Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are so many things to deal with. Only half of them are done and few more are yet to be attended to. The past two weeks were mostly concentrated on the presence of my vacationing MIL.  She stayed with my family prior to her flight back to Sydney.  Hopefully, we had given her the needed attention. Made sure we brought her to places she wanted to see. (Totally forgetting I had just recovered from sickness and hospital confinement.) 

The view from the Fernandina Villa Terrace.

Anyways, the family is happy that MIL was able to take pleasure on an overnight stay in Fernandina Tagaytay Villa and enjoyed sightseeing and food trip on some of Tagaytay’s popular restos.  I just feel bad though, that we weren’t able to spend time with the other balikbayans.   Yes, it wasn’t only MIL who was back in the country for short vacation but SIL from Ca. and her son from Perth, Aus. as well.    Also not to forget my own niece and her hubby from San Diego whom we missed attending their arranged family lunch in Intercon Manila while they were here. 
MIL with my daughter.

MIL and my DH

 Gerry's Grill facade
Gerry's Grill interior

Our dinner
Photo shooting while taking an early morning walk in Tagaytay.

Kenny Rogers Roasters menu

Kenny Rogers-Sta Rosa dining place
Same lunch orders for all of us only with different side dishes.
There are lots of personal stuff that need my time but have to set aside.  I had to give priority to seeing sick relatives and give time for bonding with my only sibling.  Thus, on the following day that MIL left for Australia, I met with my sis and her daughter in San Fernando, Pampanga then headed to Talavera, Nueva Ecija to visit  a cousin who met an accident and is bed ridden.   Likewise, a nephew by a cousin was diagnosed with an illness we hate to get.  It is quite a big clan we have out there whom we haven’t seen for years.  When they learned that we were coming, there was an outright reunion of sort and a very orderly potluck lunch was arranged all by themselves.  It was  truly one happy moment of catching ups and reminiscings we had with everyone.

Hah! I still have a lot to post.  However,  don’t want to tire you with a very long update.  I hope that you’ll be back  to spend a li’l more time again for upcoming posts. 

Thank you so much for your precious time!  Have a great week ahead!  Be well and enjoy life!!

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PinayWAHM said...

Food!!!!!!!!! Drool to the max ako syempre. I so miss our food. Kenny Rogers...dito wala....haha. I used to frequent that place if only to look at the chickens being roasted....hehe.

Good to 'see' you again Ate Beng. Busy ba? That's good....a reason to get out of the house, di ba? As long as hindi trip to the hospital, ayos lang.

Enjoy whatever is left of the week. isang tulog na lang TGIF na....dyan pala kalahating tulog na lang...hehe


Beng Gee said...

Huling, heto na naman ako, sa sobrang kupad mag-update. Even posting and replying to your comment is too slow. Hayyzz.. paki habaan ang pasensya ha?!!

Ah, miss mo ang Kenny Rogers eh di hamak naman na super sarap ang fud nyo dyan sa 'tate! Dito kasi, shalow lang ang kaligayahan. Simple food and short road trips, saya na! lol! At tama ka, wag lang talaga trip to the hospital.hehe..

How was your weekend? Hope it was a great one!

Pearl said...

Namiss ko tuloy ang Tagaytay...It was just 40 min to an hour from our place in Calamba. At ang sosyal ng accomodations and food! Nagutom ako!
Looks like the whole family had fun! Nice:-)

Beng Gee said...

Hello Pearl! Taga-Calamba ka pala, the beautiful historic town of Rizal! It's really very near Tagaytay. You must not miss going to Tagaytay when you come home. Although parang congested na ang place lately. Looks like Metro Manila to me if not for the lovely sight of Taal Volacano. We had much fun anyway! Thanks for the visit Pearl! See you around!

Dhemz Apdian - Dias said...

ang bongga....dami palang abroad sa fam...kau titaBeng, kelan kau rarampa ulit abroad? hehehe!

thanks for dropping by...glad to hear from you...:)

sweet talaga nang bonding...and look at the view...breathtaking!

Lainy said...

Hello Tita Beng. It's been such a long time. Like you, I am also busy as a bee. Good thing for you though, you were able to bond with family amd relatives at the same time get to visit some places. I wasn't able to experience that in Tagaytay. Next time, susulitin ko. Ang ganda naman ng accommodation nyo! Mahal ba TiTa Beng?

Beng Gee said...

Hi Dhemz! Yes, super dami na ng family members namin residing abroad. Hay naku, wish ko talaga maka-travel again outside the country. Dream ko mapuntahan yang 'Tate. Sana lang, magkaron ng realization!

Thanks for being here Dhemz!

Beng Gee said...

Hey, you surprised me Lainy! Yeah, it's been quite a long while.. i know.. your also a busy body like me. I'm just trying to keep up with everything kaya nakapamasyal pa rin. Nice din naman yung accomodation pero not mahal kasi it was only a promo I grabbed from a group buying site for 50% discount.

Always glad to see you here Lainy! Thank you for your precious time!

J said...

knock, knock!!! tao po! mukhang gala ka pa din Tita B. pwede sumama? kung andyan lang sana ako, tag-along ako palagi para mawaglit ang mga iniisip.

those food sa Gerry's grill, am I right with my guess - is that sisig? hanggang drool na lang ako Tita B.

take care and God bless.

Beng Gee said...

Tuloy po kayo, Ms. J! Hahaha! Di naman masyadong gala, slight lang! Lol! Naku, sana nga nandito ka lang para if ever you need a company sa galaan, you can just call on me. Pag galaan na ang usapan, you know you can count on me. haha..
Wag na masyadong nag-iisip ng kung ano J! You're very blessed!

Yes, it's sisig. Come home na! I'll treat you in Gerry's.

Think beautiful! Ingat!

Farida said...

The interiors of Kenny Rogers in Matalino St, QC looks as if it was for fine dining. I love the choices of food they have in this store. We have not been in Tagaytay for some time now and it must be great to visit again at this time of the year when the weather is cool.

Happy weekend :)

Beng Gee said...

Hello Ida! I noticed that Kenny Rogers renovated most if not all of their branches making it appear like it's fine dining. No more queuing at the counters like before. Lovelier ambiance eh, di ba?

Yup, nice to be there at this time of the year kasi it's really cooler kahit pa medyo congested na. :)

Have a nice day!

J said...

ako'y dumaan na at baka ma-offline ako longer than I want to. we're awaiting Sandy here in our area and in as much as we don't want a visitor at this time, kumakatok na hahaha. we're living in Zone A (flood zone kumbaga) kasi we're just a stone's throw away from the beach kaya ayan kinakabahan kami ngayon. we're planning to ride it out kesa sumunod sa mandatory evacuation. ang tigas ng ulo noh Tita B?

have a nice start of the week. take care always.

Beng Gee said...

Hala! Mandatory evacuation na pala dyan J, meaning, super hurricane talaga yang Sandy na yan! Nsa high rise naman kayo eh. Nevertheless, need pa rin maging prepared for unexpected. Basta ingat lang! God bless!

Batangala said...

hello beng. it's been awhile since i last heard rrom you. still busy? christmas is fast approaching and i am sure you will get busier as it comes near.

have a merry christmas :)

Beng Gee said...

Hi Noel! yeah, still much to accomplish but lacks time. hopefully everything's done before Christmas.
Haha.. glad to receive the very first Christmas greeting. Same to you, Noel!

I hope you didn't forget to visit your departed loved ones.

Beth said...

Hi Ate Beng,
I understand you so much for your delayed posts because I also do that. There were so many important things to do that I sometimes neglect my blog. Hayz. I really want to update it as often as I can but talgang walang time minsan e. Sa mga kids ko pa lang, at pag-aasikaso sa knila, ubos na oras ko, then me full time work pa then other chores. I know you know what I am talking about here.

Anyway, it's good to know that you found time for your loved ones esp those that need your love and attention. I pray for your good health because as you've mentioned here, dami mong things to do and people to meet (at di na nameet). Take care always.

Beng Gee said...

Hello Beth! Ah,I suppose that's how mothers' and wives' life go. Our hands are never empty for chores to do. But I'm sure you are as happy and contented being busy for the sake of the family. Right, Beth?

Thanks much for your time Beth. Sending you my warm hug of appreciation!

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