Monday, September 24, 2012

Honest Mistake?

I still don’t feel well today so I instructed my “angel” to pay all the bills on my behalf.  Every bill and corresponding cash payments are well arranged and explained except for my credit card bill which I didn’t attach money ‘cause I  indicated a ‘debit  my savings account’ mode of  payment.  I am sure, it was well explained too, to my “angel”. 

I have a little fear that there would be snag somehow, coz this is her first time for this kind of instruction.  And I was right!  When she came back, I found two bills without corresponding receipts.   “Why so?” I asked her.  “ It’s because the teller in the bank asked for the cash.”  She replied.  That explains why she was short of cash to pay those bills.   I quickly checked the payment slip what mode of payment is registered.  It’s very clear, my savings account was debited.  And still, he asked for the cash from this innocent looking house help of mine.  Dang!  I was really mad!

Despite slight fever, nausea and all, I rushed to the bank and confronted the teller. I was expecting a logical explanation but all I got was a plain “Sorry po!” and the cash refund.   Yeah! That is all he could give.  Couldn’t help raising my voice coz I want an explanation.  But he just left his cubicle and pretended to be busy of sort.  Grrr! 

The lady teller on the next counter, whom I knew quite well, was very apologetic.  If not for her, I would have had reported his offensive response.  All I want is an explanation but what I got is “dedma”  (being blatantly ignored).  Nonetheless, I just keep my cool!  This male teller is a new face in the bank.  The big question to me is, did he do it with intent or is it an honest mistake?  Why turn his back on me rather than explain?  With those hanging questions in my head, I give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Missed Family Bonding at Manila Intercon

The clan on my side probably are currently having good time right now.  My U.S based niece arranged a lunch date for the clan at the Hotel where they are billeted for a week.  DH and the two big kiddos went without me.  In as much as I want to come  with them, my body’s strength couldn’t afford to.  I am presently suffering from fever, pain in the throat, and nausea (with occasional throwing up).

I’m indeed disappointed not being able to go.  Niece and her hubby come here only once a year and the chance of seeing them this year is wasted!  I’m upset!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goodbye Entrecard!

I logged on the internet early this morning and I was greeted by Mr. Dave Lucas’ comment informing the sad news that Entrecard is gone forever.  That’s really sad knowing there’s now a slim chance for my blog to be visited by a number of regular Entrecard droppers.   I still hope though, that somewhere, somehow, someone’s gonna restore it for the benefit of the hundreds or thousands  of the avid Entrecard followers

I'll say Goodbye to Entrecard!  With high hopes though, of seeing it resurrect in the near future.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

On for some updates

Last week, I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital for my annual work ups.  Although it’s not all done yet, I am content with the results so far of the Blood Chemistry test and the CA-15-3 (tumor counter). And while the latter’s figure has gone up a little, I was assured by my onco that it’s still normal and there’s nothing to be worried about.  Hence, I feel much lighter now despite feeling very tired due to commuting via public transport. 

Anyways, “Welcome Home!” to a number of balikbayan relatives who are in town although we haven’t seen anyone of them yet.  My niece from San Diego, Ca. is here for a short business trip, likewise, my SIL and his son along with his family came home from California and Perth, Ausralia, respectively for a short vacation.  I can sense bonding celebrations in the offing.  It's here and there. Hmm, can hardly wait! Lol!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Finally, I had the luxury of waking up a li’l late without being confronted by voluminous chores.   How wonderful to greet the day with everything in proper places and the whole house truly spic and span, so to say.  The “angel” is doing her job well.  I only hope she would stay long with us.

Very timely, my PIC (partner in crime, close friend) picked me up and we went to the mall. But before going there, we passed by on those gardens selling nice plants not too far away. I grabbed a plant or two while she picked a nice decorative flower pot.   

Being a Sunday made it hard to find space to park at the mall.  But luckily, we found one after so many rounds.  Nonetheless, the parking space we got was right in front of Tong Yang and when it comes to Tong Yang, our eyes always meet.  Haha! Thus, we indulged again in another unplanned buffet pig-out.  Hmmn..  

my dessert:  refreshing Halo-halo
 And off for some grocery items after filling up.  Upon checking out, we were surprised with a new appalling City Rule wherein customers have to bring their own eco-bags or they have to pay Php2.00 for each plastic bag used.  It is said to promote eco-environmental awareness.  Huh?  Eco-environmental awareness but plastics are still allowed?  Can’t help but be irritated with the new regulation. Okay then,  "what if we don’t want to pay for plastic bags. How are we supposed to carry all these items?” I asked the cashier.  She offered the used boxes hidden beneath the counter.   We actually don’t like it but it’s a better choice than charging us Php2.00 for every plastic bag. Not that we're tight-fists, the new rule just isn’t fair!  On the hind sight, it is fine to promote Eco-awareness.  However, by the looks of it, this City Regulation has too many loopholes to patch up.  The burden is imposed on the buying public while business entities get to profit more.  I’ve heard from the news that there is postponement on a number of rules being implemented.  I hope the City Officials get to correct those irregularities.  Otherwise, their names most likely won't make it on the ballots come 2013 election.

Hah! You think I'm kinda veering away from my so called relaxing Sunday?   Well not really! Summing it up, it was still one relaxing day.  I guess, any day will always be great day when spent with my PIC! (Wink!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Enough of the difficult times

Hopefully, I’m over and done with self pity and all.  There’s so much to live for after all!  I’m still enduring some muscle pains at my back, my right arm and hands but I’m very optimistic that these will vanish in due time. More so,  I can rest from most of the laborious household chores I carry out day in, day out.  Oh yeah! I can now put my feet up and relax from doing the laundry and all coz an “angel” is sent my way. Thanks to our sweet niece, April, for sending this girl house help. Niece doesn’t know how greatly she has helped me.   May you continually be blessed April, and may you fulfil your Australian dream. :)

To my blogger friends and visitors, thank you so much for the tireless effort to stop by and leave kind comments despite blog's idleness.   Will try my best to keep up with you.  See you around!

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