Monday, July 23, 2012

Sonoma Wine Tasting

Are you travelling to California?   If you are, make sure you include an itinerary to Sonoma County, located in the northern coast of the U.S. State of California.  It is home to towering redwoods, mystical rivers, picturesque towns and vast vineyards.  You must not miss this peaceful place especially if you are a wine enthusiast.   Don't pass over the chance to visit the almost 30 year old winery built and cultivated by the Benziger siblings,  which is none other than the Benziger Family Winery.  

Discover a vineyard that started in the conventional way which eventually developed through bio-dynamic farming techniques.  Which means to say, that their harvests are devoid of synthetic chemicals since they use only natural methods like crop rotating, composting, covering crops and the likes.  Find for yourself why their wines have garnered the “Best Wine Award” in many competitions.

Have fun! Join the Sonoma Wine Tour and enjoy Sonoma Wine Tasting Get a closer look at their Biodynamic vineyards, visit the fermentation facility, and explore the barrel caves.  Learn a lot about distinctive fine wine. Take pleasure while getting more informed with wine making from tending the land with the latest bio-dynamic  farming, to harvesting the best kind of grape fruits to fermenting and aging the wines.

Don’t ever miss it when in Sonoma!  You’ll definitely bring home a wonderful experience!

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