Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Tong Yang

We had planned to go out for a steak dinner since the other weekend but due to frenzy weather, our mood changed and just settled for my own cooking.  Last Saturday though, we didn’t pass up the chance while the rain came to a halt for a while.  However, when we’re about to leave, hubby declared we won’t travel far coz the roads to Mini’s steak house in Libis, QC may be flooded yet and he doesn’t want to get caught in heavy traffic jam.

No choice for us but the nearby SM Fairview Mall for a buffet dinner instead.  We headed to the recently newly opened City Buffet.  A waitress attended to our table as we proceeded to the buffet island to get our food.  Hungry maybe, didn’t bother any longer to check first on the food offered.  I quickly took a plate and spooned a mixed veggie dish (or Chop suey).  Then on to the next, .. but had to let pass because it’s pork ( I don’t eat pork).  Then to next, which I had to let pass again because it’s mongo sprouts, (bad for arthritis).  Next .. I had to skip again because it’s all tofu, on to next food offered ..  Pinakbet , I ignored (not fond of it for dine outs)  then chicken dish that looked mushy.(not enticing at all). Daughter took a round on the other side of the food island and she was like kind of dismayed with what she saw. What they got there were nachos and the likes and other non-sense food. What???  only those kinds  of fares for a whooping Php535.00/pax?  Wehh.. are they kidding?  

Still holding the plate with spooned food on it, I approached the crew in charge and sheepishly apologized for the dirtied plate coz we were backing out.  I meekly explained and she understood.  Hubby was still in the car park when we texted him to proceed to Tong Yang instead. 

Thus, it was Tong Yang again for us for the nth time.  Anyway, it has been a month since my last visit there with a friend and if I remember right, November was the last time the whole family ate there along with my sis and her family. Presumably, each one of us already missed shabu-shabu,  crabs, shrimps, beef slices,  sushis,  and fresh fish slices, chicken or pork barbecues and fresh salad veggies. Alomg with choices of fresh fruits, ice cream, sweets and halo-halo for dessert .  So what if we had to cook first before we could eat?  We love the food anyway! And the best part is, it is only Php 399.00/pax.  Way cheaper than City Buffet. And the price gets even lower if it's a weekday lunch which is only Php299.00!  Btw, they also have drink all you can for Php65.00.  Now, will you still be surprised why I like going back to TongYang?

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this post.  Be well and stay happy! Hope to see you again!

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Batangala said...

i used to work along quezon avenue near a tong yang restaurant. though i've worked there for about 6 years, sadly i haven't tried it. especially the shabu-shabu

Beth said...

Wow, try ko Tong Yang when we go back there. For sure, the kids will enjoy cooking their food before eating them.

It was also very honest and brave of you to back out. I would've done the same even if I already used their plate.

Thanks for always dropping by, Ate Beng. I deeply appreciate it. :) Take care!

PinayWAHM said...

Ay nakakainis talaga pag ganun na nasa loob ka na only to realize na hindi worth it ang bayad sa nakahain. I also liked Tong Yang when I was still there.

Kamusta ang baha dyan Ate Beng. I've been following the news....grabe at mukhang babahain na naman ang mga taga amin. I hope the rain stops na para naman it won't get worse.

Stay safe [and dry].


Beng Gee said...

@Batangala: Tagal mo palang nag-work sa Q. Av Noel? We had frequently visited Tong Yang Q.Av. before as well. You didn't try Tong Yang kasi daming good restos in that area eh.

I hope you are safe from flood waters Noel! Ingat!

Beng Gee said...

@Beth: Janina was so ashamed to back out due to the plate I was already holding. But still did rather than magdusa sa food na di ko gusto. Let alone magbayad ng malaki sa walang kwentang pagkain.

Yeah, bring your kiddos in TongYang when you come back. They will surely enjoy!

Hope you're all doin' great! Have a nice day, Beth!

Beng Gee said...

@PinayWAHM: Kahit nakakahiya, we had to back out. Buti na lang mabait yung nakausap ko. hehe..

The situation here is so bad Huling. I'm sure nakita mo na kung gaano kataas ang mga baha everywhere. It is said to be worse than typhoon Ondoy. Up to this moment, heavy rain continues incessantly.

I've heard submerged na rin ang ibang part ng Pamp. Sana your brothers are safe and not affected. Praying for the rain to stop. Kawawa naman yung lubog sa baha.

Take care always, Huling!

Admin said...

Aww!! that was frustrating. I may also have done the same. Ano yun gulay festival for 535/pax? Hahaha, joker naman masyado yun, bagong resto pa naman. Di man lang sila nahiya sa Tong Yang. Tingnan mo naman, sea foods, bbgs at samahan mo pa ng sushi...san ka pa?

Dhemz said...

ayay, next time titaBeng, sama mo ako...eheheheh! kakagutom dito....:)

Beng Gee said...

@Dhemz: sure, girl! next time you come home. just let me know!

Have a lovely day! Ingat!

J said...

I can't blame you for leaving. kahit nga libre if the food is not palatable, I bet tatalikuran ko din, how much more if you're paying.

from the looks of it, you were spared from the flooding (ang clue . may update hahaha) Thank God!

take care Tita B.

Beng Gee said...

@J: Yes, we're very fortunate that we were not affected by the destructive flood. At nakapag-mall pa! Iba na ang nakatira sa bundok! Lol!

Thank you sa pamamsyal dito J! Good day to you!

Beng Gee said...

@Admin: Yun nga nga Nance, di ko ma-accept to pay that big for those cheapy kinds of food. Frustrating talaga! Buti na lng may TongYang! hehe..

Sorry for late reply Nance! Na-overlooked ko itong precious comment mo.
Hope you have a great day! Take care!

Farida said...

City Buffet has another branch in Robinson's Galleria and we were about to try it out until my Mom backed out coz she was not up for buffet... we did not check the food they served though.

Good food will be flocked by their loyal clientele just like your family. Hope you enjoyed the dinner and the camaraderie :)

Beng Gee said...

@Farida: I was told it's not all that bad in City Buffet. They have shrimp tempura and other seafoods too. I guess we were there at the wrong time. I don't know.. gotta to check them out again someday. :) For all we know, your family might love it there!

Have a great long weekend! Take care!

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