Monday, September 24, 2012

Honest Mistake?

I still don’t feel well today so I instructed my “angel” to pay all the bills on my behalf.  Every bill and corresponding cash payments are well arranged and explained except for my credit card bill which I didn’t attach money ‘cause I  indicated a ‘debit  my savings account’ mode of  payment.  I am sure, it was well explained too, to my “angel”. 

I have a little fear that there would be snag somehow, coz this is her first time for this kind of instruction.  And I was right!  When she came back, I found two bills without corresponding receipts.   “Why so?” I asked her.  “ It’s because the teller in the bank asked for the cash.”  She replied.  That explains why she was short of cash to pay those bills.   I quickly checked the payment slip what mode of payment is registered.  It’s very clear, my savings account was debited.  And still, he asked for the cash from this innocent looking house help of mine.  Dang!  I was really mad!

Despite slight fever, nausea and all, I rushed to the bank and confronted the teller. I was expecting a logical explanation but all I got was a plain “Sorry po!” and the cash refund.   Yeah! That is all he could give.  Couldn’t help raising my voice coz I want an explanation.  But he just left his cubicle and pretended to be busy of sort.  Grrr! 

The lady teller on the next counter, whom I knew quite well, was very apologetic.  If not for her, I would have had reported his offensive response.  All I want is an explanation but what I got is “dedma”  (being blatantly ignored).  Nonetheless, I just keep my cool!  This male teller is a new face in the bank.  The big question to me is, did he do it with intent or is it an honest mistake?  Why turn his back on me rather than explain?  With those hanging questions in my head, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Batangala said...

Have you tried electronic transfers instead? you just have to enroll the accounts you wish to pay monthly. now, you can pay everything in the comfort of your own home.

the problem is not all companies have such arrangements with the banks.

Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: No, haven't tried electronic transfer yet. I wonder if it's available with Metrobank. What I'm aware of is I can enroll my bills with my credit card. And they automatically charge my cc for those outstanding bills. Don't like that though,kasi bilis nila mag-charge ng penalty pag late paymnt kahit a day lang.E yung original bill, walang penalty charge kahit late ilang araw.

Have a nice day, Noel!

Farida said...

I don't think it was an honest mistake. Whatever the intent of the teller was, good thing the money was refunded to you. If it happened to me, I wouldn't think twice of reporting the incident to the manager. Susugurin ko talaga sila, haha! :P

Beng Gee said...

@Farida: Right, I guess, I have to be content, whatever the intention is coz I got my cash back. Haha.. hot ka rin pala, Ida? I almost did that kung di nga lang dun sa lady teller.

Thanks for the visit! Blessings to you!

PinayWAHM said...

Naku kakagigil! Pasalamat sya at ikaw eh mahinahon pa kahit paano...sick and all...wawa naman kaw.

Benefit of the doubt? Like...doubt him, maybe? Kahina-hinala naman talaga eh kasi tinalikuran ka. Hopefully he was reprimanded after that incident.

Kamusta ka na? How was the doc's visit? Trangkaso ba? I hope you're feeling a lot better na. Buti na lang at may 'angel' ka na kung hindi eh mag lagot di ba?

Pahinga ka lang...hirap binat!


Pearl said...

Tita Beng,YOu should report the incident because if not, there would be others who could be victimized by that teller. And besides, he did not respect you when he turned his back on you. It was a rude gesture. You are a client afterall.
Kawawa rin ang angel mo, parang ininsulto ng teller na yon.
Hugs to both of you.

Beth said...

Batangala has a point. I do some of my bill payments online na din. Less hassle.

As for the incident, I think it was an honest mistake. The male teller just don't want to own up to it. And customers like us, aren't usually mad about the mistake, it's the attitude toward it that irritate us more.

As for the "angel" of yours, I also ask my help before to do bill payments. Dati, me mga snags nung una. Pero naging thankful din siya after kasi tinuruan ko daw siya at pinagkatiwalaan. :) Di niya alam pinadali niya lang un ibang tasks ko hehehe.

J said...

hay naku! hirap mag-judge but turning his back on a client is a big no-no.

hope you're feeling better na Tita B.

sending you my get well hugs from NY. take care.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

How are you feeling na? I hope you're a-okay already. Kamusta ang weekend dyan? Kami pagod kasi nag road trip ulit...same place. This time to look at properties...hay kapagod!

Heniwey...ingat palagi!


Beng Gee said...

Hello Huling! Sensya ka na ha?, Naka balik ka na at lahat dito di ko na pala na-reply-an ang mga comments ninyo. I was hospitalized kasi after that day in the bank. I spent 3 days in confinement and just rested for days at home. With God's blessings, back to normal na naman ako.

Glad to hear that you were out again on a road trip. And wow! you're looking at properties! Great idea to invest huh?! I hope you found what you are looking for.
Never mind the pagod, enjoy naman!

Thanks a lot for your precious time Huling! Have a lovely day!

Beng Gee said...

@Pearl: Glad to see you here again! The attitude is really a turn-off but maybe he'd be careful next time around. Coz if not, I won't have a second thought of reporting him to the management.

Thank you for sharing your views, Pearl! See you around! Take care!

Beng Gee said...

@Beth: Well, there's the probability that it was truly an honest mistake. But he could have explained why or how it happened rather than turn his back when I questioned him. Right you are Beth, it's the attitude that was irritating.

Anyways, I'll look into that online banking if it's available with this bank. Thank you for the visit Beth! Have a great day! Tc!

Beng Gee said...

Hello J! Tama ka din J., hirap mag-judge. Kaya I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt na lang. Although, tama nga din si Huling kasi I have that big doubt on him na. hehe.

Praise God!, normal na naman ulit ako J, after being confined in the hospital.

Salamat sa effort to visit here. Sending back that big Thank you hug!

J said...

panay check ko dito pero walang update. I figured you were just resting at wiz kita i-disturb. I thought of emailing you kaya lang wiz ko nga maka-disturb hahaha. I'm very happy to know that you're all ok now Tita B.

take care and take it easy.

Beng Gee said...

Salamat ng marami sa pagsilip lagi dito J! It's very much appreciated as always!

Be well and take care too! See you around!

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