Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are so many things to deal with. Only half of them are done and few more are yet to be attended to. The past two weeks were mostly concentrated on the presence of my vacationing MIL.  She stayed with my family prior to her flight back to Sydney.  Hopefully, we had given her the needed attention. Made sure we brought her to places she wanted to see. (Totally forgetting I had just recovered from sickness and hospital confinement.) 

The view from the Fernandina Villa Terrace.

Anyways, the family is happy that MIL was able to take pleasure on an overnight stay in Fernandina Tagaytay Villa and enjoyed sightseeing and food trip on some of Tagaytay’s popular restos.  I just feel bad though, that we weren’t able to spend time with the other balikbayans.   Yes, it wasn’t only MIL who was back in the country for short vacation but SIL from Ca. and her son from Perth, Aus. as well.    Also not to forget my own niece and her hubby from San Diego whom we missed attending their arranged family lunch in Intercon Manila while they were here. 
MIL with my daughter.

MIL and my DH

 Gerry's Grill facade
Gerry's Grill interior

Our dinner
Photo shooting while taking an early morning walk in Tagaytay.

Kenny Rogers Roasters menu

Kenny Rogers-Sta Rosa dining place
Same lunch orders for all of us only with different side dishes.
There are lots of personal stuff that need my time but have to set aside.  I had to give priority to seeing sick relatives and give time for bonding with my only sibling.  Thus, on the following day that MIL left for Australia, I met with my sis and her daughter in San Fernando, Pampanga then headed to Talavera, Nueva Ecija to visit  a cousin who met an accident and is bed ridden.   Likewise, a nephew by a cousin was diagnosed with an illness we hate to get.  It is quite a big clan we have out there whom we haven’t seen for years.  When they learned that we were coming, there was an outright reunion of sort and a very orderly potluck lunch was arranged all by themselves.  It was  truly one happy moment of catching ups and reminiscings we had with everyone.

Hah! I still have a lot to post.  However,  don’t want to tire you with a very long update.  I hope that you’ll be back  to spend a li’l more time again for upcoming posts. 

Thank you so much for your precious time!  Have a great week ahead!  Be well and enjoy life!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why choose Destination Weddings in Florida?

There are a number of destinations that one can choose for a wedding. Destinationwedding in Florida are really becoming quite popular, thanks to a variety of factors. Florida is well endowed with natural beauty and the right climatic conditions. The other features of any of the destination weddings in Florida are the superb natural settings, romantic sunsets and of course the incredible weather.

Getting married in Florida is going to be truly special for the couple. Check out for wedding planners in Florida who would be able to help you with all the arrangements. Just imagine exchanging your wedding vows in front of the ocean surrounded by the blue waters. This is simply exciting and you can make it truly special by having a destination wedding like a resort wedding or a beach wedding.
The wedding package would be totally dependent on whether you are going to hire a private or a public beach, the number of people or guests who would be attending this wedding. The more sophisticated your destination wedding in Florida, the more expensive would be the package. It goes without saying that a wedding is the most important and memorable event in the life of every couple, so if you have the money to spare, don’t think too much. Simply go ahead and have a lavish and memorable destination wedding in Florida and you can be rest assured that your guests would also have a really great time.
Depending on how the couple wants to spend their honeymoon, they may want to go in for a wedding as well as honeymoon package and generally many wedding planning companies give this combo offer.
The scenic beauty, the lush greenery, white sandy beaches and the tropical climate lends a romantic feel and you will be happy on your decision to get married at Florida.
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Someone maybe looking for you

How many times have you longed to see friends from way back your grade school years or from your carefree high school days, or from the joyful times in offices you used to work with?  I’m sure, there are a couple or more of those people from the past who have left a mark in your heart that you miss somehow.  Meeting them again would be like walking down memory lane, rewinding the reels of the happy moments that had long passed by.   There’s nothing like friends who have shared part of your life that you want to meet again and wish to catch up with.  

Actually, there are many ways to find missing loved ones or long lost friends and relatives.  In fact, I, myself met some of my friends from the past and relatives I haven’t heard for ages thru the social networking sites. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to connect with them again.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought of the possibility of someone whom you lost connection with is somewhere out there searching for you as well?  If in case you are interested to find out who’s been looking for you, you may want to log on to MyLife.com.  Who knows, the one you’ve been yearning to see is likewise dying to see you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exploring Turkey

If you’re looking for a great summer getaway next year, then holidays To Turkey could well be high on your wish-list. It’s a wonderfully diverse destination with a superb range of resorts to suit virtually every different taste and preference imaginable. Everyone from clubbers to culture vultures, hikers to families will be accommodated - and a lot more between.

Take Bodrum for instance. This coastal gem is located on a stunning peninsula and features many wonderful golden beaches, complete with gently lapping shores and an array of watersports to suit all ages. At night, the town comes alive with the sounds of live music, lively bars and booming clubs. But by day, it’s a wonderfully diverse place filled with historical sights - such as the ancient Bodrum Castle. From its defensive position atop a rocky outcrop, this 15th century castle was built by the crusaders to protect against sea-based attack. Today, it’s a magical place to visit - especially as it’s also home to a marine museum that has a stunning range of items, many of which have been collected from shipwrecks dating back thousands of years.

If Turkey tickles your fancy, don’t book without first checking the range of low-cost deals available. Where package breaks are concerned, the best holiday deals are often found a few weeks prior to the departure date. This is when the prices drop to rock-bottom and providing you’re happy to vary your choice of resort and hotel, you’ll usually find some cracking deals. Alternatively, book well ahead - up to a year, sometimes more - and enjoy special offers on early bird bookings. Not only will you get great savings and longer to pay off the cost of your holiday, but you’ll also get the lion’s share of choice - meaning you can take first dibs on your preferred hotel, resort and even your departure airport.

So whatever you fancy, don’t leave it too long until you explore the wonders of Turkey...

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