Monday, August 13, 2012

Unforgettable Australia

Over and over again, my mind keeps going back to Australia, the wonderful Land Down Under. It is one beautiful country that has captured my heart.  Almost a decade ago, hubby and I had the chance to see some of the country's famous landmarks.  Through the generosity of my SIL and MIL, we were able to travel around different places in the exciting cities of Sydney and Canberra.  Good thing, there are cheap flights to Australia!  The saved flight discounts were added to our tour of the city.

One thing made me sad though.  The activity that I would want to experience but wasn't able to carry out. It is to catch the panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour sunset via the Sydney Harbour View Bridge climb..  I blame the intense acrophobia I had every time.  Anyhow, our trip to the different tourist attractions like the Oz icon Sydney Opera House, the 309 meter high Sydney Tower, the relaxing Sydney Aquarium, the  fun  and educational Taronga Zoo, the enigmatic Blue Mountain, the unique architecture of Australian Parliament House in Canberra, the colorful flowers of Canberra Spring Festival had more than compensated for the one unaccomplished desire. Not to mention the happiness I felt from the trip to other alluring places around the city like the Bondi Beach and Manly Beach which utterly captured my beach-a-holic mind and spirit.

Well, apart from those interesting places of Australia I have mentioned, would you care for some Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Australia?  I bet, you haven’t heard about them yet or have you?

Here are some:
  •  The British Empire colonized Australia and used it as a place of imprisonment for thousands of convicts and political prisoners. Approximately 160,000 convicts were sent there.
  •   Australia is the world’s largest inhabited island and the smallest continent.
  • · The longest fence in the world is in Australia, and it runs for over 5,600 kilometers (about 3,400 miles). It was built to keep the dingoes (wild dogs) away from the sheep.
  • · The world’s longest piece of straight railroad track stretches 478 kilometers (267 miles) across South Australia’s Nullarbor Plain.
  • · Australia also has the world’s longest stretch of straight roadway; the straight section is 148 km long (91 miles).
  • ·  The Great Barrier Reef has the world’s largest oyster, which weighs close to 3 kilograms (almost   7  pounds).       
I hope you liked these trivia.  Have a terrific day, everyone!


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Batangala said...

i think another trivia. not sure if i am right is that new zealand ang papua new guinea used to be parts of australia.

i also remember when we travelled the southeastern part of australia from brisbane to sydney to blue mountains to canberra and finally melbourne mostly by trains/bus as we only depended on my stipend from school to buy train passes good for 2 weeks and the generosity of my former classmates in sydney and canberra and my SIL in melbourne, who provided our accommodations.

will we do it again? i am not sure as i think i am getting older and can't withstand an 8-10 hours travel by train in one stretch, he he he

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Beng Gee, how you doin'? Glad to know you've been to Australia.....They wayyyyy below, we wayyyyy up North.
Thats one country I must one day visit.....
What I'd like to see are the opal mines....
And that Ayers rock in sunset.

Wow! Never knew about that monster oyster? Enough for 10 people. Wonder if any one found a pearl in one.
Interesting posting....
Ingat ke palagi, and keep a song in your heart.

PinayWAHM said...

Naku inimbitahan ako dati nung co-teacher ko na Aussie [an older gentleman] kaso di ako maka -oo kasi baka di na ako pabalikin....haha. Atakot ako but it would have been a great experience noh?

A few years ago yung 'best job' in the world eh sa Autralia. It was to take care of an island for 6 months ata and to study the marine life there. Ang daming nag apply....

How's the rain situation there Ate Beng? Sa amin as usual baha na naman...:((

I hope Helen does not pay you a visit.


Beng Gee said...

@Batangala:I think there is some truth to Papua New Guinea's being once a part of Australia but not NZ.

I wish we had done that train/bus Australian travel too. That would have been real fun. Given the chance, I'd love to take the train/bus. I'm older than you but WTH! I'd endure as long as I'd see places!

Beng Gee said...

Hi Lee!
I'm good! Glad to see you again! Ah, I want to see those opal mines and Ayers Rock too. I want to witness the lovely underground residences in the opal mines as well. Kinda intriguing! hehe..
Yeah, that oyster is big enough for 10 but I don't think I could partake a piece of it, if ever. Kinda scary! I'd rather look for any pearl it may have. haha..

Thank you so much for the visit Lee! See you around! Ingat din!

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Naku, sayang naman yung opportunity of travelling to Australia Huling! Kung nagkataon, hindi ka sana American Citizen ngayon kundi Australian! Lol! Sorry na lng yung Aussie na yun, di nya alam, in waiting na yung gwapong amerikano! hehehe..

Yeah, I've heard about that best job too. Sarap buhay na laki pa ng pay eh!

Sorry to hear about your place here being submerged again. I think floods are getting worse everywhere everytime! Helen, luckily will just pass by the northern most part. Hopefully, walang additional flood to bring.

Hope you have a bright and sunny day!

J said...

I haven't been to the land down under. It's been on our travel list for quite sometime but the travel time is a killer coming from the US. maybe it will happen someday pag hindi na kami based dito :-) .

I have two friends ( a college friend and a high school friend) living there - one in Sydney and one in Canberra. In the meantime hanggang overseas calls na lang kami kasi hindi rin nagtugma ang sched namin pag-bakasyon sa Pinas.

Hope you're dry and the sun is out today. Although, Helen is there, sana hindi ulanin ang Metro.

have a great day Tita B. said...

We love Australia as well and were lucky its just our neighbor. I've been to Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast. I love Gold Coast the most as it's a playground for all ages, Sydney is too busy for me

Beng Gee said...

@J: I know naman, you can fly to Australia if you so desire! Ang maganda kasi for US citizens like you is that, there's no need to apply for Australian Visa. Go na lang kayo anytime you want. Kainggit! hehe..

Ayun naman pala at may friends pa sa Sydney at Canberra.. may magho-host na, may magtu-tourist guide pa! Lucky you! haha..

The sun won't come out yet.Typhoon Helen I think is still in the country, raging havoc in Northern Luzon esp. Ilocos and Cagayan Province.

Hope you have a fabulous day, J!

Beng Gee said...

@Angsarap: You are very fortunate to be living in NZ and be near the awesome country of Aus. I aiso wish to see Brisbane and Gold Coast in the future!

God bless and ingat lagi!

Princess Sarah said...

Hello Beng, hope you will visit my blog, I have prepared give a away for my visitors.


His Unfailing Love

Beng Gee said...

@Princess Sarah: Okay, will try to visit as often as I can. Tnx!

Beth said...

Hi Ate Beng,
Australia is one of my dream destinations, aside from Japan, Canada, Egypt, Guam, Hawaii, and Tahiti. Hehehe. Dami no? You're so blessed to have been there! And view and see for yourself all those landmarks!!! I wish I could go there someday. I'll keep praying...

Beng Gee said...

Hello Beth! All those places you want to see are all worth dreaming of. Not too remote for you coz you have all the time ahead of you to realize those. Just grab each opportunities that comes your way. Good luck and God bless!

J said...

how are you na Tita B? hope all is well and you're dry where you're at. I know you've been having storms one after the other lately. talaga nga namang season ng bagyo.

take care and God bless!

Beng Gee said...

I'm fine J, although I'm always out of the house for some important errands. Household chores are all in stand-by mode. Too confused now which to act on first. Gives me headache just looking at those. :(

Thanks for the visit J! Seeing you here always makes me happy! :) I hope your days are always great!

Lainy said...

WOW! Buti ka pa, Tita Beng, nakarating na don.

It's great to be back here. It has always been half a year since I stopped blogging.

I hope all is well with you, Tita Beng.

Love and Hugs,

Beng Gee said...

Welcome back, Lainy! Great to see you getting active again in blogosphere! Yeah, got lucky and had the chance to visit the land down under. I bet, you're gonna go overseas too in the near future!

Good luck on all your endeavours Lainy!

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