Monday, September 10, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Finally, I had the luxury of waking up a li’l late without being confronted by voluminous chores.   How wonderful to greet the day with everything in proper places and the whole house truly spic and span, so to say.  The “angel” is doing her job well.  I only hope she would stay long with us.

Very timely, my PIC (partner in crime, close friend) picked me up and we went to the mall. But before going there, we passed by on those gardens selling nice plants not too far away. I grabbed a plant or two while she picked a nice decorative flower pot.   

Being a Sunday made it hard to find space to park at the mall.  But luckily, we found one after so many rounds.  Nonetheless, the parking space we got was right in front of Tong Yang and when it comes to Tong Yang, our eyes always meet.  Haha! Thus, we indulged again in another unplanned buffet pig-out.  Hmmn..  

my dessert:  refreshing Halo-halo
 And off for some grocery items after filling up.  Upon checking out, we were surprised with a new appalling City Rule wherein customers have to bring their own eco-bags or they have to pay Php2.00 for each plastic bag used.  It is said to promote eco-environmental awareness.  Huh?  Eco-environmental awareness but plastics are still allowed?  Can’t help but be irritated with the new regulation. Okay then,  "what if we don’t want to pay for plastic bags. How are we supposed to carry all these items?” I asked the cashier.  She offered the used boxes hidden beneath the counter.   We actually don’t like it but it’s a better choice than charging us Php2.00 for every plastic bag. Not that we're tight-fists, the new rule just isn’t fair!  On the hind sight, it is fine to promote Eco-awareness.  However, by the looks of it, this City Regulation has too many loopholes to patch up.  The burden is imposed on the buying public while business entities get to profit more.  I’ve heard from the news that there is postponement on a number of rules being implemented.  I hope the City Officials get to correct those irregularities.  Otherwise, their names most likely won't make it on the ballots come 2013 election.

Hah! You think I'm kinda veering away from my so called relaxing Sunday?   Well not really! Summing it up, it was still one relaxing day.  I guess, any day will always be great day when spent with my PIC! (Wink!)

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PinayWAHM said...

Scam naman yung nagbebenta ng plastic bags! If they're not careful, mawawalan sila ng customers or mauubusan sila ng boxes. Do they actually think na sa hirap ng buhay ngayon eh magbabayad ng 2 peson/bag ang tao? Naku at kakainis!

Breathe in....out!

Hi Ate Beng! Muntik na ngang masira ang iyong relaxing Sunday. Buti na lang may ibag bagay na pwedeng pag tuunan ng pansin. Kamusta ang week natin dyan? I hope it's not wet. May nabasa ako na umulan daw sa may Mandaluyong...binaha? Yung teachers sa isang school eh tumatawid sa tubig using desks. Hano ba yan!

Heniwey...napadaan lang po. I hope you're still relaxed! Hehe...


J said...

pwede bang sumama sa mga buffet pig-outs ninyo?

so happy to know you're indeed 'back.' saan naman ang pig-out last weekend?

I heard about this new city rule. wa ako ma-say sa P2 per bag ha.

heniway, hope your week is going well. take care Tita B.

J said...

pahabol Tita B. I happened to take not of your blog list sa side bar mno and mukhang blog ko lang ang hindi nag-u-update. minumulto ba? hahaha.

Beng Gee said...

To Huling and J, my adopted nieces: Sensya na kayo for the very much delayed response. I hope you understand. Alam ko naman na you know na loves ko kayo kahit paminsan nao-overlook ang pagbisita. Sana di kayo magsawa. :)
And yes, J, bkit nga ba ganun ang nag-a-appear sa bloglist? Wala yata sa mood eh. hihi.

I hope you are both enjoying your weekends!

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