Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unreliable Internet Connection

Our internet connection is acting up these past days.  Sometimes, it’s works well, but oftentimes it’ll be gone after few minutes of use.  What we do is turn-off the modem then turn it on again after few seconds.  It always does the trick somehow.  It goes that way for many days.  Going through that trouble-fixing over and over again is so annoying let alone losing the connection entirely the whole day yesterday until the whole morning today.

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We reported the problem and a technician was sent over. The problem. ..  it turned out..  was only due to a disconnected cable to the modem. Oh my!  What a shame!  Haha..  We have no idea why we didn’t remember to check the cable connections when we’ve been accustomed to checking those stuff every now and then. With regards to the “on - off” connection, we were told it was due to the server’s intermittent connection.  Therefore, we are still not free from those frustrating disconnected moments.  Should we consider replacing our server?  We're on a wait and see mode.

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PinayWAHM said...

Aguy kainis nga pag ganyan. Buti dito mas medyo reliable ng konti yung mga ganyang services kasi ang dali nilang mapalitan so they have to make sure na maganda ang serbisyo nila...still, andyan pa din yung ganyang problema every now and then.

our weekend went well. Alang ganong ulan while we were out nung Saberday. Umulan pagka uwi namin....timing baga.

Yung CO massacre kakatakot. Although hindi ko ma gets why one would go to a movie screening at midnight. Sobrang excitement baga? One more thing na di ko maintindihan eh kung bakit may sanggol sa sinehan ng ganong oras? Ano kayang iniisip ng mga magulang nun, noh?

Heniwey....I hope your next weekend [o di ba next weekend na daw] will be a lot drier para naman makapaglamyerda, di ba?


Batangala said...

we used to have that wirelss smartbro. ok naman ung connection nya although a bit slow. the problem started when the trees from another house blocked the direct line of sight of our antenna and the cell site, ha ha ha. we had extended the pole once and didn't want it to be extended further for fear of it falling during storms.

so, we had to make do with globe with wirelss landline for P995 a day. pinagtatyagaan na lang namin in the meantime waiting for a better deal.

Beng Gee said...

Ours is Bayantel. Ang problema I accepted their offer to increase the speed of the internet for additional P100/mo. free for 1yr. But need to use/pay it for at least 6 mos. after the free contract. E mas hassle pala!

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