J said...

hola!!! Tita B

mukhang nag-disappear ang comment ko a few days ago. minsan kasi bulag ako hahaha.

tahimik dito, masyadong nakakabingi (lol).

hope all is well. sige lang at maglamyerda ka araw-araw, masaya kaya nun. take care and God bless.

Beng Gee said...

Halu, my dear J! Hahaha.. nakakabingi ba? Hayan dahil sa pagmamadali, na-overlook ko tuloy ang nauna mong comment. Sensya na, kasama yan sa pagbata eh! hehe..
Dami ko ng utang sa inyo, my special nieces! Will try makabayad agad. See you around.

Stay well and beautiful as always! Ingat!

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