Friday, October 5, 2012

Someone maybe looking for you

How many times have you longed to see friends from way back your grade school years or from your carefree high school days, or from the joyful times in offices you used to work with?  I’m sure, there are a couple or more of those people from the past who have left a mark in your heart that you miss somehow.  Meeting them again would be like walking down memory lane, rewinding the reels of the happy moments that had long passed by.   There’s nothing like friends who have shared part of your life that you want to meet again and wish to catch up with.  

Actually, there are many ways to find missing loved ones or long lost friends and relatives.  In fact, I, myself met some of my friends from the past and relatives I haven’t heard for ages thru the social networking sites. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to connect with them again.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought of the possibility of someone whom you lost connection with is somewhere out there searching for you as well?  If in case you are interested to find out who’s been looking for you, you may want to log on to  Who knows, the one you’ve been yearning to see is likewise dying to see you!

2 Comentários:

Farida said...

This is something new I guess and helpful if you're really looking for old friends. Would you also know how we can find out if someone is online in YM though the status is visible? :)

Beng Gee said...

Hi Farida!
Actually, I have just read about it only recently. I am not sure how reliable the info is but nothing to lose I guess, if it'll be tried. About the YM status, hmm.. sorry, no idea eh.

Thanks for your precious time here, Ida! See you around soon!

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