Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The worst ever

Countless times, I made an effort to update this blog since the last post.  But each time, I only end up with nothing.  This is the worst time I had, as I feel so worn-out physically, mentally and emotionally.  My body aches, my mind is empty and I'm drowning in self-pity!  Hmmn.. ahh.. err.. oh well!

 I hope to get out of this labyrinth soon.  I trust that you will  bear with me!
Take care and stay safe everyone! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Essential Hunting Gears

(Posted by Bonniekss)

 If you are going to be spending some time in the field on a hunting trip, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in advance for that day in the field. This will help to ensure that you are going to be as comfortable as possible and will also help to improve your odds of success, if you prepare properly. As any hunter will be able to tell you, the preparation for the time in the field is going to start as soon as you realize that you are going to be going out. If you hunt regularly, that preparation process will never end. What are some of the things that you should consider so that you can be as comfortable and equipped as possible?

Have you done any scouting in the area? If you are not able to scout regularly, you will find it to be to your benefit to use a game camera to do the scouting for you. Make sure that you choose a high quality camera, such as those from Moultrie or Reconyx. It will allow you to see what is in the field and to learn the habits of the game that is in the area. It is also important that you are equipped for the actual trip into the field, after the reconnaissance has taken place. Choosing a quality backpack, such as one from Sitka Hunting Gear by Santana Outdoors will help to improve your ability to pack more items into the field and to keep them organized. This will help you to enjoy your hunt much more than if you packed haphazardly.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Unforgettable Australia

Over and over again, my mind keeps going back to Australia, the wonderful Land Down Under. It is one beautiful country that has captured my heart.  Almost a decade ago, hubby and I had the chance to see some of the country's famous landmarks.  Through the generosity of my SIL and MIL, we were able to travel around different places in the exciting cities of Sydney and Canberra.  Good thing, there are cheap flights to Australia!  The saved flight discounts were added to our tour of the city.

One thing made me sad though.  The activity that I would want to experience but wasn't able to carry out. It is to catch the panoramic view of the Sydney Harbour sunset via the Sydney Harbour View Bridge climb..  I blame the intense acrophobia I had every time.  Anyhow, our trip to the different tourist attractions like the Oz icon Sydney Opera House, the 309 meter high Sydney Tower, the relaxing Sydney Aquarium, the  fun  and educational Taronga Zoo, the enigmatic Blue Mountain, the unique architecture of Australian Parliament House in Canberra, the colorful flowers of Canberra Spring Festival had more than compensated for the one unaccomplished desire. Not to mention the happiness I felt from the trip to other alluring places around the city like the Bondi Beach and Manly Beach which utterly captured my beach-a-holic mind and spirit.

Well, apart from those interesting places of Australia I have mentioned, would you care for some Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Australia?  I bet, you haven’t heard about them yet or have you?

Here are some:
  •  The British Empire colonized Australia and used it as a place of imprisonment for thousands of convicts and political prisoners. Approximately 160,000 convicts were sent there.
  •   Australia is the world’s largest inhabited island and the smallest continent.
  • · The longest fence in the world is in Australia, and it runs for over 5,600 kilometers (about 3,400 miles). It was built to keep the dingoes (wild dogs) away from the sheep.
  • · The world’s longest piece of straight railroad track stretches 478 kilometers (267 miles) across South Australia’s Nullarbor Plain.
  • · Australia also has the world’s longest stretch of straight roadway; the straight section is 148 km long (91 miles).
  • ·  The Great Barrier Reef has the world’s largest oyster, which weighs close to 3 kilograms (almost   7  pounds).       
I hope you liked these trivia.  Have a terrific day, everyone!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relax in style aboard the Brilliance Of The Seas

The Brilliance of The Seas forms part of Royal Caribbean's famous Voyager class of vessel and is among the most spectacular and well-equipped ships ever to set sail. It is designed as a holidaymaker's paradise and it certainly comes close to living up to that billing. The sense aboard the vessel is one of well-managed fun and adventure coupled with every opportunity for chilling out and relaxing.

As with every cruise ship worth it salt, the Brilliance Of The Seas offers a range of accommodation options, with some being more spacious than others of course. The quality throughout the ship is top notch and the staff are always ready, willing and usually able to help. Indeed, no one would blame you for getting a little lost at some point during your trip simply because the ship so remarkably large and there is so much going on.

Again, like each of the best cruise ships out there, the Brilliance's offerings are tailored to match the expectations of every member of any family, whatever their age ranges and however they like to have fun. So there are experts on hand to look after your young ones and teenage fun clubs run each day to entertain even the most hard-to-impress adolescents.

So if you're considering your options on cruise holidays right now, you really could do far worse and not much better than lining up a trip to somewhere spectacular with Royal Caribbean and one of its Voyager vessels. There are other cruise companies out there though of course, all offering high quality experiences and there own takes on what makes for the perfect ocean-going getaway. For consumers it is important to do some homework and to dig out the best value offers available at any time. P&O cruise deals tend to be among the most competitive, with the UK's most popular cruise provider always keen to fill its ships before setting sail.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to Tong Yang

We had planned to go out for a steak dinner since the other weekend but due to frenzy weather, our mood changed and just settled for my own cooking.  Last Saturday though, we didn’t pass up the chance while the rain came to a halt for a while.  However, when we’re about to leave, hubby declared we won’t travel far coz the roads to Mini’s steak house in Libis, QC may be flooded yet and he doesn’t want to get caught in heavy traffic jam.

No choice for us but the nearby SM Fairview Mall for a buffet dinner instead.  We headed to the recently newly opened City Buffet.  A waitress attended to our table as we proceeded to the buffet island to get our food.  Hungry maybe, didn’t bother any longer to check first on the food offered.  I quickly took a plate and spooned a mixed veggie dish (or Chop suey).  Then on to the next, .. but had to let pass because it’s pork ( I don’t eat pork).  Then to next, which I had to let pass again because it’s mongo sprouts, (bad for arthritis).  Next .. I had to skip again because it’s all tofu, on to next food offered ..  Pinakbet , I ignored (not fond of it for dine outs)  then chicken dish that looked mushy.(not enticing at all). Daughter took a round on the other side of the food island and she was like kind of dismayed with what she saw. What they got there were nachos and the likes and other non-sense food. What???  only those kinds  of fares for a whooping Php535.00/pax?  Wehh.. are they kidding?  

Still holding the plate with spooned food on it, I approached the crew in charge and sheepishly apologized for the dirtied plate coz we were backing out.  I meekly explained and she understood.  Hubby was still in the car park when we texted him to proceed to Tong Yang instead. 

Thus, it was Tong Yang again for us for the nth time.  Anyway, it has been a month since my last visit there with a friend and if I remember right, November was the last time the whole family ate there along with my sis and her family. Presumably, each one of us already missed shabu-shabu,  crabs, shrimps, beef slices,  sushis,  and fresh fish slices, chicken or pork barbecues and fresh salad veggies. Alomg with choices of fresh fruits, ice cream, sweets and halo-halo for dessert .  So what if we had to cook first before we could eat?  We love the food anyway! And the best part is, it is only Php 399.00/pax.  Way cheaper than City Buffet. And the price gets even lower if it's a weekday lunch which is only Php299.00!  Btw, they also have drink all you can for Php65.00.  Now, will you still be surprised why I like going back to TongYang?

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this post.  Be well and stay happy! Hope to see you again!

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